CAT GAMES – Catching Mice! Entertainment Video for Cats to Watch.

31 thoughts on “CAT GAMES – Catching Mice! Entertainment Video for Cats to Watch.

  1. I’m watching this with my black kitten Salem and he keeps smacking the iPad ? I can’t breathe

  2. I used to watch this with my cat named starski and when he “ran away” I wasn’t told the truth until 2 years later. And the truth was that some guy had kicked the cat right into an in coming car. Ever since I have been watching cat videos to calm my urge for a cat to love.

  3. That totally worked my cat he sat there and got his claws out and kept hitting my screen then started to look as me as If to say "this is a joke!?!'

  4. So my cat was sleeping and i put it infront of her and she carried the phone in her mouth to her scraching post and tried kiing the mise and well she stooped them by pausing the vid

    Edit: i subed thx my cat loves me now

  5. My cat looked at me then I looked at the screen then I looked at my cat and it had big ass pupils I laughed so hard

  6. My kittens loved this it was so funny to see them try catching mice but i dont think they will leave mice here!

  7. Lol my cat is too smart for this apparently. She kept picking the phone up to look under it, wouldn't find the mice, and would walk away. Bit the screen a few times for good measure ?

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