Cat Grooming : Brushing Long Haired Cats

brushing your cat is very important you have to keep the knots out of the hair and Persian kitties get a lot of knots in their hair if you don't brush we have two different brushes we have the the stiff slicker brush that and then we have the the Matt splitter that splits the mats this helps get on the mat brush that gets the mats out but this helps really get the mats when you when you find a tangle and it doesn't hurt the cat they might not like it Katie's don't like anything they're not in control off and you go over it you can see a difference already the coat starting to I know you hold the Kitty's head this way and he's not going to be able to turn around and bite you I'm not hurting him I'm just blocking him from being able to turn around and bite me and that's the way you brush your cat

9 thoughts on “Cat Grooming : Brushing Long Haired Cats

  1. Sadly my 20 year old semi long hair cat is no longer with me, I definitely used a slicker brush, never had to use a matt splitter but it looks very helpful.

  2. We use deShedder by Furminator and it is sooo great you can use it on cats and dogs and its great because we have a norwiegen cat and they have lots of fur and we have never seen our cat look so good (and so much dead fur come off) now he has soft fur and my god we got a lot of fur of him (OUR VET RECOMMENDED IT) it was 65 SFR it's not cheap but it lasts 10 cats if you dont leave it blade down so it becomes blunt but it's GREAT try it if you have a dog or cat with lots of fur!!!!!!!!

  3. This is incorrect for brushing a persian cat. You also need a greyhound comb to brush out the coat. The slicker is use to get most of the under coat but I woud suggest going to a professional twice a year for a clip down and trust me your cat would be very happy after.

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