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The time has come.. A match between a hooman and cat *Bang* Ack.. Coward hooman… using a gun… Ehem.. Don't you think your acting is bad.. *Bang* Ack.. It hurts… Alright.. That's enough, hooman Acting is mah life
The actor Seunghwan Sigh.. I said enough is enough Life is tough.. Okay, stand up Sit down! Right hand! Left hand! Okay, happy? Ha.. life is tough 2 It has been 6 months since he has learned bang, sit down.. He has perfected it so he's doing it anywhere. He'll lie down if you say "Bang!" haha Lemme show you Grooming time~ Don chu touch meow! It's upsetting!!! Runs away.. Bang!/ Bang? Darn.. Ha… Dang it! So pretty~ Bang!/ Nope Omgah dis hooman's too much! I gotta escape.. If he becomes lazy, he will go under the car and not come out. He won't listen If you say so.. Cat cheat key: box A BOX The box is me and I'm the box Your touch.. is melting meow.. Yeah right there… The cries of 3-4 cats were heard quite loudly in this parking lot So I gave food to the cats.. But all of the siblings.. Died in road kills.. A man gave a space to eat and sleep For Seunghwan who was left alone At first, I didn't like cats that much But after meeting him, the prejudice I had against cats is gone As if he wants to repay the man.. Smells good, meow But nah, I won't eat PD/ He doesn't enter the shop? / Yes Seems like he was waiting for the food to come outside lol Forcefully entering and Goes out lol I'm not a rude cat! He thoroughly keeps a line between personal space and my workplace Thoroughly divides up space Not only that Hand!/ You don't deserve my hand! Only he can take my hand! Only one person.. He's the only one who can play with me.. The man has prepared.. For you Your lovely house Is your house cool? I likey so much! Goes inside without any hesitation lolol Seunghwan~ You likey? Yup I know that it makes no sense I wanna teach him how to say 'Yes' Haha my butler is sometimes very demanding ^^

36 thoughts on “Cat Shows Gratitude To His Owner By Playing Acting Game | Kritter Klub

  1. Cat: This is what my life has come to, I'm now playing dead for food.
    Moral of the story: Stay away from drugs people.

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