39 thoughts on “Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack – Cat saves boy

  1. This shows people who hate cats that cats are still loyal and willing to defend their humans just as dogs are. It's really quite beautiful.

  2. So why doet the video show the mom going to the child but then abandoning him to get up and run to the porch on his own. I would not have left my baby to fend for himself…

  3. The amazing thing about cats is they are really dominant in a dogs point of view, they dont live in packs like dogs, so she is defending her territory. So this is kinda cool when she doesn't hesitate like this because they normally dont. Fighting is the last thing they gonna do.

  4. That cat has more common sense than the owner of that dog.
    Only an imbecile would keep an out-of-control dog in a neighborhood with children????

  5. herkesin ağzında bir laf ''kediler nankör'' bi parça yemek verdin diye maskaran olacak değildir. halbuki asildir kedi.boyun eğmez.

  6. Can you psychopaths stop slandering dogs I’ve had five people comment I’ve seen five comments in five seconds about how dogs are evil they are not they are animals

  7. This is the exact reason I'm terrified of dogs. Neighborhood dogs like these roam the streets in goddamn packs and run at you and try to bite you. All the cats in my neighborhood are super sweet but the dogs are vicious.

  8. It really is tragic how much of people's understanding is based on ignorant generalizations. The fact is that cats truly are loving and affectionate creatures in a great deal more cases than people know, and I am convinced that people aren't allowed to know that. There are mean cats and nice dogs just as there are nice cats and mean dogs. It works both ways for both species.
    Heck, an actual cat owner can tell you whether their cat is nice or mean, just as an actual dog owner can tell you whether their dog is nice or mean. It's such a simple truth that it really ought to be common knowledge.
    So, why isn't it? Because of our media and our society.
    Our media conditions people into all kinds of unrealistic ways of thinking, including the positively gullible mindset that cats are just fierce and troublesome creatures while dogs can literally never, ever be mean, harmful, or ill-behaved. Now, not everyone makes judgments about cats and dogs based on prejudice or the conditioning of the media, but the fact is that the percentage of those who do is much too high.
    As for myself, I do love many kinds of dogs, but I know all too well that not all dogs are friendly. In the same way, I know cats can be hostile a lot of times, but I also know that cats can also be very nice and even caring. How do I know this? Because I actually use the senses I have, which allow me to experience the world and understand the nature of reality through my own objective observations. It takes an actual glimpse of reality to open the eyes of the blind. It takes experience to get people to think for themselves based on what tangible reality clearly reveals.
    In many, many cases, people have to personally show the world what it is they know because otherwise, people will never know even though they really should, and why? Because people don't want to look and think.
    I love cats because of the fact that there are, believe it or not, such things as nice, loving, sweet, affectionate, caring cats. And though most people don't know it, there are also, believe it or not, such things as mean, dangerous, hostile dogs. These realities would be obvious were it not for people blindly believing the things society ingrains into general thinking, without even caring or bothering to investigate and see for themselves.

  9. the cat is actually named tara and she’s from bakersfield, california! where i am from as well! thank you enjoyed the video. ?

  10. I am a dog and a cat person, I work with dogs and rarely cats, but I own one of each. They have a bond, they sometimes play, but when the cat says it’s over, or give me space the cat sets the rules. Cats helped me learn how to interact with dogs because they are very assertive and know how to control a situation with an animal that could easily overpower them. I love all animals really, never understood dog or cat haters because animals share a way of communicating that we don’t. Especially predator animals. I have love for all living beings. ? a dog and a cat in the same home brings balance.

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