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I thought I got on the elevator alone.. ??? But when getting off I’m no longer the only one getting off (??) “Suddenly showed up” “A cat who suddenly appeared was sitting imposingly in the middle of the corridor” He hovers around the apartment entrance and when the doors of the elevator open Casually and naturally~ boards the elevator Ah, it’s a cute kitty! ^-^ *Cautiously* The young boy touched him once and.. “Uh, he’s going into our home” the cat got off together lol “Hello Kitty~” When you continue to show him kindness.. he invites himself right inside lol With no hesitation or reservation gobbles ’em eggs right up Mmm, ain’t saying no to free food=^x^=But he isn’t part of this family..? Nope~ Got flat-out rejected..(T_T) But there’s no time to be sad Oh hai there~=^x^=Second caretaker selected~☆ But..the thing about life is that it’s not a game★ PD: Did you let him get off here on purpose? “Yes, cuz he keeps coming into my home. He keeps following me in” She won’t fall for it twice Why you gotta be like that Grandma T^T Cuz of his reputation.. he’s not always successful T^T “Now’s the chance!” Today, also the mission to find his caretaker was fruitless : l He might look a bit scary.. but in actuality, he’s adored by kids and with his special cuteness, he gets lotsa love♡ Apt Resident: When I see the cat riding the elevator and running around, I presume he used to live in an apartment Could that be why he’s hovering around this place Even when night falls He still hangs around in front of the entrance *Thud* But not everyone is kind to stray cats “Because they’re wild animals, they carry all kinds of germs” He must’ve been so scared and alarmed but he still returns to the same spot and waits for the doors to be opened Vet: To get into the elevator, he has to get in before the doors close Vet: The fact that he rides it, goes up, and then goes somewhere again, to a home Vet: shows that it must clearly be the effect of learning he received from his former owner Vet: I get the feeling that he’s looking for his former owner He gets on the elevator as he had always done before and when he gets off He wonders if maybe one day he may be able to find his owner Whenever the doors opened he must’ve clung onto a small hope What about his health condition when he lost an eye Is he okay? Normal left eye But he doesn’t have (an eyeball) on the right side. It’s not seen Left image: Normal eyeball
Right image: The cat’s right eye He had lost an eyeball while living on the streets But because he couldn’t forget his memories with his past owner He had hovered around the apartment.. We pray that you can meet a new family who will give you lots of love and that you’ll be able to have happy dreams once more♡

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  1. Some people in this video are poor actors because it feels like they are hypocrite and they act kind and nice towards the cat just because of the camera . I assume that this cat is mistreated same as the other idiots who kept pushing him around and kicking him with their feet .let's not lie to eachother they could easily afford some place warm to him and feed him everyday but nope they just don't want him to come around them and also he doesn't have one eye I am going to imagine that it wasn't one of the nighbors who ACCIDENTALLY made that cat lose it ….i just don't like fake people….

  2. 02:36 проклятый человечишко – "коты несут всевозможные микробы". Да этот выродок человечишки сам и есть главный микроб и зараза! Злобный и мерзский. прогнал беззащитного бедного кота и наверное гордится собой, фу мерзский кореец!!!!!!!

  3. Please get him adopted just look at how loving he is even though humans broke his trust he still searches for his owner. Where will you find a cat so loyal?? ??? please help him please ???

  4. There people throw they cat, I'am here scared my cat getting old and will leave me alone some day?? if i can i want share my life with her, untill we can dead at same time..? I love her more than anything..❤

  5. Why blur out the faces of these inbreds who hurt animals on cam? Are you scared that they are gonna get mauled by other people? Well stuff like that happens in real life as is, so no reason to hide their faces and "save" them.

  6. So heartless of that guy to be so mean to the poor handsome ginger,even with one eye he is so cute and friendly.I mean even if he doesn't like cats,it's just evil to behave that way.I hope the cat will find a loving family???❤

  7. Que triste video el gatito necesita un hogar donde lo protejan y le den mucho amor que mal q lo abandonaron se ve triste y le falta su ojito ???? ayudenlo por favor Dios los va a bendecir

  8. why tf you listen to that STUPID JERKS EXPLAIN????? can't you stop that man's behavior???? fuck just go find a home for the cat!!!!!!!

  9. I want to adopt him
    I want Him
    I lost my three kittens and I still cannot forget that day when they leave me.

    This kind of cat needs a care

  10. I am mad right now. I have flashback to when I bring my dog for a walk and then this scumbag decided to kick my dog just because ' it get too close'. People that hurt animal, dog/cat/rabbit/horse etc should go to jail 🙁


  12. I would love to give this cat a home with my family how could i do that please contact me I will be more than happy to adopt him

  13. why scare the cat away heartless man instead of doing that with a heart oh yeah i guess you dont even have one right you crazy fool try doing that in front of me and I go right at your face crazy evil person.

  14. I would love to tell that man is filthy, you are the germs to this society. Scaring and kicking that cat off is not gentleman. Lemme kick you how would you feel??!! I pray you find the owner of the cat and live a happy life.

  15. He needs to be taken to a vet. Help him.don't hurt him. He's alone and scared and hungry. He can't go buy food. DAMN YOU IDIOTS…..WHERE IS HE?????

  16. Some people here are angry at the people who aretrying kick the cat
    Meanwhile they're didn't get angry or show some interest about the people who are killed and suffered and still suffering around the world.
    How irony

  17. How is this Hotel called? and please help him search the owner, in case you don't find it give this cat a family please.

  18. The cat look sad and lonely?
    And here i am crying and wishing i was there to adotp him?

    Ps: sorry from my grammar english is not my first language

  19. Can you ask the guy at 2:38 to not kick towards the cat!!!
    Come on: we don't treat animals like that!
    He obviously misses his old owner…leave him alone!!

  20. Scaring a little cat, by a nasty man with no heart. He would have been taken in right away here in UK. No way would we see a hurting animal suffer like this. Poor baby, I hope you find love and a warm kind home little man xxx

  21. Ma compassione per questa povera bestiola????!!!!siamo noi delle bestie!!!!vergognamoci…soprattutto a quell "persona"che lo spaventava o cercava di dare i calci

  22. This shit makes me sad. Little guy wants to just go home and be loved and dude is scared about “germs” even though he’ll put his dick in a dirty vagina any day.


  24. Hey [email protected] who tried to kick the cat, your mouth has more germs than that kitty.All these heartless people trying to get rid of the cat,it's a disabled cat so have a heart and give it a small corner in your home.Those sweet kids are far better!

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