CAN YOU GROOM MY DOG? (Walking My Skink Around Town)

I’ve gotta get my really dirty shoes on… Fashion. Grab her leash.. Y’ready to go for a walk?? I think you’re ready to go! Let’s go for a walk First I gotta get your leash on, hold on y’need your– hey, ‘scuse me, put your leash on Put it on Oh, come on! Oh That’s.. no Okay! We’ll go for a walk without the leash, let’s go c’mon Let’s go c’mon dog c’mon let’s go No, you’re going the wrong way That’s not where to go for a walk.. c’mon We’re goin for a walk Goin for a walk… Let’s go! Leeet’s go! ..k maybe not.. You do so much c’mere No, c’mere Oh, NOW you move, now that I wanna pick you up you start movin? ♪ Walkiiing with my dog ♪ with my dog… ♪I’m walkin, with my DAWG I’m walkin with my dog♪ ♪ I’m so lonely.. i’m walking with a lizard….♪ Here see this stick? Go fetch! …–this stick? Go get it! …okay Let’s go for a drive instead Where you wanna go? Hi! d’ya wanna pet my dog? A blue tongued skink SKINK what she eat? She eats.. fruits, veggies, and dog food Really? Yep! *laughter* Interesting… Not impressive Should ask if they can groom her I’m gonna do it Can you groom my dog?? Can you groom ‘er? *nervous chuckle* Uhhh lmao GROOM her??? Yeah! Uh, I don’t think she’d get groomed very much Want to get– I want to get the full bath serv– full service bath I want the mini makeover! wut? What do you want? I want her to have the mini “make-rover” such pun Can I have her groomed?? ‘Cost ya extra Okay! She’s a lil too furry, I wanna [take care of that]… *cackling* I came here, for food for MooShoo Cause I’ve been out of food for MooShoo for days n’ this is the only place I know where I can get earth worms other than like… a.. fishing place and they don’t have any (◞‸◟;) they just want my animal.. to starve I literally came for that, but since they’re out we’ll just go ahead and get her sum.. wet dog food n’ some crickets for my other animals and then we’ll be good to go! Bhindi.. you’re screwin up ma neck Bhindi I don’t appreciate it Bhindi Okay Soo… Every time I come here I have to get something for my dog *SHARP INHALE* ♪vaporwave ♪ No, it’s a dog Okay, lets see What do you want? “Kiss me, I’m Irish”… What are with these names..?? “Sweetheart stew” Y-you– you should get that Chicken, chicken.. chicken… I’ma get you this Maybe I should get smaller ..portions Not this giant one These are fish! Now we just wait for a basket to magically appear… Thank you so machh! Say hi No? Okay See how much you weigh Stay! noo! You’re fat! wanna treat? you have it No, okay So I just got told at pet–shmo, uhm, that I can’t film in there agHH Because.. like, if I film something, and– *pained inhale* OH my GOD it feels like tiny needles are goING INTO MY CHEST If I film something, and I put it online, that PETA will come after them I don’t think that’s true.. I don’t think PETA is gonna come after Pet–shmo cause I walked my skink around in there So I’m gonna post it ‘scuse me lil lizard Okay, it’s time to feed the dog We’re gonna feed ‘er “Sweetheart Stew” oh maybe not it’s kinda big I gotta chop it up that’s too big for her.. Okay! Here ya go lil doggy! Eat your food You really gonna reject the meal I just gave you?? Eat the food (;﹏;) eat it please (slurred) eat the food eat it eat it PLEASE eat the food yAAAAY EW It’s all over my hands, that’s disgusting Do you want any more? Do you want anymore of this disgusting food? It looks REALLY gross EW It’s on my floor (;﹏;) This is SO disgusting I should’ve done this in a better way hello Little puppy yeeeaaaaahh I need to get you a collar… What a good puppy I need to stop talking like I’m a frickin idiot What a good dog! im so alone Dog is eating food, yeah! Eat that food puppy! Eat that food puppy! oh you’re done What a good armadillo (snort) Kovu! Kovu, do you ever stop running on that wheel? Ever? oh, okay I guess you’re done with life.. alright WELL, now to clean up the mess I made Okay, that’s all Thanks, fer.. watching my dog I hope you enjoyed watching my dog be a good puppy im.. so alone *aUUgeh* is that a goat?? *laughter* Hayy, they have em! But I can’t get the super expensive kinds I have to get the–the lesser Cause some of the morphs are like, a thousand dollars I want this one Hi! He’s like, staring at me… I love him! He’s DONE rip He’s grumpy today! He is done Hi! pretty mouth I want one spirit_animal.jpeg Welcome to my booth Ooh! This one’s a [neat] color! ‘kay, wait, ya gotta wait cause I have to.. smuggle this thing in It’s not that obvious.. I just hold- I HOLD my backpacks you’re holding it, like, in front of you.. Well, I don’t want her to fall over on her side! (unintelligible) DON’T TOUCH THE BAG Shhh you’re gonna draw attention to yourself.. Naw, that wasn’t my intention Take her out so she can get a picture in front of rain forest cafe! okay No, cause what if she falls in the water?? Okay.. I’m thinking about my animal here, I’m not doin it What do you think a lizard would like? Why can’t I find anywhere if blue tongued skinks can eat rainforest cafe food?? If you liked watching my dog be a good dog Make sure to subscribe! and like my video because that helps me pay for my good dogs food Which she clearly enjoys so much.. She’s a good dog

100 thoughts on “CAN YOU GROOM MY DOG? (Walking My Skink Around Town)

  1. Lol all the comments replies from 2 yrs ago are about how people said grammar wrong.

    Oh so I see some people still do. Just a word of advice. Get used to it.

  2. By the way in no way am i an expert but i do love reptiles and own a few if your lizard lad isnt eating his chum you should buy live food like maggots meal worms or anything alive that it can eat i once tried feeding my snake a dead rat and it was left untouched for an hour when i try to pick it up from out of her enclosure she lunges at it like a harpoon i figure that since its not moving they dont think its pray and leave it alone because its unsure of its self anways bye ily ur vids

  3. What a cute dog! I wonder what breed your doggy is… Looks a bit like a dachshund to be honest!

  4. I guess you could say that’s a…
    COOL dog!

    heheheheheheheh heheheheheheheh heheheheheheheh heheheheheheheh heheheheheheheh

  5. That a cute dog what
    Kind of dog breed is she
    How old is ur dog
    And I only watch one video
    And now am subbing
    I only saw the first half of it
    Now I'm going to ben watch all ur videos
    I love ur dogo
    I want to pet her

  6. Really want one I did all my research but my dad gates animals and I'm only allowed to have 1 pet and I have a hamster

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