Capuchin Monkey Enjoys 4th of July Watermelon LL (#224)

Hi everyone, Judy and Lillian Louise
here. See that beautiful watermelon over there?
We are fixing to cut it Happy fourth of July everyone. Okay, so I
cut the watermelon and it looks delicious, it smells delicious, And there she goes. Do you like that? she’s got a seed. Is that pretty good? yeah, yeah. oh, look at that. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Is that pretty good? Oh, is that juicy? Yeah, you like that, huh? Mmmm hmmmm, say that’s pretty good. Is that good? oh boy, she likes that. Yeah, uh huh. pretty good? Is that pretty good? Yeah? Uh oh. Yeah? Here, can you use this spoon? Do you want to cut a piece off? There we go.
There we go. Yeah. pretty good. Do you want another piece? Okay. There we go. mm-hmm. Yeah, Is that good? I don’t think Liliana will be too happy with fireworks so we will probably just
go visit Grammy or go do something. We wish you guys a happy 4th of July Do you want to say bye bye? I’m not gonna let you
kiss the camera today Messy mouth, yeah I’m gonna have a mess to clean up but
boy she loved it we would have done it outside but it’s so
hot we thought we would just let her enjoy some Watermelon in the house. yeah
don’t want my little girl getting too hot. We hope y’all have an awesome day and we will catch y’all next time. Bye bye. what is that? Is that good? (laughter)

17 thoughts on “Capuchin Monkey Enjoys 4th of July Watermelon LL (#224)

  1. Happy 4th of July Lillian and Judy. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I start my chemo and radiation in a pill form on Friday Lillian and Judy. She is so adorable and cute.

  2. Good afternoon ?n happy 4th of July to you n all your family n friends ✨?love you all?god bless you all always ?

  3. Hmmm! I love watermelon too, especially on a hot days. Lillian Louise what a big mouth you have! You gobbled the watermelon as if there's no tomorrow. Hehe.. Happy 4th of July Judy, Lillian and your family. ????????

  4. Love seeing Miss Lillian carrying her baby around with her!! LOL, then around 1:00 — ok, this watermelon is tooo good!! Baby you play here while I eat the watermelon!! Yummmm!! 😉 Does Miss Lillian try to feed you sometimes, like you guys do her? Thank you sooo much for sharing!! Looks like the 4th was great time had by all!! Oh yeah…Loved the music and set up for your videos too!!

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