welcome back to another video today we have a fruiting underscore around one person oh my god isn't that what what's happening what hello hello hello hey hey hi whoa oh my god who are you how did you get in this cold where am I it's the giant room with no one here it's literally terrified I could just echo I feel like there's no one here it's so empty like that spot right there like it's just two people in this room and there's like an empty chair like I don't know why I just don't know why he to get rid of the cherish awkward you know it's it's just kind of people think we're literally sitting next to each other Oh like I am an American he's literally in Australia so today we're looking at cat memes any cat meme you know like all the iconic cat memes mm-hmm reply with an iconic funny cat memes I need it for a school project and that's the stupid cat laughing emoji I can't truly it's the best thing I've seen in the world so you know how I tweeted names in 2008 I can ask cheeseburger cat names in 2018 when you walk in I hate that like okay hand you know what I mean I just like whenever I see a selfie I see that okay and tucked away somewhere I'm so disappointed always I don't think I like cat this you never see it coming take a moment of silence and appreciate how fucking adorable cats are look at them sir are you aware you are a cat do you wakening he's like hold the phone wait I'd say that's not my Bob doll we connected feel free to talk now meow yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah like serious I'm so used to that picture having like a like the text under it so it's very Stacie it's just yeah sure it's too piggish out of the other compared to this I don't feel so good brother these loops were best by 7 September I don't get it why does he want Froot Loops so bad like they don't eat that they are K like they're pretty good no but what is this damn upset loops are great what no they good but you know they're full of sugar it's not good for the planet do you think the cat cares it's like please feed you that either think I've ears where's this fucking ears I didn't even realize it oh fuck you're right there's no ears but you know what's amazing I stumbled upon this one recently look at him brother give me my loops brother stop hiding from me brother Brizzy give me the loose brother do you have my loops I do get that I do not have your loops oh my god would you remove the glasses like the glasses have no lens on them your you know what meme I don't like is sad cat these it's just so fucking like why did you want that cats are adorable they should be happy dude it's just this one is so sad oh baby he's just like he's crying why do people like this meme I don't know I just love him somewhat please give a fuck he passed a one go hug this is you where you finally get your barbecue Pringles honestly though but I got my American barbecue Pringles that was physically me all the team this is you day one of not having Pringles yeah this is day two oh yeah it's like you're taking actual photos of me [Laughter] you should hear this is you that name you're sitting at your phone you're sitting at your phone you read the Twitter barbecue Pringles from this okay first of all I don't know why you take me photos of me I'm not the second of all it's it's a fantastic angle did you know this why is this toe like his foot his back foot like the smallest thing in the world love how you leave hands like no I love her you point out his small fee you point out how is like front leg is shorter like it and it's somehow standing that's fine that's actually Anatomy makes no sense the United when you look at it longer actually does like what the foot kind of hand is that it looks like a tongue it's just an alien we've we've we don't know what that is yet yeah it does I've actually lost the image it doesn't [Laughter] fucking please move on please this is my favorite video I think it is absolutely hilarious and I need to share with you and the wrong locking on initiative I love it initiating lock on and they just fall in the fucking water I love that perfectly comfortable now that fuck it we're going on the cable no fuck you oh you weren't won't you ever play some for tonight oh you want to do some editing fuck you I'm going on you dead people I just don't get it like you literally just give them the most comfortable thing in the world and there's good on the fucking worst thing that they could possibly go on oh you want a good pop you look sorry about this we square now that's me oh that is you yeah that's how you wear Easy's right uh yeah that's so good he's the best he's smart I've never seen a cat wear these so well in my life I've never seen a jeez well now you haven't the oven okay good thanks listen an honorable mention – you've heard of the recent Bongo playing a little thing is so adorable it's so cute may I have some loops like fuck the moth man God fuck that month I made a move and I hated it who likes moths who likes understand [Applause] feels bad feels pretty bad that face was that was that what a daily life of Reddit videos with Brandon is that screaming yeah I imagine keeps you up at night thinking about it on Twitch why

49 thoughts on “CAT MEMES

  1. It sounds normal in 0.75 speed.

    That how you can tell they have THE YOU KNOW WHAT in their noses

  2. Tfw…
    You watch cat memes because you highly allergic to cats but still like cats…

    My life is a lie

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