Cat Care & Sick Cats : Treat a Cat With a Cold

Hi I’m Diana Korten and were here today with
Little bit to talk about cat colds. Now Little Bit is actually very healthy right now but
when I first brought her home from the Pasadina Humane Society she was very sick and what
can happen with your cat is they start with little sneezing and coughing maybe and if
their upper respiratory infection gets really bad they can get discharge from their eyes,
their nose can get blocked up and make it difficult to breath and so one of the things
that you can do for your cat if they do get that sick is mix up a little bit of sea salt
with some distilled water, warm it so it is just mildly warm so it is not cold and then
you can use it to wipe their eye clear, again not very much salt just a little bit to make
a saline solution and you can also use that to clear any discharge in their nose and you
want to be very loving when you do this so that you cat feels secure and well cared for.
Now clearly at the first signs of any of these kinds of infections you are going to want
to take the cat to the vet and the vet is probably going to prescribe an antibiotic.
They may also want to prescribe an antibiotic eye ointment to put in their eyes. But if
your cat gets really really sick you want to be sure that you are taking care of them
in the home environment as well. You can provide a cool mist humidifier, keep them in a small
room with a cool mist humidifier to help ease their breathing. You want to keep them separate
from any other cats because you certainly don’t want to spread the virus. Another thing
that you can do for your cat, often what happens when they’re really sick is they stop wanting
to eat and it is really important that they stay hydrated and that they get some nutrition
so you may find that you need to force feed your cat. I’m going to scruff her here, that’s
the scruff. You are not hurting the cat when you grab that loose fur on the top of their
neck, that is how their mother used to grab them. Usually when the cat is sick it is a
little easier to do this because they are listless and you can get the syringe in the
side of their mouth and get them to eat a little bit of that food. Of course it is much
better if you can get them to eat it on their own without having to force feed them. Most
cats find baby food like chicken baby food highly palatable and you may be able to get
them to eat it without having to force feed them which you can see is kind of an ordeal.
The important thing with this again is there is lots of hydration in the baby food. Keep
the cat hydrated while its body fights off the infection. Another thing you can talk
to your vet about is subcutaneous fluids. Some vets are a really big fan of this and
others are a little more devious about it. Basically you take an IV needle and you are
not injecting it into the veins, you are just putting a little bit of fluids under the skin.
You are using a bag of saline solution or glucose water, depending on whatever your
vet recommends and then you put the needle under the cat’s skin, right in the scruff
and deposit a small amount of liquid just again to help keep the cat hydrated. Usually
these colds last anywhere from about a week to three weeks. The thing to know is cat colds
are not transmittable to humans and human colds are not transmittable to cats.

55 thoughts on “Cat Care & Sick Cats : Treat a Cat With a Cold

  1. I have 5 Cats and all 5 got colds and it was terrible! One of my cats almost died! The Vet gave my cat a shot cost me $55.00 and we hydrated her and she is fine now.

  2. Hi
    There are a lot of welfare groups around that might be able to help you…but you need to ask for help 'Sometimes that means letting them have your kitten; Kittens can be very expensive to keep, so you must always think ahead. All of our animals are insured. Our cat costs under £5.00 per month to insure. That's just giving up a take-away or a packet of fags.
    Look in your phone book under Animal Charities. Then get on the telephone and tell tthem your situation. Where do you live?

  3. All my cats got a super contagious cold, one of them is starting to heal up but that might just be because he got antibiotics. And guess what… it costed $200.00 for one 5 minute checkup and one antibiotic prescription. Honestly the other cat's cold get super bad we simply can't afford to take them in to the vet. We'll have to put them down. Which would be really sad considering I've raised all of them since birth, one of them I've had since I was only a it's really going to suck..

  4. rescue remedy for pets helped my cat w/ a cold. pollen count wash high. of course the sick cat if outdoor cat wil have to be tested for feline leukemia. your cat looks a little heavy & apparently likes to eat even when sick..prob. a indoor cat. when the cat gets well, i like to make it harder to get to the food, requiring jumping up on a table or two, and eating food that corn is not listed as a main ingredient.

  5. I have cat an he has tear overflow boogers, bu not that bad, and sometimes he gets a couple boogers now and again but not often. he only sneezes when I let my hair on his nose, he eats and ddrinks, could he be sick?

  6. I use chicken baby food too for years when I need to give pills or liqs.
    very good when they will not eat & sick .Thanks for sharing this to others.
    I like your video .

  7. Thank you so so so much! My cat has a really bad cold, that she got from my barn cat, she is my indoor cat that i have had for a long time. I hope she gets better soon, i will try to get her to eat and drink now

  8. Thank you so much! I got a kitten from a shelter and he has been very sick for the last few days, and today we are taking him to the vet… I'm keeping him warm with a blanket, wiping his nose and eyes, and making sure Teddy is feeling loved~

  9. My kitty is getting this dried buggers around d his nose and is sneezing a lot a fur does not look that healthy….. He is only 3 and goes to the vet 1 every 6 months for a check up………………. WHATS WEONG WITH MY BABY!!!!?????!!! : ' (

  10. @390kylie i have a kitten that i took to the vet yesterday with the sane symptomes and they told me he had cat herpes. Alote of cats have it and you dont know it be if your cat got stressed then its posible it waked up the herpes. Or maybe he just caugth it from another cat if he got outside. There is really nothing to do… it will never go away you can try to keep him calm and not stresse and clean his eyes and nose like the woman said in this video. Good luck i hope he gets better <3

  11. how do i notice if any of the cats i get has cold? will they sneeze or cough like humans? or do something special xD

  12. You said take them to the vet for antibiotics however then you said it is a virus. Antibiotics do not work on viruses so why put them on antibiotics? I found it is almost impossible to control other cats in the house from getting the cold. Sometimes they will and sometimes they will not, whether seperated or not.

  13. I had a cat that died yesterday. She wouldnt eat(with the exception of a bit of turkey I convinced her to eat) and she was draining a lot of water, she had a very dazed look and was limping on a swollen paw. She also only wanted to lie down. I was wondering if anyone knew what this could be.and if you do please tell me? I need to know if it is contagious to dogs and other cats.

  14. My kitty is one month old. She is breathing very fast and some times she breath through her mouth. So, is that normal. Pls, reply kindly.

  15. no that is not normal that's how my cat started of then it became worse and worse. U should react before it gets worse.

  16. Mesosilver (collidal silver) 12 drops orally from a syringe 3 times a day… In less than 5 days the cat's well !!! My cat was seriously sick (probably dieing) and in 3 days was basically well. I saw results the first day. It was AMAZING!!! Buy it on Amazon for less than $40.00 It's worth every penny!

  17. there ya  go  wipe the eyes  then   touch her  mouth,,   put  some  L lysine  250 mg  2x a day  3 days    better,,  and  stay away  from   crap food and  banfield vets

  18. Hi, I came across visiting your account hoping you don't mind me asking about my sick cat.

    I adopted a 3 cats (not blood related) just a month ago but my problem is instead of getting into a good health bc they've been taking care of, the two are becoming more thinner and they deficate maybe five times a day and sometimes they don't even notice that they're performing such that activity even when they're asleep. And now the male cat doesn't eat anymore, he usually attemted to eat but then he ended up just sitting every where, and he has a very smelly breath. One of the problem is there is no nearest vet in our city. Hope you could help me in my problem.

    Pls reply immediately

  19. My street cat isn't eating or drinking for days she became so skinny and suddenly she started coming to me she wants me to pet her that never happened and she is 1 years old

  20. i need alot of help my cat is making horibble sqeaking noise and coughing pueking and sneezing and he is usually active but he is very active

  21. My cat keeps sneezing but I don't see anything in his eyes so do you think this is a cold? Or just allergies or another sickness

  22. Cats do not get colds. If you ask any Vet they will tell you this fact. What they do get is called upper respiratory infections. I had learned this awhile back from a Vet so just thought I'd share this fact for anyone who might want to know 🙂

  23. Another fact is you need to watch that you do not wipe each eye and nose with the same area of the cloth. Flip to a clean spot for each wipe so as not to spread the infection. Also I would recommend that you pour the baby food onto a dish instead of making it harder for the cat to get to it inside the jar 🙂

  24. My kitty has been sick for a few days. She is an outside cat that doesn't come inside. I gave her the lysine cat treats that are sold at pet smart. It works she is getting better.

  25. My kitty has a runny eye and shes sneezing but she still has appetite and has been drinking lots of water from her bowl and the faucet but she seems normal other than the sneezing and runny eye. Should i wait a day to see if it gets better or go to vet?

  26. Important to emphasize that when force feeding you need to be very careful and aim for side or roof of mouth … not directly back, which could cause food to be forced into airway and cause serious choking.

  27. My new one year old cat named Aurora that I adopted from the humane society had a upper respiratory infection when I got her, and was very underweight , I got her antibiotics and her cold is clearing up ..

  28. Thank you, my cat hope recently got medicine for her "cold", but my other cat Dean just got sick.. Should I share their medicine? Or just get more?

  29. Why this only showed up when my kitten died?! I CPR him for 40 mins and cried on the way walking to school. It’s hard to move on.

  30. One of the cats i feed has chronic diarrhea and now he started having symptoms of cold. Runny nose, sneezing. I have no vet in my village, i am so sad if something will happen to him i will blame myself. 🙁

  31. After giving birth to 4 babies one died after a day from that day she daily got fever and breath rate and heart beat both slows down and water come from her reddish eyes anyone tell me what should I do there is no vet nearby me temperature here is 39-40°C summer hot days

  32. my new kitten is 9 months old and had all needles the other 2 cats not sick weird and this ones the only one who hasnt gone outside too. what the heck. its also a exotic short haired persian im worried years ago I had one die from this and it had needes too, I really feel from now experience that the needles are a waste of money.

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