Cardboard Iron Throne for My Cats

hey what's up viewers check this out I recycled a few cardboard boxes and I made this game of Thrones inspired iron throne it's very rough I just cut out some little knives and swords and up here did a bunch of them and that's just a box and some of the cats have been going in there rut was actually sleeping in there this morning on tick tock we call her queen runt and we have a little mini series so I thought this was fitting um in our latest episode you can check that out I'm just looking for at sushi and runt on the tick-tock app runt do you like it it looks like she likes it no obviously if they start pulling on here and pulling the staples out I'll just remove those and I'm gonna probably put a little cushion on here I just haven't found something that fit perfectly yet I did use a bunch of tape on the back and I did use some all-purpose non-toxic Elmer's glue on some of the cardboard but pretty much it's it's pretty durable this is like double layered I put tape on the bottom here this should probably last about a month it depends on how fast they start scratching on the swords I won't leave it hanging around when the cats start destroying stuff too fast I just you know move along and I plan on making more cardboard stuff this was just a fun little project and like I said if you want to make one yourself just do a little google search someone else has made one on Instructables took a little bit more time doing it um I use a pretty dull knife to cut these out and some scissors so uh have fun

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