Caring for Parakeets : When to Buy a Parakeet

Hi today we are going to talk about what age
in which to consider adopting a parakeet. In particular with budgies you want a bird
that’s going to end up very friendly. You want to start out with a very young bird.
This bird right here is about five weeks old and it’s not weaned yet so this is too young
to get a bird if you’re not experienced in hand feeding or not willing to hand feed.
So about two weeks after this bird would be weaned which means it would just be free from
his parents and eating food on it’s own. But it will still have these stripes on his head,
you see on this young bird’s head. So as long as he’s got a lot of that barring right there
above his nose, you know that the bird is under four months old. And at that age it’s
still very easy to tame them down. And if you just get one bird, that bird will generally
bond very closely with you and so you can carry it around with you and it wants to interact,
you know it will sit on your desk with you and muddle through your papers. If you are
not interested in necessarily having a one on one bird, you can get these and adopt them
as adults. There’s plenty of people who decided that they don’t have enough time for their
birds or already have very tame parakeets and so you can adopt one as an adult. And
if they are already hand tamed, generally adopting and adult bird there’s not any problems.
You are not going to have, it’s not going to have a whole lot of trouble switching over
from one person to a new person and then getting used to a new human being and you know, interacting
with you. If you are interested in hand feeding you can try at this age, but this age wants
to have their eyes opened and if they haven’t been hand fed and you just pull them from
the nest at this age and they’re too afraid of people to eat from you, but you can if
you are interested in getting one really, really small and I’ll talk about hand feeding
later, again this is something that you want to be fairly experienced at doing because
you can kill them very easily. You can start getting them close to this age. This is a
little tiny one. This one is about two and a half, three weeks old. It’s had his eyes
opened for about a week and a half and starting to get some feathers. At this age it can maintain
it’s body temperature a little bit better if you get them much younger than this they
will lose body heat too quickly and you need an incubator. At that very young age up to
two and a half weeks you have to some where warm, but generally for most people get them
when they are just weaned, lively, have all their feathers is the most appropriate age
to get them. Again, you can get a hand tamed adult or you can get just an adult pair if
you just want some interactive lively birds to have in your house. You want a little bit
of chirping noise, you know they are very colorful just to have them entertain you,
without necessarily being able to pick up the bird and take them out of the cage. You
know, and adult bird is fine. These birds live anywhere from six to twelve years at
least the budgies do. Other parakeets the larger parakeets will live even longer. So
if you get a one, two, three, four year old bird it will still have a long life span to
spend it with you so an adult also is a very good choice.

29 thoughts on “Caring for Parakeets : When to Buy a Parakeet

  1. that bird is sooo cool! its kinda like a heat detector, whenever you move your hand closer, the faster and louder it chirps! hehe ^^

  2. I bought my parakeet when he was 4 months old and he was very easy to tame. He is very fun to keep around cause he's so playful.

  3. I have a parakeet too , my one isnt wild , i bought my bird at pet shop …. but….. ive letted him out , then i just waited at bed …… the bird like watched the bed ….. he tried to land on bed …. and come closer to me , but he did only circles there , i think my parakeet dont know how to land on something :l

  4. If I get a parakeet that's an adult, will it still bond with me like a baby would? Or would it just take more time?

  5. I like your videos and ive subscibed to you but im missing a bit of information before i get one. if you get the oportunity, will you please make a video about a budgies first flight. like when do it, and other things becuase im really not sure what to do…. tnx! bibi 🙂

  6. Always wanted a bird like a parrot. Guess this is good to start out with. Saw some at petco but I don't know if I got one from there I you could teach it to talk since they're all in one cage.

  7. I adopted 2 parakeets when they were 3 years old. I had them for 13 years. They really are so cool. I strongly suggest that if you're considering getting a parakeet, buy a book that'll tell you what they need in their environment to be healthy and safe. For example, the gasses emitted by some non stick cookware will kill them almost immediately.

  8. Its cruel to buy a single bird. they really need to have company of their own kind. It will be harder to train but better for the animals wellfare

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