Cash and Grab (with Bird Keeper Toby and Inés from Draw Curiosity)

If you’re casting people for a game show,
you want folks that are good on camera. But you also want folks
who will be evenly matched, whose areas of knowledge overlap enough
with the game and with each other that they can put up a good fight. With that in mind, please welcome Inés, who has a PhD from Oxford
in the biomechanics of insect flight, and Toby, who is one of
Britain’s leading experts in Pokémon. I’m sorry, Toby! [surprised noise] Welcome to the Game Garage. Today
we are playing Cash and Grab, with: Bird Keeper Toby, hello. And Inés from Draw Curiosity. In front of you, there is the money box. The box is real, but the money is fake.
Those are our magical dollars. Today they are pegged to
the South African Rand. The more you pull out of there, the more money you could
be going home with. Three rounds, all you have to
do is answer some questions and then pull out the money.
How hard can it be? Round one, it’s very simple,
I’m going to ask you some questions, you’re going to answer them
on the buzzers. The first of you two
to get to three points can start pulling money out of that box with these chopsticks. -Okay.
-They’re going to go just there. I’m, like, highly dyspraxic. -Oh man, uh…
-I am so clumsy. I can’t use– I’m that guy at Wagamama’s
who asks for a fork or a spoon. So the good news is:
you don’t have to hold them in one hand like you usually do. Oh, okay, I can whatever. I had a Japanese neighbour teach me
how to eat crisps with chopsticks. Oh, you’d better hope… But I’m not sure that’ll work here. You’d better hope you
get to three first, Toby. -Wow.
-That’s all I’m saying. Okay, hope I’m good at the questions. As long as the money comes through and out
using those chopsticks, that’s fine. It’s got to get in your bucket. Does the money have to come out whole
or can we stick a hole through them? If you can somehow manage enough force
with the chopsticks to pierce the money, sure, as long as it comes
out through that hole with the chopsticks, that’s fine. Once it’s out, use your hands, use whatever
to get it into your bucket, but it’s got to come out
with those chopsticks. All right, so, three questions to start. Whoever gets to three first,
start pulling money. The other person is going
to keep answering questions and they’re going to
have to get three more. Doesn’t matter what you’re on at the time, it’s three to start and three to stop. Fingers on buzzers please. I’m just excited to use
the buzzer, honestly. Genuinely, I’ve never used a buzzer before,
for anything like this. I’m just hoping I do well at the… Having never been on a game show
before, I’m ready. You haven’t been on one now. All right, everybody ready? -Uh huh.
-Mmhm. Which word comes next? Year, decade, century. Millennium. Correct, one-nil. What is an Olympic silver medal
actually made from? Silver? Correct, one all. What shape is a complete rainbow? -Inés?
-Circle. Correct, two-one.
One more to start grabbing. What girl’s name is also a Christmas song? -Myrtle? No, Mistletoe–
-No, handing it over. No, you’ve got it now. -Mistletoe, is that what you said?
-Holly. No, Carol! -Oh.
-Oh, Christmas carol, yeah. The Trojan war was fought
over the abduction of which woman? Helen? Yes, Helen of Troy, start grabbing. Three to stop. How many solar system planets
are bigger than Uranus? -Two?
-Correct. How many letters of the alphabet
can be spoken using one syllable? All of them. -No, 25, W can’t.
-Oh! What letter is dot dot dot in Morse Code? -S.
-Yes, correct, that’s two. Which musical instrument’s name
literally means “soft-loud”? No, pass. Piano, pianoforte. Which child’s toy has the
real name Millicent Roberts? I have no idea! Barbie. What is 16 divided by a half? Eight. No, 32. Divided by a half! What’s the singular version of opera? I’m so sorry, Toby…(!) -I don’t know…!
-Opus! Where would you find
the Sea of Tranquility? -Africa?
-On the moon! What do honeybees collect? -Honey!
-No, pollen! In which month does
German Oktoberfest begin? October. No, September! In which month does Russia
celebrate the October Revolution? -October?!
-No, November! In which sport would you
perform a Fosbury Flop? I don’t know. High jump. Which crime fighting cartoon dog
wears the initials SD on his collar? Scooby-Doo! Yes, close the box! No! I knew the Scooby-Doo one. There was some there that you would
have got without the panic. Those were tough, not even I knew those! Scooby-Doo! I know that one! To be fair, “what do honeybees
collect?” is just a– Honey, wow. That’s a brutal question. Yeah. When you said that I knew it was a trick. All right, we’re going to count that up and we’ll see how well
you did in a moment. Does this count, or are these? No it wasn’t in the bucket at the end, but we’ll count that up
and we’ll see how you did in a moment. How was that? Was that, uh… It went well for you(!) I liked it.
I’m sorry! No, it’s great, and you really went for it
with those chopsticks. There was some genuinely
vicious questions there, and when you’re panicking. I’m just happy I got the Scooby-Doo one. I was remembering those
questions thinking, “wow those are quite–” -Those are hard.
-Stopper ones can be harder. Inés, you got quite a
lot of money out there, and quite a few of the colourful
high value notes as well. -$99.
-Oh wow. I’m doing well. $99. So, round two of three. Three more questions to start,
three more questions to stop. There are a few more notes in there
of a few higher values, and this time: Use the forks, Luke. -Knife(!)
-Okay, so we got cutlery again. Cutlery again, yes, just
slightly different cutlery. Cutlery that I suspect Toby– I can handle this, I’m familiar with this. –is a little more at home with, yes. All right, fingers on buzzers,
three questions to start. How many dots are there on
the Domino’s Pizza logo? -Inés?
-Six? No, handing that over. -Four.
-Three, it’s one and two. What is the tallest mammal on Earth? -Toby?
-Blue whale. No, handing it over. -Giraffe.
-Giraffe. In the phonetic alphabet. the letter Q is
represented by which Canadian province? -Inés
-Quebec…? Yes, two-nil. What is the only country to be crossed by both
the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn? -Inés.
-Ghana…? No, handing it over. Take a shot at an equatorial country. Africa again. Not a country! Brazil. -Continent!
-Oh…! How many bones are in an elephant’s trunk? -Inés?
-One. -No, handing it over.
-None. Correct. Two-one to Inés, still. How many of Snow White’s dwarves
don’t have a name ending in Y? -Inés.
-One? -No, handing it over.
-None. No, two, Bashful and Doc. What is a Fender Stratocaster? -Toby?
-It’s a guitar? Yes. Two-all. This question
to start grabbing. Which time travellers have the full names
William S. Preston and Theodore Logan? Back to the Future? No, handing it over. The thing the with time machine
that looks like a sled? No. the thing with the time machine
that looks like a phone box. Bill and Ted! Oh, okay. Well, not the other one, that has a
time machine that looks like a– Oh, Bill and Ted, all right, okay, yeah. At the start of a game of chess,
how bishops are on the board? Inés?
Four. Correct, start grabbing! Three to stop. Which comic strip was
created by Charles Schulz? -Don’t know, pass.
-Peanuts. Which month of the year
comes first alphabetically? -April.
-Correct, that’s one. What was thrown into a
lake when King Arthur died? -Excalibur.
-Correct, that’s two. On a standard dice, which
number is opposite the five? -Three.
-No, two. In which world-famous museum
is the Rosetta Stone? -Pass.
-The British Museum. How many carats is pure gold? -24.
-Yes, close the box! -Pwhoa.
-I feel like I got there a lot faster. You did, but I think there was
a lot more money being pulled out. -Oh no.
-Let’s count them up, and see how well you did. Ines, $97 more, you’re on $196. You got a lot of 10s, a
few 5s, a couple of 20s. There are still some 50s in there, and this round
we’ve added a few more back in as well. So it is still all-to-play-for in round three. So what I need to do is
win this round, get four 50s. -And you’re good.
-Pretty much. -That’s all there is to it.
-Easy, easy. That’s all there is to it. I was lulling you to a false
sense of security, you see. That’s obviously what I was doing. I feel this is the sort of thing
where you start off going really well and then in the last one
you just crash and burn. -Yeah, maybe a little bit.
-Let’s find out, round three. More money in the box, more
high-value notes in the box. And your implement: tongs. Good luck to you both. Fingers on buzzers, three to start. In the Northern Hemisphere, the
Summer Solstice occurs in which month? -Inés.
-June. Yes, one-nil. Which point of the compass
is directly opposite south-south-east? -Toby?
-North-north-west. Yes, one all. In sheet music how many
horizontal lines on a– -Inés?
-Five. Correct, on a staff. Two-one. Two-one. Toby. If Inés
gets another question, she’s grabbing money
and we know you’re out. So I’ve got a little
special offer for you, if Inés starts grabbing money. Uh-huh. If you can stop her
getting $200 out this round, we will give you 100 of those dollars. Okay all right, I’m in, I’ve got this. But, two more questions
and you’re grabbing. Yeah and that’s what’s going to happen,
so we’re good. We’re good. All right, good luck to you. The 300th day of the year
falls in which month? -Inés.
-October. Yes, go! Toby. The university commonly known as MIT
is based in which US State? Uh — em– -Pass.
-Massachusetts. Which sign of the Zodiac
comes last alphabetically? -Pass!
-Virgo. In imperial measurements how many
quarts are there in a gallon? I don’t know! -Pass.
-Four. A square pyramid has how
many triangular faces? Four! -Yes, that’s one!
-Yes! What part of a cow is known as tripe? Uh, its butt. The stomach! A bearing of 135 degrees is equivalent
to which compass direction? -No, pass.
-South-east. What’s the 19th hole on a golf course? -Pass?
-It’s the clubhouse or the bar. What was the main language
in ancient Rome? Pass…! Ancient Rome? No, Latin. In Roman numerals what does X mean? 10! -Yes!
-10, I knew it! The statue of Christ the Redeemer
is found looking over which city? Rio. Yes, stop, close the box! Finally, I knew that one. Toby I’m going to be honest with you,
I don’t know if you kept Inés to 200, but we’re going to count it
and we’re going to find out. I’m so sorry, please– Its okay, its okay. I’m sorry(!) Let’s do the maths. Normally at this point, I would
be comparing the contents of two buckets and hold
you both in suspense as to who would have the
most, but unfortunately… -it hasn’t gone well.
-No. I’ll be honest Toby, it hasn’t gone well. You invited the wrong person
to a trivia show. I’ll tell you what, it was a lot of fun. Do you know what, I had
a blast and honestly… I had the best fun. A quart, four. Obviously. Of course it is. I’ll tell you what, when someone’s
shouting questions at you and you’ve got to answer quick,
it is genuinely more difficult. Thank you so much, man, its been a blast. Unfortunately for you, Toby,
that is not enough for you to win anything,
but Inés: $544 out this time. That gives you a grand total
of 741 of our magical dollars. Today they are pegged to
the South African Rand and this means my prize budget
has been slightly stretched here. £40.57 in your bucket. Toby, I’m afraid for you,
it’s the end of the game. Inés: the grand final, let’s see
how much of that you can keep. Inés: final round, congratulations, there is
£40.57-worth of magic dollars in that box. Here’s how the final round works. You’re going to have 60 seconds
on the clock. When the clock starts you can immediately
start pulling money out with the chopsticks. I’ll keep asking you questions. Get one right and you can switch to forks. Next one right, you can
switch to the tongs. Third one right, get rid of the implements,
just start grabbing with your hands. -Okay.
-Everything in that bucket is yours. If its not in the bucket when
time runs out, it’s gone. Are you ready? I am ready, I am more than ready. Take the chopsticks in hand. Your time starts… Now. Which season’s beginning
does the Hindu festival Holi celebrate? -Spring.
-Correct, get the forks. In which city will you find
the Flavian Amphitheatre? -Erm, er, Italy. Is it Greece?
-No, Rome. Which actor played Ryan in the 1998 film
‘Saving Private Ryan’? No idea. What fruit comes in hands and fingers? Uh… -Jackfruit?
-No, bananas. Which is the most common
element in our Solar System? Nitrogen? – No, hydrogen.
– Uff. In which Batman film did Heath Ledger
complete his final role, as the Joker? -Don’t know.
-The Dark Knight. What did Google buy in 2006
for US $1.65 billion? -YouTube.
-Yes, get the tongs. Which sport is divided into
time periods called chukkas? -Cricket?
-No, polo. What spirit do you mix with grapefruit juice
to make a salty dog cocktail? Passion fruit? I don’t know. Gin.
In which US state is Pearl Harbour? Oh god, Virginia…? Hawaii…
time, stop there! No you don’t, that’s it,
that is nearly everything. Let’s count that up and see what you got. Nuh, I left a few hundred. So everything’s counted,
everything’s converted. When its all added up, £34.02, So that is your thirty, and
then just a lot of change. Thank you so so much for playing. Thank you, this was a lot of fun and
actually more profitable than I expected. It’s more profitable than I expected,
yeah, congratulations! That’s been the Game Garage,
thank you very much Inés. Thank you, and we’ll see you next time.

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