Cat or Dog person? Matthew McConaughey v Hugh Grant | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Jennifer, you’ve
got a hairless one? A sphinx. I think we’ve got a
picture of you and there it is. That’s Macavity, the hairless one,
and that’s Grizabella on the other side. Now, very, very cute. That’s hard to love. No! He’s so affectionate and loving.
That’s why he’s there. He has to be. Don’t be aloof
if you look like that! He’s so cute. He’s so ugly he’s cute. Did you get them
because of the movie? Well, yes. I told Tom Hooper when I was
on the set, I said, I’m going to get a cat, name it Macavity, and
then I’m going to get another cat and name it Grizabella, and then so
that’s Macavity and Grizabella. OK. Now, Matthew McConaughey,
I would say dog person. Have both. Oh, you’ve both?
I have many dogs and cats. OK. Yes. Like, just roaming around? Or kind of…? Roaming around. Do they know you’re their owner? They do. They do. That’s good. Sometimes it’s good…
I like both. Sometimes it’s nice because cats
are so independent. Right. You don’t have to do
things with them and they come up and they’re
affectionate and just kind of easy. They like their own time.
I like my own time. The dogs, you know, need more
affection, need more time. Yeah. Hugh Grant, you like cats. Up to a point. On the whole, I adore them. But I don’t like it when
they suddenly jump on you, yawn cat meat in your face,
then turn around and show you their arsehole. Because they love you! I find that objectionable. That’s love. We did have a cat growing up. It was a very strange situation
because it came to possess my mother like an evil spirit. It started with… My mum used to do funny
voices for all animals. If we passed a sheep, she had
a voice for a sheep and a pig, etc. And then the cat arrived and
she started doing this cat voice, but it really took her over, and it
was a horrible, horrible person. My mother was a lovely woman,
churchgoing, Christian, philanthropist, rather proper,
and the cat would say, “Fucking feed me, you bitch.” LAUGHTER Sometimes we’d say,
“Mum! You said that!” She’d say, “No, darling, I promise
I have no control over the cat.” APPLAUSE
Weird situation.

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