38 thoughts on “Captain Barracuda's kitten superpower is cuteness – TinyKittens.com

  1. He is also the big boy among the babehs' 5 kitten band. I suspect he aspires to grow up to be a royal chonk like his Auntie Maddie/Widget, Belfie, Chapel & the many other TK ginger chonks ?

  2. Awww soo absolutely adorable and soo cute have a blessed day today in Jesus Christ our Lord GOD and savor JESUS CHRIST by

  3. Awww, what cutie pies. I've never had a kitten but have adopted 3 one year plus cats from the Humane Society. I'm sad that I missed the cuteness of the kitten stage but I love my babies. RIP Casper.

  4. OH…the Toe Beans..and the Pedicure…and the Yawns..and the Baffing…what a doll. Whoever he is leaning on ( I think it's Mom) is saying: "knock it off…I'm trying to nap here!".

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