Cat People Vs. Dog People

– You guys, I think I’m getting a pet. Should I get a cat or a dog? – [Left Man] Cat.
– [Right Man] Dog. – You a dog person? Okay, dog people are way
better than cat people. – Cat people are better than dog people. Dog people are conformists. They’re rule followers. Cat people, on the other
hand, are more abstract. They think outside the box and are actually, statistically smarter. – It is well known that cat people struggle in social situations. They are introverts. Dog people, on the other hand,
are extremely extroverted and can handle any situation
that comes their way. – Yeah, picking up shit every day. Yeah. At least my pet doesn’t
shit in a glorified sandbox. – Okay, okay. Good points. The real problem here is I don’t wanna end up a crazy cat lady. – Exactly. That’s why
you should get a dog. Dog people love the outdoors. Cat people are just shut-ins. Think about it. You have to
walk your dog every single day. Dogs and dog people love companionship. – Companionship is overrated. Think about this for a second. You have to walk a dog
and pick up its poop every single day. Cats and cat people, on the other hand, value affection more than anything else. They love you when they need to. They don’t when they don’t. It’s quality versus quantity. – Yeah. A nice quality layer of cat hair all over your beautiful black clothes. (gasp) – Dogs eat shoes. – That is not fair. – Actually, you know what? My ex-boyfriend was a dog person. He was kinda mean. – That makes sense. Studies show that women find cat people nicer than dog people. – You can have nice because, statistically, cat people
are way more neurotic. – Okay, but owning a cat lowers your levels of anxiety and stress. – So, basically, you’re
saying that as a cat person, you need a cat because
you’re a neurotic mess. – It doesn’t matter! They balance you out. It’s like having a friend. – So, wait, are you saying, like, I’m your cat? – I don’t know. Does
that make me your dog? It’s like maybe, cat people
and dog people need each other? – I think I’m gonna get a fish. – Fish people are the worst. They’re basically a decoration. – It lives in a cocktail
of its own food and feces. – What about a bird? – Something designed to fly, you’re gonna keep caged its whole life? – Yeah, is that gonna make
you feel good about yourself? – Okay. I don’t care what you guys say. I’m gonna get a fish. I’m actually allergic
to all animals anyway.

100 thoughts on “Cat People Vs. Dog People

  1. "Dogs eat shoes!"

    My cat shat in my brothers brand new Nikes years ago.

    Both pets have perks and cons. Cats catch mice, dogs fetch frisbees, cats are unpredictable, but some dogs are mean little shits due to bad owners/experiences, cats can take on snakes, aligators, even a fuckin bear was sent packing from a guys garbage can with a cat on its heels while dogs can sniff out drugs and help blind people.

  2. if you like cats: introvert
    if you like dogs: extrovert
    hey! Everyone says their introverts but they like dogs, we spot a liar. LIARS

  3. 1:20 I’m a lesbian and want a gf so I’m just gonna get a cat so that women find me attractive ( even straight women)

    I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHO AGRES?????

  5. I'm a dog person
    My opinion on dogs:
    There are actually many different types of dogs, I actually have a dog that acts like a cat. She is small, and always tries to ignore people as much as possible and basically sleeps all day ? but she can also be playful. Although I do also have 2 other dogs, one of them can get very grumpy and then 2 minutes later she can be super happy and it's like she's a puppy again even tho she's 5 years old. The other dog I have is just always super playful, but also misbehaves A LOT -_- I really love her but get very mad when she misbehaves and then I'm sad afterwards cause after I've yelled at her she just looks up at me with these big scared eyes and then runs away and I feel so bad ?
    So ye there are different types of dogs! I like all of them tbh!

    Opinion of cats:
    I think cats can be really cute and fluffy.. SOMETIMES. The really bad thing is.. I'm a vegetarian. So I would probably throw up if 'my' cat brought in a dead bird or mouse. I actually love mice and birds and things like that so I would probably cry too :c
    ALSO we had a blackbird who built a nest in our old playhouse that we don't use anymore in the overgrown part of the garden. The blackbird layed eggs, and we put up a camera inside the playhouse to watch the eggs hatch, and make sure they were safe! The eggs all hatched! But then.. a cat came and grabbed a baby bird. It shook it around and the baby bird died from shock I think ? the blackbird abandoned it's chicks (cause that's just what birds have to do) so we went outside and took the baby birds into our house. We made sure they were warm enough and fed them meal worms.. but they all died 🙁
    I hated cats for a while after that

    Wow u read all that?

  6. i broke the laws of the universe

    i love cats and dogs

    also i have a cat and im alergic to all animals aswell so….

  7. Even though we don't get along we have the same enemy….. FISHES AND FISH PEOPLE RAAAAAAAAH

  8. I'm a dog person but I prefer to stay in my house, I'm shy and I'm a introvert. I don't look like the dog person in this video

  9. Cat people are better. Dog lovers seem to just wish death upon cats for simply not liking them (not all people obviously) but cat people just simply say cats are better and don't bother with dogs.. I personally like both

  10. I dislike dogs. I grew up always taking care of other peoples dogs, now I can't stand them. Seems like even their owners don't wan't to take responsibility for them.

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