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    L'aube a éclos comme la première aube

    L'étourneau a parlé comme le premier oiseau

    Loue le chant, loue l'aube

    Loue-les, eux tout juste nés de la Parole

    Douce est la nouvelle averse de pluie, illuminée par les cieux
    Comme la première rosée tombant sur la première herbe

    Loue la douceur du jardin humide

    Né dans sa plénitude sous ses pas

    Mienne est la lumière du soleil, mienne est l'aube

    Nées de La Nuit que l’Éden a vu passer

    Loue avec allégresse, loue chaque matin

    La re-création quotidienne de Dieu

    L'aube a éclos comme la première aube

    L'étourneau a parlé comme le premier oiseau

    Loue le chant, loue l'aube

    Loue-les, eux tout juste nés de la Parole

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  2. One of the most beautiful christian songs sung by a muslim, why can't we all get along in peace and harmony?

  3. A beautiful Christian song for a Christian god… not for one that would cover women and subjugate them to men or stone people for their sexual orinination… sorry Kat..

  4. Such a peaceful and mellow song. Although Rick Wakeman played piano on the studio recording, the piano player here is Jean Roussel who toured with Cat.

  5. I was horrified hearing this and how similar it sounds to that ASININE children's song "on top of spaghetti…"
    I can't stand that stupid song…
    Whenever I hear this I can't get the other one out of my head, even though this is such a tender song…
    I don't like that's it strophic with no bridge though

  6. Sensitive and strong!!!
    How much can i ask to a man
    Strength and sweetness
    Thanks from free catalonia oppressed by Spain

  7. Una estupenda canción del gran Caté Stevens. La escuche por primera vez en el 72.y no me canso de escucharla.

  8. I once visited one of his concerts in 1976 with my best friend Sabine and my older sister, who drove the car because my girlfriend and I were much too young. I think the concert took place in Cologne. Sabine and I were looking forward to finally seeing our idol. And what happened? Suddenly the car stopped somewhere outside the city, stood still, … nothing worked to get it moving again. My older sister was thinking about what to do with her car, my girlfriend and I just thought about the concert. We were already late and what would happen now? Our hearts broke as we feared to miss the concert because the show was about to begin. Finally, about 30 minutes later we were at the hall and we were lucky. It had not started yet. But another problem: some people sat in our seats and did not want to leave. So we had to look for an usher to help us. It worked. It was now 45 minutes later. The usher finally came, released our seats and we were finally able to sit down. And I swear by my life, just as I sat down, just as I felt the chair seat, the lights in the hall went off and the program started. It was an incredible feeling. It was as if they had been just waiting for us. Only for us!
    Well, although it happened about 40 years ago, I remember it as if it had just been yesterday. Incredible! Yes and what did we have a great evening with Cat Stevens!

    But I can not remember anything about what we did after the concert, what happened to the car, and how we got back home. ?

  9. 16 year old here. Makes me really sad that not many people in my generation listen to music like this anymore. A lot of music today does not mean much, since the majority of it is solely made to make money. Something so special and important is being capitalized off of so much. Really sad :/ but I'm so grateful Cat Stevens' music exists, because it truly is amazing and beautiful.

  10. wonderful composition, and Yusaf's voice, of course.
    Stevens got the lyrics from a hymn book he found at a bookstore while looking for song ideas. It was a children's hymn by Eleanor Farjeon, who also wrote a lot of children's poetry.

  11. Guys, PLEASE: The hymn was not composed by Cat Stevens but by English author Eleanor Farjeon in 1931 for the Methodist Church. Fritz et al. be careful with these type of huge ERRORS BECAUSE they can drag lawsuits by the owner of the rights.
    I love Cat's version but he has never claimed authorship of this hymn; neither had Elvis for the beautiful hymn HOW GREAT THOU ART which he masterfully performed in many concerts but whose words were written by Swedish Carl Boberg and translated by Stuart Kine.

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