Cat Proof Fence | Cheap & Easy with PVC | How to DIY

hey everybody I've watched lots of videos on YouTube about cat proofing your backyard by putting some kind of structure on top of your fence some of them are very expensive some of them are very complicated there's others that just seem too over-the-top to me I thought with my building background there must be a simple and cheaper way of doing it when I come up with is using storm water pipe you'll notice that here storm water pipe in its normal application attached to the gutter what I've done instead of having it a vertical I've laid it horizontal along the top of the fence so what's that ended up being like I've just used the standard storm water brackets to attach it to the fence I believe that keeping the cat deterrent above 1.8 metres is the ideal height fortunately all my fences are above that if you have a fence below 1.8 the cat could quite likely jump over and clear and I wouldn't matter what kind of spinning metal thing or other device was up there it would just jump straight over the top and there you would have to go for netting or some kind of other barrier I've needed 20 to 25 metres and that has kept the cost of doing my whole backyard down around 100 dollars which is so much cheaper than nearly everything else that I've seen that is available I've used it also on an intermediate fence where the cats were jumping up onto the garage roof and escaping off the roof so once again just put the pipes on that fence and lo and behold they stopped jumping up there it's a quick easy and what's more cheap way of keeping the cats in the backyard I've got two large cats one of whom is very eager to escape and for several months now he has not made a single attempt for a happy cat proof backyard this has worked really well I hope that helps guys with what you might be doing with your back yard and I believe it's a great way to keep your cats in I hope that helps see you all again very soon bye

17 thoughts on “Cat Proof Fence | Cheap & Easy with PVC | How to DIY

  1. Hi would you mind linking the product you bought? Also is there an option for a non permanent alternative? Thank you for the great video ??

  2. Hello Geoff, I've wondered if a slick piece of pvc would be as good as a roller, if so for cats – it probably is. Please give me your thoughts, to keep my dog in my 4 ft chain link – would 2.5 in. pvc conduit mounted an inch or two above the fence keep my dog from holding on, so he can't go over the top? Or should it be mounted leaning inward some? I want to use gray pvc since it will be so visible with the chain link. Thanks.

  3. you are a gem, thank you so much. Does the pipe come in different colours. If not I will soften the white pipes with gold stripe bamboo. Cats cant climb up bamboo. This beats stuffing the cats in wire cages. What a horrible invention that is for the cat.

  4. Great idea! Idk if it would have stopped my cat we had when I was a kid…he was practically part monkey, haha…

  5. In this video, I don't see any cat jumping the fence ? All I see, you and your blabbermouth talking bull shit.

  6. Brilliant! I will try that in our new house…thanks for the inspiration 🙂 I also found all other options I came across quite pricey so this absolutely helps!!!

  7. So how exactly does this work? Are the cats not able to grip the pipe? As for me, I have a 4 ft fence on one side so still trying to figure that one out.

  8. What an ingenious solution!! We’ve been looking at affordable ways to cat proof our kitties as we just moved into a new house and when we came across this, we were so happy and relieved! Thank you so much for sharing, just brilliant!!

  9. Neat idea. I had a similar issue with my dog jumping the fence. It was a short fence (about 1m), but we had to place barriers at each corner because the dog would climb over the fence at the corners. It wasn't cheap to get her out of the dog pound.

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