Cat Care 101: How to Take Care of a Cat!

hey guys it's so flare here it's another video so as you can tell I have greyish purple hair right now and I'm really diggin it anyways today we're not talking about my hair we are talking about something that is very important to me I'm gonna be talking about how to care for a pet specifically a cat I've had my cat for about a year now and ever since I was little I have dreamed about having a cat so this is why not I'm pretty sure you guys know who she is this is her and she's gonna she's gonna be our little dummy I'm just going to go through all the things you might need to do to take care of your cat and have it and let it have the best life because you know around the holidays people always get new pets either for Christmas or for the new year so let's get started so first I'm going to start with grooming two brushes that I really enjoy using for my cat is this brush which I just got off of Amazon I don't know the exact brand but it goes right on your hand like this and it's bendable and you could use it to comb your cat in different places and then this one that is a brand that a lot of people enjoy this is the furminator brush which I also use for my dog but it takes out really bad knots and it's not painful and it has a little pump right here or you can just easily take off the hair and it's really good and you always want to groom your cat because cats are really hairy and they showed a lot and it'll just be good for everyone you comb your cat so cats can get quite smelly so something I really recommend is by oh groom's groom and fresh Cologne it just smells like a fresh scent it doesn't smell too overpowering it's really actually good for your animal skin and it won't irritate it or anything because it's meant for animals so something you might need to do for your cat every now and again which is really going to suck is giving it a bath oh I like to use this healthy coat pets you ooh and conditioner it's a really natural conditioner that's good for their skin and it won't irritate it or dry it out oh good it has vitamins and botanicals enhance and luster and prevent tangles every day its veterinarian recommended and I actually really recommend this it's really good for your cat and also when you first get your cat as a kitten you want to start giving it baths so it gets you to the water because if you just never give it a bath and then decide one day – they'll hate it but you know if you let them get used to the water and realize it won't hurt them they'll start to enjoy baths a little bit more so with cats they have a lot of energy that they need to let out of their system and the best way to let that out is to play with them so some toys that my cat really enjoys are like these little mice you can get a 3-pack for like a dollar and they'll just really enjoy these another thing that's fun to play with your cat is cat in it so I use this boots and Barkley handed which is a Target brand 100% organic so it'll be fine for your cat and it just makes them go crazy and have lots of fun and it lets out their energy and I really recommend it so I forgot to mention this in the grooming part but your cats like face it's like I bigger sometimes or sometimes they just get slimy or kind of matted in some places so ways I could do that is using pet ear and eye wipes and this brand called my super dog obviously if he's on dogs and cats it comes with a hundred towelettes for about four dollars which is really nice and it's good for sensitive eyes and ears so it won't irritate their skin that's the bad thing about pets and you use normal human products they can't really completely take it all because they have different skin types so another thing that I really recommend is getting them a little bed or a house one that I really like that she recently got oh I got poked in the eye I'm actually going to zoom out the frame so you can see better it's this little house thing and it folds up sorry if I'm out of focus it folds up like this and then it folds out and it's a really cute color I think we got it off of Amazon it has a little hole and there's like a little house in here which cats really like they like little houses like that so they can go in and feel safe so see she's going in right now oh good demonstration Luna so she likes to sleep in here also has a top part which you know cats usually like she's a little bit scared of it because it moves but some cats really like the you know embracing feeling on the side it has two little balls but she sometimes plays it and a scratching post which she really enjoys see having a cat takes a lot of patience and understanding cats will pee they will puke they'll do nasty things all over their house but they're really nice companions to have and they will love you unconditionally but you have to make sure to do the same when you have a cat you know like these animals really will care about you and love you and you have to make sure you do that too and you want to play with them and give them a lot of attention if you can't do that I don't work Medicaid getting a cat goodbye thank you guys for watching Luna Lunas kind of camera shy are you anything yeah I hope I really helped you guys so that is all see you back

26 thoughts on “Cat Care 101: How to Take Care of a Cat!

  1. Everyone has been curious as to where to find the cat bed/post. Here's the link!

  2. My cat died in a fight with a raccoon so me and my dad decided to get a inside cat but we are Allergic to cats so we have to get a hipoalergenek cat

  3. Hi im just here to see how to take care a cat cuz i a untakerble to take care a cat shes sometime crazy

  4. My cat loves to play with the twisty things that keep Bread closed…is this dangerous… last cat liked it too…Better than any store bought toy.

  5. :000
    i always wanted a cat called luna!!!! But im getting a cat for my bday so im excited for that!!! ? This was also very helpful! ?

  6. A furminator is just a razor. People think that it's this amazing tool to groom the undercoat but it just cuts all of the hair it comes in contact with. (undercoat, topcoat, dead, healthy, whatever)

  7. I have stopped in like your video shared it on Facebook I really like your video for it is straight to the point thank you for your information

  8. YouTube recommended: watch this video about taking care of a cat

    Me: I don't have a cat

    YouTube recommended: just watch it

    Me: ok

  9. Okay, this is an older video but there are some things that are really no gos. 1. Don' let your cat wear a collar. They can really hurt themselfs with it especially when they also outgoing. Bells are also the worst thing for cats. They are noisy all the time and thats bad for the cats hunting abilities. 2. Don't wash/bath your cat. Cats are super clean animals and don't need baths at all. The only time it is okay, is when the cat is sick and stopped to take care of itself properly.

  10. Never de claw your cat. I adopted a cat at a shelter, and when they found her she was de claw. (The shelter didn’t de claw) My vet check her out, and she is fine. It’s not worth the pain they have to go though. Do your research, or go talk to a vet if you have any problems. They are many other options beside declawing. My other cat still have his claws, and he is fine. We trained him. ?

  11. We have had a lot of trouble with our cats peeing everywhere. Do you have any tips? I really want another cat but my parents hate them now because our old cat peed everywhere. Maybe if I can show them that we can stop it they might reconsider? I don’t know if you have already made a video or not, but I would love to know more about the peeing situation.

  12. That's so easy but not for me I have to take care of six cats two babies cats four big cats two a lot of work

  13. How about litterboxes ? How do you teach your cat to use it ? This video was cute but not really informational

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