Cat Problems 101 | Stop Your Cat Peeing Everywhere! | Peeing Outside The Litter Box Part 1

hey y’all welcome back mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I’m
starting a new series about cat problems so huge problem on cat owners is
urinating outside the litter box I can probably talk about this all day
long there are a lot of underlying causes there are a lot of underlying
causes for why a cat will urinate outside the litter box instead of
appropriately eliminating inside the box now of course you want to rule out any
health problems if your cat starts urinating outside the litter box often
if a cat does have a urinary tract infection or has any kind of
constipation issues they will frequently go outside the box because they will
feel pain when they go to the bathroom and discomfort when they’re going to the
bathroom and they’ll make an association with the litter box instead of a health
problem so if you do have a cat that is going outside the litter box you do want
to make sure that there are no underlying health problems and get that
checked out by the vet before making assumptions your cat is just trying to
spite you there are also other health problems like diabetes that will cause
frequent urination in your cat so you do want to make sure that you take your cat
to the vet and check them out to make sure that there are no underlying causes
now cats can be extremely fastidious creatures they love everything to be
really really clean although you wouldn’t necessarily know it by scooping
out their box how nasty that is but cats like things really really cleanliness a
regular basis and keeping it clean for your cat some cats will take this to an
extreme level if they pee in the litter box they don’t want to poop in that same
box and they will go next to the litter box this can be remedied if you have two
litter boxes side by side now it is always recommended that you do have
multiple litter boxes especially if you have more than one
cat the rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat plus one extra so if
you have two cats you want to have three litter boxes if you have one cat you
want to have two this alone will a lot of times eliminate a lot of problems
when it comes to litter box usage now let’s talk about types of litter boxes
as unattractive as an open litter box is some cats will not use a hooded litter
box it might be that the opening is too small for them or it might just break
them out so if you have a hooded litter box and your cat refuses to use it try
taking that hood off and see if it makes a difference because unfortunately a lot
of times it will make a huge difference now litter box location litter box
location is extremely important if you have litter boxes in high-traffic really
noisy areas a lot of times your cat will not want to use that box cats just like
people want some privacy they want a nice quiet place for them to be able to
go to the bathroom placing a litter box in a high-traffic area or in a very loud
noisy area such as near a dishwasher or a dryer or any type of source of loud
noise can spook your cat to where they might go to use the litter box and then
get spooked by a loud noise and end up going somewhere else so you do want to
make sure that your litter box is kept in a quiet area I personally like to
keep all my litter boxes in the restrooms
I have several bathrooms so it’s not an issue but this way my cats have
different areas they can go that are peaceful and quiet if you think about it
would you want to go to the bathroom near like a loud jet noise or something
probably not so much your cat doesn’t like that either let’s talk about those
wonderful self-cleaning litterboxes now if your cattle use it that is fantastic
but some of these litter boxes have been known to suddenly turn on and
start while the cat is still in the box a lot of times this can cause huge
issues with your cat if this does happen where your cat will be forever petrified
of using that type of box while that is an infrequent problem and these are
really convenient devices just make sure if your cat does start going outside the
litter box I would switch back to a normal box now size of litter box
definitely definitely matters if you have a large cat you’re gonna need a big
litter box a lot of times a telltale sign that your litter box is too small
is you will see urine just outside the box but next to the box this is such an
easy solution you need a bigger litter box Rubbermaid containers can make an
excellent excellent litter box for a large cat types of litter can also be a
problem pelleted litter may sound like a great idea and if your cats will use it
that’s fantastic it can be a great litter litters like yesterday’s news or
feline pine that are in those little pellets shapes there’s almost zero
tracking with them almost no dust which is great for people with allergies
however it can be really really rough on your cat’s paws if the litter hurts
their feet they’re not gonna use that litter box and they’re gonna show you by
going on your carpet or your rugs or your furniture it’s not that they’re
trying to spite you it’s that using that box is causing them pain a lot of cats
will use those types of litters but mini will not there are some that have paws
that are so overly sensitive you have to find a extremely fine grain scoopable
litter for your cat to be inclined to use it I did have one cat previously
that the only litter that that cat could use was the Arm & Hammer litter I didn’t
care much for it because it stank pretty quickly but it was the only
litter that my cat would use on a regular basis and not have any
accidents a lot of the other litters out there were too thickly grained and his
feet were extremely extremely sensitive especially as he got up in age so I had
to get a really really fine grained litter and that completely solved my
urination problem scented litters are also another big
reason why a cat will not go to the bathroom in their litter box cats really
rely on their sense of smell to be able to find where they need to go to the
bathroom if you have a really really strong scented perfumed litter then your
cat might not want to go to the bathroom where they are supposed to they might
not be able to smell it or the smell might be so overpowering on them that
they refuse to go in that area because they can’t stand to be in that area
unscented litters can be a very quick fix if this is the issue or finding one
that is lightly scented that kitty and you both agree on a lot of cats can be
very sensitive of litter smells so going with an unscented litter is usually your
best bet for eliminating that possibility now if
you have multiple cats cats are extremely territorial creatures this is
why you want to have multiple litter boxes if you have multiple cats cats can
be known to litter box guard and they can and will bully the other cats in the
house to keep them away from the boxes so not only do you want to have multiple
litter boxes but you want to have them in different locations throughout your
house now while you might have litter boxes in separate rooms they might be
down all down one single hallway so you do have to be very careful and mindful
of this can my cat be blocked from using the litter box by one of my other cats I
have litter boxes upstairs as well as downstairs to help prevent any kind of
litter box guarding my cats have easy access to no matter where they are in
the house to a litter box and there’s no possible
way for another cat to be guarding all of the litter boxes all at once so you
do want to have multiple litter boxes and you want to have them in separate
locations so that your cat can have easy access without being bullied by its
housemates now another big issue with cat urination is outdoor cats feral cats
and your neighbors outdoor cats now cats are again extremely territorial so if an
outdoor cat is urinating over near your house on your porch somewhere where your
cat can pick up that scent your cat might start marking near those areas
that the other cat is hanging around outside to say oh no no this is my
property back off now this can cause a really big
problem because it’s not your cat outside that is causing an issue but
using enzymatic outdoor cleaners you can help get rid of the scent outside as
well as using an enzymatic cleaner inside to get rid of the smell inside to
prevent further improper marking another common issue is urination on bath mats
now if you have a cat that is going to the bathroom
on those big fluffy bath mats you might have to start picking up those bath mats
and keeping them off the floor we’re locking your cat out of the area where
those bath mats are present unfortunately things like big fluffy
bath mats and beanbag chairs can sometimes attract a cat to
inappropriately urinate the texture and feel of these types of bath mats and of
course beanbag chairs for the obvious reason if you pot them they feel kind of
like litter so these can sometimes attract cats to inappropriately
eliminate on those types of items so if you have those in your house and you
have a cat urinating on them unfortunately those items might have to
go okay so I have covered quite a few of the common
reasons why cats will go to the bathroom outside of the litter box if you have
any questions please post them in the comment section below
I do try to respond to every comment that I get I really really try to make
sure that I check up and read my comment section every day so if you have a
question I promise I will try and get back to you as quickly as I can so
that’s all for today’s video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and
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guys bye

36 thoughts on “Cat Problems 101 | Stop Your Cat Peeing Everywhere! | Peeing Outside The Litter Box Part 1

  1. FUN FACT! Declawed kitties almost always stop using the litter box. Declawing is the process of surgically removing the last bone in the cat's toes that are attached to the claw. This disrupts a cat's balance and weight distribution and using a granulated or pelleted surface like litter can be very painful later in life. They will usually opt to go on clothes or towels for better balance and comfort.

  2. Well, I'm 168 unanswered comments behind, but I've been meaning to watch this video since you first uploaded it — so here I am!
    Full view and like #16 from me!
    Wow, that first point is very good. One of my cats (one that I rescued from "the wild" I guess you could say) occasionally will "miss" the litter box with her urine. I hadn't really considered that it might be a medical issue.
    A self-cleaning litter box that activates while the cat is still using it… I think the phrase "back to the drawing board" is in order here.
    A great idea about the size of the box as well. I wonder if my litter box is to small…
    I didn't see anyone asking in the comments, so I'll just pose the question for anyone passing through: What do you suggest about cats who routinely use potted plants as an "additional litter box"?
    Also, and not related to your video here (but I know these kinds of things interest you), but I made an interesting YouTube observation about a week ago. I watched one video of each of these channels and noticed that for the next (probably) 50 videos or so I was getting those same creators in my "recommended for you" section. I noticed that both of those channels put their channel name at the end of their title and put their channel name as their very first tag. For you, having a unique channel name like MyHecticLifePets, this might really be effective at keeping viewers to more of your own content. Just something to consider!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this much-needed information. I'm going to invest in a large litter box here tomorrow!

  3. Si tienes un sueño tienes que perseguirlo, las personas que no llegan muy lejos te diran que tu seras como ellos

  4. Problem solved buy new cat box and change the cat litter to Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Odor Sealing Cat Litter,

  5. What if you have a cat that has consistently chosen to urinate in and outside the litter box since you’ve had her (5 years)? My cat isn’t spayed and I think she urinates outside because she isn’t spayed. But I’m afraid that if I spay her now she may still continue to urinate outside. And she tends to be specific about where she goes. It’s rarely directly on the floor or beds etc. She urtiates mostly on clothing, plastic bag and other things made of plastic, and just regular book bags etc. I think this behavior normally occurs around her heat period so I’m hopeful that these behaviors will not persist but I am still worried and would like to consider other possibilities. She’s an indoor cat. and the litter box is kept pretty clean (although we only have one).

  6. Hi. I just watched ur video.
    My cat is 4months old & he does n'ot go outside.
    Darryn pees on every blanket , the couch and the bed, sometimes the clothes. I wash bedding every day. Every time I wash, he has to pee on one,. Ugh.!!!
    Darryn is the only cat & no other pets. I keep his box cleaned every day, & his box is right beside my toilet n the bathroom. I've changed his litter 2 a cheaper brand once. He has no urinary issues
    I don't hit him, but I do spray him quickly w/ water. & I'm about 2 get very irratable. Plz respond. Ty

  7. Have a 7 month male , he is spray territorial or "I thought " until he intentionally sprayed his own drinking water that was fresh , and the dogs when they drink separately in different bowl . He is becoming the house bully he has my constant attention where the dog has my husbands . My husband is not fond of him at all it has become a wedge at wits end . 🙁 Great video one of the best I have seen . Thank you .

  8. I have four cats and I don’t think I can keep 8 litter boxes in my little house. But my oldest boy keeps peeing everywhere. On my clothes, on the floor, in my shoes, just everywhere you could possibly think of. And I don’t know what to do. Taking him to the vet next week and hopefully something will change.

  9. Is there any cheap alternatives for litter if they aren't using it? Or any cheap litter u would recommend trying cuz I use scoop away and he uses it but he still manages to pee on my clothes

  10. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover stopping cats from spraying try Magonsi Cat Spray Expert (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  11. My male cat is an asshole he pees and poos by my front door I've bought his own litter box since I have a female but for some reason he refuses to use the litter box it's so annoying! How do I kill the odor he's has zero issues health wise he's been to the vet still can't figure it out

  12. Great great advice!! It makes a lot of sense. They are hard to take care of to satisfy. Thanks for the wonderful tips we never stop to think of.

  13. my cat only pees on my mom and on her bed but she loves my mom and spends more time with her, what could that be?

  14. Hi , I have 6 rescued cats and live in a big house with a great garden en a gated community in Argentina.All cats have been used to go outdoors for their business and having a litter box inside has been only for rainy days or cold days. Latelly all has changed and they are peing everywhere, mostly spraying on kitchen counters stairways doors etc… we have a nextdoor cat who is kind of daring he does come inside at night and aonther cat from an unknown place…who also comes inside….The thing is…it has always happened like this but only now things are getting out of hand…should I close the catdoor and control my cats movements? Keep them inside on a restricted area? Putting litter boxes everywhere but they are still finding creative other places to pee….help?

  15. really great advices , but i have a question…my cat started to pee on bath mats so we started to close the door so she cant go in, and now she started to pee in front of the door
    any advices? pls

  16. Okay what's a 9 months ago I noticed I noticed 1 of my three cats was peeing all over herself I noticed blood in her urine so I took her to the vet he said that she had a urinary tract infection put her on antibiotics and told me I needed it to keep the urine off of her she is one of the three cats I have. The vet also told me to get another litter box to my three cats or share the same litter box so I get so the question I have for you is if I have three cats how many litter boxes should I have my house and my senior cat she still spraying and pooping all over my house

  17. Thank you for the video, Most of the time my cat peeing in the bed can you make one video how to stop cat peeing inside the house, and the other thing is most of the people this guide from here >> cat.nowrichest (.) c o m << for stop peeing in side the house and kitchen , can you check this for me, how useful to cat lovers. thank you.

  18. May cat keeps peeing at one spot, we moved in September and in the beginning we didn't have any problems. Then she started urinating everywhere, so we went to the vet and she was medically fine. Then she stopped urinating everywhere but kept one spot in the dining room. We have A really small dining room so it's difficult to put an object there. And obviously we don't want to keep the litter box in a small dining room. We clean it up everytime and use special urine spray. Sometimes she does it and sometimes not. We don't understand her behavior… Edit: we do have multiple litter boxes throughout the house.

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