Carpet Cleaner Challenge | Rent BISSELL Big Green machine

We gave real Rug Doctor renters a challenge: to use the Rug Doctor and BISSELL Big Green in their homes head-to-head. With the Rug Doctor, you’d have to keep going in the same direction every time And I just think that’s very clumsy. A clumsy way to have to clean carpeting. I really think that the BISSELL cleaner cleaned my carpets better and it was easier to use. I would absolutely recommend the BISSELL. Prior to today, I thought the Rug Doctor would do a great job at cleaning my carpet But I learned otherwise. The BISSELL machine does a much better job at cleaning the dirt and debris out of your carpet than the Rug Doctor does.. After today? Hands down, the BISSELL machine would be the one that I recommend to any friend or family I felt that the BISSELL did a better job. I wouldn’t have thought all of that was in my carpet I would say that the BISSELL rug machine was a lot better. Maneuvering the BISSELL is a lot easier than maneuvering the Rug Doctor. The BISSELL definitely did the job better. It [the carpet] was whiter and the spots were gone. I would definitely recommend the BISSELL. That’s the one I’m going to be using from now on too. I was happily surprised with how much lighter it felt and how much easier it was to use. Dirty is just not something that I want in my house. Plan and simple, it cleaned better. I would definitely recommend the BISSELL over the Rug Doctor. Carpet cleaning machines are usually bulky and hard to move and really heavy. And most carpet cleaning machines will only clean pulling it backwards The BISSELL felt like a vacuum. I was able to move forward and backward and still clean the carpet. The Rug Doctor did not do a good job. With the BISSELL, I feel like the carpet looks clean. You need to rent the BISSELL, it will change your life Rent today and see the results for yourself. BISSELL Big Green: Cleans better, dries faster.

5 thoughts on “Carpet Cleaner Challenge | Rent BISSELL Big Green machine

  1. I rented the bissell big green last week and before we did that my mom said we are renting the rug doctor, but I said no because the bissell works so much better because when we rented the rug doctor, it kept running out of water and oxiclean but with the bissell, it saved water, but on our carpets, we used ONLY Steaming hot water and that is it, the next day, I cleaned the playroom, the sunroom, my room, basement, the sleeping room, and my mom's room but not my sisters room. Here's what happened on the first day, the big green leaked from the flow indicator and we tried to find out what's wrong but we did not know so we exchanged it for another one, and so we got it so, I LOVE THE BISSELL BIG GREEN

  2. I went to lowes to rent one. The first one made a horrible noise when you turned it on so I brought it back and they gave me another. That one worked and I was impressed. But then I went to use the tools and it would not spray the water out of the hose. I know for a fact I had everything hooked up correctly. Basically it ruined my first impressions with bissell and I won't be going back. On top of it lowes didn't refund me for the tools not working.

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