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Hello All..This is Manju from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers . Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Political Science Political science is an integral subject of
social science that is concerned with practice and principles of politics. It is also an
analysis and interpretation of political systems. Since, it covers all aspects of political
system of a country it therefore has its core branches as public theory, political theory,
comparative politics, international relations, and more. Political science therefore covers
a wide area of subjects and successfully studying it can provide individuals with knowledge
of various fields and roles linked with the political system. Students who want to get connect to operations and systems of the government can opt for
this course as their career field. Besides having sound knowledge and a degree from a
reputed institution in this subject, it is essential for aspirers to possess leadership
qualities within them. They should also possess stress management and decision making abilities
in order to have a boosting career graph in this field. Once a political science degree
is secured, a student can then look to future job avenues in public administration department,
politics, marketing fields, NGOs, law, electoral and polling politics, teaching and campaign
management. International social organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, and more, offers great
career prospects for those who wish to become political scientists, or political researchers. Just like any other degree course, even the political science subject requires a graduation
and a post-graduation degree to be obtained by aspiring students. One has to be 10 + 2
in order to get eligible to a graduation degree in this subject. If students aspire to become
researchers, or professors in this field, then it is mandatory for them to secure M.Phil
or PhD degree in the subject. One may also choose a specialization in the subject on
higher front from subjects like international relations, political theory, comparative politics,
public policy, global politics, and public administration.
Almost every leading college and university offers a degree course in this subject. But
there are some premier colleges that are known all around the globe for their qualitative
educational system. Some such reputed colleges are Hans Raj College, New Delhi; Lady Shri
Ram College for Women, New Delhi; Presidency College, Kolkata; Loyola College, Chennai;
College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram; St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata and Mumbai.
For getting admission to most such colleges it is essential for students to secure high
percentage in their higher secondary education. Once the education is completed, the aspirers
can then look to have reputed job in respected public and private sector. Companies that
hire students who have successfully completed their educational qualifications in this field
are: • Research departments in management colleges
and Information technology institutes • Report generation departments of media
such as print, television, radio • News agencies or Press
• Newspaper agencies for article writing on political subjects and events
• Civil Service • Law
• Political analyst • NGOs
• Teaching The initial remuneration for a political science
student may depend on job prospect that he has chosen. But, it may grow with experience
in this field. Even students who wish to become future political leaders need to secure education
in this subject. So, go for this bright career option if you really want to link with the
political front of your nation, and to have more precise details about it you can even
log on to finest career portal of India, thank you for watching we will be back with more such videos do not forget to hit the subscribe button

35 thoughts on “CAREERS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE – Politics,BA,MA,Ph.D,Recruitment,Salary package,Govt Jobs

  1. I have a doubt…I have completed my higher secondary with 73% in computer science. I am an civil service aspirant and my childhood wish was to serve my country.
    If I persue BA political science is it helps me?

  2. मेने पोलिटिकल साइंस में मास्टर्स की है, मुझे जॉब की सख्त ज़रूरत है।

  3. Political science is a master science, explains and tries to understand almost anything related to collective well-being. A trained political scientist is not only an asset but also a potential rebel, who might try to change the status quo and bring something new. Jobs and prospects are hardly a consideration for a good political scientist. Anyway, politics is, was and will be a disciplinary master. Enjoy the ride, you'll be different when done with your PhD which is the highest qualification in the discipline.

  4. sir/mem mene 2011 me MA political sci kiya ab 2018 me kya me mphil kar sakta hu mphil kanre ke jobs ke opshan kya hai

  5. मँडम आप हिंदी में बताई गी तो बहुत आच्छा होगा

  6. kindly make a video if one wants to settle abroad after ba political science what are abroad permanent settlement courses

  7. Heloo….. dear maim sir.. i want too say .. M. A poltical me maine admition liya h egnou me so maim mujhe ab law filad me jana h so maim ab kya krna padega……. M. A pol ke bad law me option h

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