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I mean I love dogs I love dogs and they're okay I'm just trying to invite dogs in the window okay um hi I'm Candace Cameron Bure and this is my pet tail I have a huge huge doggie named Boris and he is gonna be four very soon he weighs about 130 pounds I can't even walk him because he's so big he's a Rottweiler but he's just all muscle and I can't even I get to play with him in my house in my yard but I can't go out anywhere with him cuz if he sees a squirrel or someone he wants to say hi to mama can't stop him I call him he's my beast he does look like a small bear especially when he's next to me because his head is 3 times as big as mine but I love Rottweilers he's actually my fifth one that I've had over the years and I think Boris might be our last Rottweiler or our last big dog and so when we were choosing him we meaning my husband said I want the biggest Rottweiler you can find so Forrest met the criteria I mean there's just nothing like getting a new little puppy and literally looks like it just a little bubbly berry so and I mean he's just been part of our family from the first day and he's so wonderful with our kids and with us and he's a really good protector which was important to us also because sometimes there's little crazy people that show up at our house so Boris is there and we love him for it but he is just all cuddles with our family and he's just the best but he's so much slobber and her and it's kind of gross like sometimes I have to shower after I just hang out with it because it's like it's just big slobbery I don't know he's just a big love bug I just love cuddling him because that's what pets are for too and nobody's home they're just like your best friend and they give you love no matter what I got my first dog at 18 because my brother and my mom and one of my sisters they're allergic to just fur in general so we didn't have pets when I was young and I really wanted them and so ever since I was 18 I mean that was it but I'm sure being on full house and hanging around so many animals more than just dogs we had like a chimpanzee on the show and a donkey and a ferret and I don't know so much more so I'm sure all of that contributed to my love of animals forest makes my life better cuz he just loves me he loves me on my good days in my bad days and he doesn't care what I look like or even how I smell some days if I haven't showered in a while because I'm working two hour where's just loves and that's why he just he completes me [Applause]

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  1. Boris is such a handsome boy! I'm on my third Rottweiler and far from my last. My last will be the one I have at my death bed. I grew up with two of them and one was basically a bear because he was so big. And the other, she was the sweetest ever. My mom would lay me down on the ground and she'd immediately protect me like I was her baby. Heaven help anyone that wasn't my mom if they wanted to pick me up. Best companion I had growing up. Then when I turned 13, I got my Rottweiler that I have now. 80lbs of love who thinks she's about 20lbs. She's almost 7 now and she's the best gift I've ever gotten in my life.

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