CANE CORSO vs BULLY KUTTA! The Best Guard Dog Breed!

so you want to know the ultimate guard dog breeders or today's first round contest sees the Connie Corso taken on the bully cooter and they're both looking to eliminate each other and move on to the quarterfinals so that further ado let's get straight into round one of our five round fight whoever wins the most rounds progresses round number one the intimidation factor conic also males can grow 62 to 70 centimeters weighing 40 to 45 kilos with females 58 66 centimeters weighing 40 to 45 kilos as well the Connie Corso is a large dog and one that boasts a great deal of muscle tone which adds to their very powerful and athletic appearance they are quite imposing but at the same time they are well proportioned even though they have large heads typical of Mastiff type breeds their schools are broad but get flatter just behind the dog's forehead and towards the back of their heads making them brassia phallic there is quite deep forogt the front of a dog's head and their stop is very well defined when seen from the front the dogs school is slightly curved and wide whereas when seen from the side it appears to be an irregular curved muzzles are short and deep yet very powerful looking being just as wide as they are long with dogs having a very level bridge to their noses their upper lips hang down so they cover the lower jaw the Connie Corso has a strong slightly under shop powerful jaw the noses are black and large of dogs having open nostrils a conic horse's body is longer than these dogs are tall but they are compact and sturdy with dogs having well-developed chest so that reach to their elbows rivers are nicely pronounced and are higher than the crew their backs are very firm and very well muscled with dogs having short powerful loins and their group is wide long and sloping their bat legs are also very powerful dogs having strong and well-developed lower thighs they have cat-like feet with their back feet being let's compact than their front ones tails are set quite high in a thicker at the root which dogs carry high when it comes to their coat the Connie Corso has a short very dense and glossy coat with a slight undercoat they come in a variety of colors which includes black plum gray slate light grey light form deer fawn dark fawn and Toby dogs with fawn and tubby coats have gray or black mask should never go further up than a dog's eyeline dogs can have a small patch of white on their chests throats chin and on the tips of their feet as well as on the rise of their noses bully Kuta males can grow 81 to 89 centimeters with female 71 to 81 centimeters and both tend to be in the 70 to 90 kilo range this makes the bully cooter a massive dog and a true powerhouse of sickly boned and highly muscled they are truly very impressive they look solid and they are solid this dog has thick sturdy body with a well muscled neck and a solid blocky head there is a held high on their head in a small rounded at the top the muzzle is long and very powerful of a strong set of teeth that meet in scissor bite their lips are quite pendulous and they do drool a lot the bully cooter can often have a black muzzle but that not as always Rhett necessary their legs are long and lean and these massive creatures can stand up to 44 inches in height at the withers for a male dog females are slightly shorter coming in at 36 inches at the withers the tail is long and narrow and held quite high the bully or the Beast of the East which is the dogs normal nickname has a short dual-layered smooth coat that requires minimal brushing with a stiff bristle brush although a predominant color is usually white they do come in black form form white white and brown and black and white when it comes to intimidation both dogs are clearly intimidating I want to take this time to give a shout out to James who sent me a gray email explaining why he disagreed with this round in a previous contest it highlighted just how subject if this round is and made me think about it deeply creating and judging these contests is actually a very hard task and I do take it very seriously as my passion as a canine behaviorist and historian is to truly educate people about these breeds especially misunderstood ones but in a fun way that you will also enjoy so if you disagree please feel free to email me like James did especially why YouTube is still messing me around with these disabling comments I love the debates and growing my own knowledge from others opinions and that helps me hopefully educate others through these videos in the future but back to this round I have to go with the Connie Corso for intimidation even though they are the smaller of the two breeds especially a dark one that's cropped and docked very well maybe the most intimidating dog in the world in my subjective opinion round number two the bark and bite force the Connie Corso is reported to have an absolute insane bite force of 700 psi something I'd love to put to the test in a more scientific way but for now that's the information we have so let's check out the bar because you'd assume it's equally as fearful the bully cooter is a breed that doesn't seem to have a widely accepted bite force of some people claiming that it's them and not the Kangol that has the most powerful bite in the world yet equally as many people disagreeing I would go out on a limb and say it's right up there in the 500 plus psi mark but unfortunately until I start my series where I can actually put this to the test we have to go off a bit of a gas however the bark is something that we can definitely compare so let's take a look so we can't really take by force into account here as we have nothing confirmed for the bully cooter and that very well could have more or less or take that off the table and accept that they both have ferocious bites and will go with the bark that I think the bully clearly has a deeper scarier bark and therefore wins this round round number three trainability the Connie Corso is very intelligent and they're like nothing better than to please their owners as such in the right hands with the correct amount of socialization they are easy to train an easy tandel however these large smart dogs need to know their place in the pack and who to look for for direction and guidance to be truly well rounded obedient dogs as without this a dog would quickly take on a more dominant role making them a lot harder to live with it cannot be stressed enough the importance of early socialization with these dogs and their training has to start early and be consistent throughout their lives to prevent them from showing a more dominant side to their natures this could lead to a Connie Corso becoming unruly and therefore unmanageable to the point of being quite dangerous however in the right hands with the correct amount of training and exercise the Connie Corso grows up to be an obedient mature dog that's a pleasure to have around puppies must be taught the limits boundaries and ground rules right from the word go so they understand what is expected of them a Corso puppy is very cute they are also intelligent quick-witted and strong which means we're about the right sort of handling and direction they you quickly become unruly and willful which is something that you must avoid at all costs the bully cooter has a reputation of being an intelligent noble dog with a great personality they can make a delightful companion for a strong experienced owner it is important to stress the word experience if you are considering this breed of dog they can be a dangerous breed if not controlled raised socialize and train properly they need a dominant strong owner now this does not mean that you need to be an aggressive owner but a strong willed owner who they will respect of wise the bully can become dominating and very territorial they need to understand what you expect of them and the aggression will not be tolerated for a dog who's very size build and deep voice is intimidating enough they don't need to be developed that aggressive streak this dog can respond well to training if it is interested but can be willful and decide when they have had enough if it's boring the trainer therefore needs the experience to vary the exercises and limit the time on each set a section of the training with perseverance and a lot of patience the bully cooter can become a delightful companion that will guard you your family and the properly earnestly and they are devoted creatures but respect for their size and the breeds aggressive inclination puts the onus on you the owner to do your utmost to raise this dog properly do that right and you will have a dog that surpasses your highest wish although the bully cooter is a smart dog they can be trained well they simply don't compare to the Connie Corso who for me quite easily wins this round round number 4 health and life expectancy the average life expectancy vakani courses between 10 and 11 years and properly cared for and fed an appropriate good quality diet suit their ages like so many other breeds the Connie Corso is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which are worth knowing about if you're planning to share your home with one of these large and impressive dogs the conditions that seemed to affect the breed most include hip and elbow dysplasia cherry eye ectropion and entropion cardiomyopathy epilepsy wobblers syndrome thyroid issues demodectic mange allergies bloat and cruciate ligament issues because the Connie courser has such a short nose being a brassy phallic breed they are sensitive to heat so care must be taken during the hot weather they are also known to have a sensitivity to any sort of anesthetic and sedatives the average life expectancy of a bullet cooter is between eight and ten years and like all over breeds the bully cooter is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which are worth knowing about the conditions that seem to affect the breed the most include hip and elbow dysplasia ectropion entropion cardiomyopathy epilepsy bloating gastric torsion and crucial Manta ligament issues both dogs have fairly standard lists of common health issues for such large Mastiff type breeds but the longer life expectancy if the Connie Corso gives them their win in this round round number five fearless loyalty the Connie Corsa is an impressive-looking Mastiff type dog that's native to Italy where they were originally bred to God herd and hunt although they were also prized as companion dogs – they are still a very popular choice in their native Italy thanks to their impressive looks and kind loyal nature's but less popular here in the UK simply because the breed is less known in this part of the world the Connie Corso is known to be reliable trustworthy and loyal and they form strong bonds with their families because they couldn't become totally devoted to them they boast having a strong protective instinct although they are gentle and affectionate by nature – they tend to be a little aloof and wary when there are people around they do not know but would rarely show any sort of aggression towards a stranger preferring to simply keep their distance and just let their owners know they are around once they get to know someone they are generally fine around them while the debate rages as to whether the bully cooter originated in India or Pakistan it is a rare dog that has not spread far from its place of origin this dog is an aggressive mastiff dog of huge proportions just the size and build of the dog is intimidating let alone its deep threatening voice the nickname the Beast of the East does pretty well sum up this dog originally the bully was used to God flocks property and people and they did do their time as in the past there's a fighting dog in a gruesome sport of dog fighting now new legislation has made the sport illegal in India and the bully is building a better future and reputation as a companion dog very tough round to judge here both dogs are clearly fearless in the face of any situation they've found themselves in but although I passionately hate dogfighting the fact that the bully cooter has that and it's blood so deeply and so recently I do have to give them the edge here and fearlessness however the Connie Corsa wins this contest three rounds to two and advances to the quarterfinals of our tournament where take on the tosa inu click top left for the whole playlist for all the contests in this tournament or click the bottom left video for number one of my videos I think you will enjoy don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon so you don't miss the next contest in our tournament to determine the ultimate guard dog breed

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