Cat Can’t Get Over The Loss Of Her Kittens And Becomes Aggressive | Animal in Crisis EP52

A 70-year-old couple Lives with a dangerous cat They cover their faces and even wear gloves? With the tension in the air.. Opens the door No. Stay there They’re scared of.. Jjong the Sphynx cat Jjong is wary of the strange producer No, she might attack you Hurriedly gets out of the room She’s not feeling good about this After being attacked, I cover my body The reason why she’s living in the room is As soon as I sit, she pounces on me Attacks my face and head She hurt him from here From my head to my ears and eyes She started to attack them a month ago She turned back out of nowhere and attacked me The day when she almost got badly injured Haru saved her Haru is #1 in the hierarchy Haru protected me when Jjong was attacking me PD/ Haru helped you? / Yes, Haru was with me When Haru is around Jjong can’t attack people so easily From a year ago, the elderly couple looked after Jjong Who has become their family But starting 3 months ago, She has become aggressive, almost out of control We have to clean her litter box anyway We can give her a meal through the door But we need to enter the room to clean the litter box To prepare for Jjong’s random attack They need to wear a protection suit To clean her litter box As if the couple in a protection suit looks strange to her Jjong keeps looking around She goes out of the room in an instant The elderly couple even gets scared by the slightest movement of Jjong Just stares at her from a distance Jjong seems to be in a good mood As she came out for the first time in a while The family is relieved by seeing her acting like how she used to be But then Jjong comes out from under the sofa Then, she starts to attack grandpa’s face It happened in a flash Soon after Jjong attacks the producer As soon as Haru stops her Jjong gives up on attacking him Fortunately, the producer isn’t seriously injured PD/ Her aggression is on another level Owner/ If she doesn’t feel good, she’d attack anyone she wants to Jjong is sent to the room again She can’t calm herself down from being super sensitive PD/ Has she changed suddenly one day? Owner/ Not suddenly, but after giving birth Misfortune came upon her Ahead of giving birth to 7 kittens.. One of the fetuses had an umbilical cord around her/his neck So we decided to have her deliver kittens by C-section During surgery, she lost one of her kittens And lost another 3 kittens since then Since then, she’s become sensitive And started to attack her own kittens So the kittens were sent to other families for their safety.. Owner/ I feed sorry for her Since there’s no way to solve it I pity her I’m scared of her too Feels like I’m not actually living right now Dangerous life with Jjong.. Decides to get advice from a vet.. Vet/ Actually, I was pretty shocked Because I’ve never seen any cat who sets a target first and then attacks Why is Jjong so aggressive to her owners? Vet/ Firstly, it’s because of her sorrow over the loss of her kittens The second is due to the stress caused by pain And she thinks that her owners triggered all of them For a short period, She had to endure all the hardships on her own Resentment and anger against her owners Must have exploded out of the blue When her first kitten died, she cried She didn’t burst into tears, but.. You know, she had sad eyes After seeing that, I realized that she was in deep sorrow After sending her kitten to heaven Her heart was deeply broken Perhaps she needs her kittens back.. Vet/ Returning her kitten is not the best for her The best solution is to provide her with a stable space Put padded cushions, toys, silver vine that she’d like To create a space where she can feel at ease with no stress In a comfy space She’ll be treated with medication Wonder if she’d like it.. Jjong shows interest After taking some time to look around With grandfather’s help Jjong goes into the house Looks around as if she’s feeling awk Eats food mixed with medicine Also, plays the harp sound Which has a calming effect on cats Jjong seems to be comfortable PD/ I think she’s feeling good. I can hear her purring Yeah, I hear it too Jjong~ You, me, and my husband are all going to be all right Thank goodness The owner touches Jjong, feeling sorry Jjong accepts her touch as well Owner/ Maybe we were in a rush We were very anxious and thought something has to be done quickly I’ll do anything for her improvement Anything for her. Anything Hope the family’s sincere love for Jjong Could heal her broken heart..!

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  2. le chat gris est trop magnon <33 il ou elle protege ses maitres et les specialisteThe grey cat is so cute <333 he or she protects its owners and specialists

  3. هههه جد وجده خخخخ لابسين دروعه شنو ذبو بزبل خلي موت لو منكم اسممه هههه ولله يا لله


  5. They don't have a cat tree or a scratching post for her to release her tension.. even toys to make her exercise.

  6. Ну она же не виновата, что ее дети умерли, ее поведение понятно, Я сейчас плачу, мне ее очень жалко, нужно сводить к специальному психиатору. Может , что-то изменит. Мне очень жаль кошку.Как увидела фотографии котят, заревела?..

  7. The grey cat tho, jumping in to help.

    That was amazing..

    Felt sorry for the cat tho, if there was no way to help her, then they should have put her to sleep..
    But it seems things turned out ok, hopefully..

  8. What is causing this aggression?? This shouldnt happen to a cat that you house and feed. Maybe a rescue or behaviorist can determine this? She seems aggressive with the resident cat also?????

  9. Дибилы блин. Верните ей котят. А если не вернёт, то пускай она вам лица пораздерает!!!

  10. В первые вижу что бы кошка жила в клетке о понимаю что это надо

  11. Проведите ей ароматеропию жидкий корм и доза успокающего порошка

  12. What happened to Jjong's kittens? Did they get adopted or passed away? I don't understand the language and very confused why she's so aggressive. She's a beautiful Sphynx cat and they are usually not an aggressive breed. As for the grey cat haru, claps for him protecting his family and the producer.

  13. The owners are so loveable, they love that cat so much, even if she/he is aggressive and threats them. Just saying the cat is feeling threatened. They’re so sweet! Be brave, be kind, be bold, and thoughful. I hope you don’t get threatened anymore. Thank you for reading. Good day.

  14. Wanna know a story….

    I was suppose to have my only little sister.. i loved her so much. she was everything to me. i remeber the day of the bad news…
    she had cancer.. at 2.. she died a few months later and i coudent get over her death. i was angry and mad. and was just sad…
    one day i realised that. shes in a better place.. and its not others fault about her death.. everyone needs to move on. things happen. just spend time with loved ones while you can. theyre might not be a tommrow for them.. Alice… i love you.. god please take good care of her. shes everything to me.

  15. I say let her out of the room! Let her free. Bring her some orphan kittens. Feed her out- side. I think she's mad and needs to be put to sleep.
    She might be possessed!!!

  16. I know human mothers like her. Taking her emotions out on her own offspring. She should've been put down.

    Haru is awesome.

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