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bathing cats can be quite a challenge to even the most experienced cat owner so I'm going to give you a few tips and tricks that I've learned from my own experiences and also from veterinary clients of mine who have passed on their tricks so first of all what you want to do we're going to use our imagination pretend this is the tub make sure you have all your supplies ready ahead of time because kitty isn't going to wait for you when you need to track down the shampoo bottle so get your shampoo you may want to have a metal type of a brush to help loosen up any hair and I always like to put a towel or a shower mat down on the in the sink where you're bathing your kitty I prefer to use a sink rather than a tub for bathing because it's much more comfortable for the person who's doing the bathing so if you have a towel down then mailee as she gets excited can dig her claws into the towel and keep her claws out of you a client of mine also told me that they very effectively used a raincoat an old raincoat that they wore and they let their kitty cling on to them wearing the raincoat onto the rubber of the raincoat and then hose down their kitty as it was sort of clinging to their shoulder in this sort of a way okay so it's very important to shampoo thoroughly and then rinse twice as long as you've shampooed to make sure you get out any residual shampoo you don't want to leave any dried shampoo that's going to cause itching and flaking

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  1. It is so unnatural to shower a cat, specially with shampoo. Just for the sake of making money, humans are always ready to violate the laws of nature!

  2. Their tongues cool them down by evaporating water off of them, since they don't sweat through pores. It's just like a dog. They don't lick themselves to keep cool, they lick themselves to keep clean. They don't need to be bathed by humans. You would know instantly if a cat had fleas.

  3. i own a cat and i give him a bath once a year. wy? cause my cat starts to smell a lil like dirt and i dont want all the dirt and watever he rolls in to be stuck in his fur forever and idk if he has fleas cause he is gray and a monster. if i check and he doesnt like it he will claw n bite your i do it just in case. some cats just need it like long haired cats or hairless cats. and their tounge is really ment to cool down parts of their body that are hot

  4. It's not only your username…

    Why the hell would you let an outdoor cat that rolls around in car oil into your house? That's moronic. I don't think any cat would do that in the first place. I don't see the problem with dirt. "Dirt" is also pretty vague. Even so, they clean themselves. It's common sense that cats clean themselves, and outdoor cats are outdoor cats and indoor cats are indoor cats. If I knew someone bathed a cat I would steal it and find it an owner with a brain.

  5. I appreciate the trendy comment 🙂 You seem to think alot about my username. ok – so cats roll in car oil, streets, dirt, and all sorts of shit. There is no way that I will let my cat in the fucking house like that. I don't even own a cat right now, it's just common sense idiot

  6. How so? I'm not some trendy idiot who lacks common sense. I'm not the one thinking it's normal and necessary to bathe a damn cat.

  7. My emo music? You obviously know nothing about music either. It's funny watching you not know what you are talking about. How about you use the internet for research instead of trolling? Now get your dumb ass out of here.

  8. Why the hell would you give your cat a bath? That's why their tongue is rough, along with tearing skin away from flesh of what they're eating. As soon as they get out of the tub and get a little dried, they start licking themselves right away. Only if they have fleas do they get a bath. I don't understand when this mentality of bathing cats came along. The ancient Egyptians would surely school you on how to handle cats.

  9. @bail9865 i use johnsons baby soap on mine, they smell so good and its very very mild, never use any soap on their faces though.

  10. That cats in heat. Notice the tail moving out of thevway and the bum sticking upwards as she strokes the back.

  11. I am groomer have been doing cats for 20 years. First and foremoest you have to do the nails if not hello they will claw at you!! then clean the ears, bush and comb the hair if ling hair and it has mats dematt . If the mats are embedded into the skin and they are long hair cats see the vet. If short hair cts no problem.
    If you have questions email me at [email protected] ask for JoAnn from Somerville MA I will be posting a slide demo on you tube soon.. We have a slide show check it out.

  12. no need to wash a cat, mine is 16 years old and still washes himself.
    never had a bath or shower or even walked in the rain, and still smells good.

  13. If you hold the cat's head under the water for a minute or two they stop fighting…it is then really easy to bathe them.

  14. Is it really essential to bathe a cat? Ours keeps herself very clean. I only brush her every nite. But is a wet bath needed? We have never tried to bathe her, I think we would get wetter than the kitty. Your reply would be appreciated.

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