Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

Introducing the Cat Mate C3000. A battery operated pet feeder designed to automatically dispense your pet’s recommended dry food allowance whilst minimising the health risks and costs of overfeeding. The large capacity food hopper holds up to
3kg of dried cat or dog food. It features a tamper-resistant snap-lock lid to prevent your pets from gaining access to the stored food. The specially designed feed nozzle closes
at the end of each feed cycle, again preventing your pet from accessing stored food and keeping the food fresh ready for the next meal. The amount of food and meal times are set by you, using the clear LCD display with simple push button settings. The feeding bowl, hopper and lid
are all dishwasher safe. The Cat Mate C3000 can be programmed to feed
up to three portion-controlled meals a day and is suitable for both cats and small dogs. It will also feed on demand, or in frequent feed mode it will dispense numerous small meals over the course of the day, ideal for pets with special dietary requirements. The C3000 is compatible with most popular
brands of dry cat and dog food.

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