Cat Abscess Popping After Cat Fight

Poor thing has an abscess. You poor thing. There’s the bite marks. I know. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Not quite there, huh? Okay. Okay, okay, okay. I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. Give me some Cetacaine. Put some cetacaine on the top of this. Spray the top of it. That’s good. Lets give that a minute. Here it comes. It’s gonna feel better. Sorry honey. I know baby. You’re almost done. We need some Buprenex. Oh, that’s about it. Smells like banana and grossness. What you can’t appreciate is the smell. It’s so good.

46 thoughts on “Cat Abscess Popping After Cat Fight

  1. Thank you for taking such good care of this fur baby! Though, I’m so glad I ate dinner before watching this, especially after seeing your face when you talked about the smell.

  2. We know this kitty was trying to run away from his attacker because he got bit on the hind end and not the face. At first I was expecting the abscess to squirt you in the face.

  3. Is it possible that, as with us, I've seen videos in which, after administering the lidocaine, there is still pain due to the type of tenderness lidocaine can not seem to work on?

  4. Thank you for being so kind to this sweet fur baby. I know it didn't feel good getting the shot and having the cut done, but I'm sure that kitty feels much better now that the abcess has been drained.

  5. You are such a relief from another vet I'm sure a few of us know too. See, you don't have to make so called jokes all the time. It's nice to see a vet at work and basically do just that.

  6. This cat seemed remarkably tolerant! Is that it's nature, or was it orally sedated, or do you use certain handling techniques?

  7. A direct local anesthetic is likely ineffective as the PH levels in the bacteria render it weak if not ineffective. Always a risk with that stuff especially with the types of bacteria in that cat. A field block around the abscess would have taken more time. However, your injectable anesthesia would have had a better chance of taking on the first go. Cats don’t mind the 25 needle and you buffer your anesthesia? My dentist warms it, it actually works.

  8. My cat has developed one because the sneaker snuck out and stayed out all night and probably got into a fight. Of course on Labor Day weekend and I can't afford to take her. I don't want to do this myself, but I might not have a choice. Why is it $500 to do this?

  9. Why the cat did not get full sleep anesthesia. It hurts him very much. From Poland, every treatment is in full anesthesia. The animal is sleeping – all operations. It is a pity you money for anesthesia ?? Shame pain treatment gives 1/10 poor pets

  10. Poor baby. What a good cat to be put thru that and stay still so well. My cat would have gone bananas and tried to get away and bit whoever was holding her!

  11. My dog Princess chases and terrorizes my cat. However, when my cat cries in distress (it could be. Cause I picked him while he is asleep so my cat cries. As soon as he makes that little cry my dog comes to his aide. Its a beautiful sight

  12. my cat has developed a cat bite abscess on its jaw and neck but looks to be in no pain and still eats and does all his normal things? Should we wait before taking him to the vet or take him now?

  13. WTF!!! Anesthetize his back!! JC!!! Andrew Kaiser a vet in Quincy,Illinois didn't anesthetize animals, he even did amputations to animals without any. A monster!!

  14. Nothing compared to what came exploding out of my cat the other day- soaked my pants and left a huge puddle on the floor! Still can’t get the image out of my head!

  15. My cat just drained all of his abscess all over my bed this morning right in front of my pillow at 3:00 a.m i woke up to that beautiful smell, and being pregnant I immediately went and threw up from it,and asked my husband to clean it up. luckily he’s feeling much better and we have a vet appointment scheduled to make sure its all drained and cleaned and get him some antibiotics

  16. Id switch vets, i rather put them under then see them in pain. How aweful, why ever would you attempt to do it awake even with a minor sedative. Sad.

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