31 thoughts on “Cat purring 9 hours – kittens purrrification

  1. I work in rescue an I’m Using this to calm an orphaned kitten. He voluntarily ate for the first time in 2 days because of this. Thank you for sharing

  2. I really needed this, my kitten's head was accidentally smashed by a refrigerator door and he is still recovering from the incident. Rest assured the person who caused this feels very guilty. It has been four days now. He is still recovering from the concussion.

  3. ?I am getting my home repaired & I am using this to calm myself over & over & over. The Mommy Kitty's care is so harboring and safe…feel like I am one of the kittens and everything is fine and will be fine. Especially use at night to drift off to sleep , always had three kitty family members … they know your heart & soul ? … Alisienne

  4. My kittens 10 weeks was playing they heard it was like huh I know this ain’t u too good to be true 54321 both kittens knocked out sleep ? ? ??

  5. This helps me when i miss my mom she died from drugs and she loved cats this makes me feel like she's by my side ?

  6. aww my cat used to purr like this all of the time
    RIP Guinness you live an 18 year long life but sadly was put down

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