Cat Care : How to Train Cats to Enter Cat Doors

We’re here today with henry and we are going
to talk about how to teach a cat to use a cat door. What I’ve got here behind us is
a little cat door that I have actually taken the magnet off. A lot of the doors come with
a little magnet, it’s meant to keep the door from swinging and open and shut in the wind.
And keep the rain out and help keep the air conditioning and heat from leaving the house.
But it can be a bit of a deterrent, some of those magnets are pretty strong. So what I’ve
done is take the magnet off to make it a little easier for Henry to get used to pushing his
head through that. Now here I’ve got my freeze dried chicken treats. It’s a particular favorite
of Henry, just to give him a little incentive for getting through the door. Now I’m actually
going to kind of push him, give him a little heave ho, through the door, just to get him
started. Here we go, so now he’s on the inside of the door. Now this is just a little kitty
veranda, you could be training your cat to use the cat door in and out or use the cat
enclosure or even a cat door, to get into their bathroom. So now what I’m going to do
is I’m going to try and help him get used to coming in and out. I’m going to take the
door, you know when he pushes his head against it, he’s going to be pushing out, so I want
to get him used to having that feeling on his forehead. Come here Henry. He’s kind of
enjoying being out there, which is good cause you, you know you want them to enjoy the place
that the door goes to so that without the treats they have an impetus for coming and
going. Now I’m going to put, ooooooh there you go. And lets try and get you to come out,
can you push on that door. Push, push, push, here we go come on. Oh good boy. Good job
Henry. Here we are with another cat door, this one leads to the outdoor enclosure that
I have here. So it’s, there’s a lot of draw for the cats to learn how to use this door,
because they like going out here. But they did have to get used to this one does have
the magnet unlike the one upstairs. And it’s, instead of being stiff it’s kind of flexible,
so what I’m going to do is I’m going to show Henry his treat. Here’s your treat and I’m
going to push it right outside the door there. Ohh and there he goes. Usually what I like
to do when I’m training them to use the door is kind of assist them with it and then assist
them with it less and less until really you’re just gone. This is another time if you have
taught your cat how to come, to a come command it makes it easier to train them to do the
other things that you want them to do. Unless they’ve decided that they want to hang out
outside. Come good boy. Good boy, there you go. And now he’s coming all by himself.

18 thoughts on “Cat Care : How to Train Cats to Enter Cat Doors

  1. when all else fails, stuff the cat through door. I've been playing this game for a few days and that's worked

  2. Hahaha who's more intelligent now CATS!!! Hahaha I have your weakness being not able to go through doors or open them haha!!

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  4. Oh my god it was the magnet, that's why they didn't get it. When they touched it with their paws to open it and it didn't budge they just gave up. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for the tips! Our kitten has had a hard time grasping the concept of the door, but removing the magnet turned out to be just what he needed.

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