Can Vaccines Give Your Pets Autism?

the anti-vaccination movement has actually found a new target phyto in this case because some pet owners are reportedly refusing to vaccinate their pets against deadly infections with concerns that our dog or cat might get autism from the life-saving shots yeah when I read this I actually thought okay this isn't really happening but Arvid you explained that you indeed have I'll call them parents of your patients who are saying okay we don't have axon ate our dog because of these concerns if you look at the core vaccines on the human side the measles vaccine got the bad rep for being the one to cause autism in humans which has been debunked it does not cause autism on the canine side there's a virus called distemper which shares the same viral family as the measles in humans so if people are thinking that that measles vaccine is going to give the humans autism those same clients are thinking that the Distiller vaccine is going to give their dog or cat autism and read my lips dogs or cats cannot get autism from vaccines autism does not in fix exist in pets has never been diagnosed and i'ma go out on a limb and say it never will vaccinations is the best medical discovery probably in history it's saved millions of lives second the clean water is probably the best safeguard for Public Health and yet it's kept the emergence of deadly diseases that was a problem back in the 1940s from raising their ugly head today and a lot of us are here because of vaccines so all these anti-vaxxers out there stop it with the madness please [Applause] double prong which is again continues to spread the misinformation that vaccines cause autism we've had so many robust studies debunking that but I have to acknowledge I did not know it seemed with autism and pets I didn't know if there was a formal similar diagnosis in dogs or cats so there are so many illnesses that you are vaccinating your pets against which would really protect not only the health of the pet and keep them healthy but protect you and your family like we wouldn't bring our puppy home around our kids until they had had all their vaccinations well like rabies vaccine that's the big one yep in under vaccinated countries like Asia and Africa rabies kills 55,000 people a year that's one person dying from rabies every nine and a half minutes in the USA there's 323 million people here only one two three people die from rabies a year and that's because of X if we stopped vaccinating our pets I think that's fascinating because we don't think of rabies in this country as anything other than okay we need to vaccinate our pets against it because it does not exist realistically and yet rabies I wouldn't I wouldn't wish rabies on my worst enemy and I also wouldn't want to see a resurgence because we are seeing that now as people don't vaccinate their children and now you're seeing measles and mumps and rubella and all these diseases that we thought we had stamped out coming back and we don't want to research why we have you a nutshell what what vaccinations should your pet beginning you mentioned rabies distemper rabies distemper parvo the parvo is usually a combination with the distemper leptospirosis a lot of people decline the leptospirosis vaccine which is transmitted in urine from wildlife you know raccoons rats etc but it can cause liver failure and kidney failure in dogs and cats and it's transmittable to humans as well it can cause some of the similar symptoms and can be fatal so that's part of the core rabies feline distemper and sometimes leukemia are the core vaccines for your cats that you need to get definitely rabies definitely a feline to snipper because they're both fatal and if your dog or cat ever gets rabies it's a hundred percent fatal there's no treatment for it so stay on the vaccines you

12 thoughts on “Can Vaccines Give Your Pets Autism?

  1. These people are probably so embarrassed that they ACTUALLY have to get on TV and explain this to all of these complete fucking retards in America. Let me make this clear: If you are dumb enough to believe that your pet can become autistic from a vaccine, then YOU ARE AUTISTIC.

  2. Good lord people ? just stop
    Thats all we need is more people
    Not vaccinating pets , yes over vaccinating is bad !!
    But you can have something called a titers check. Basically checks the levels of the vaccines , to determine if your pet is still protected.

  3. If vaccines do not give humans autism then why in the hell would it give a pet autism? Autism is a ONLY A HUMAN GENETIC DISEASE THAT YOU ARE BORN WITH!!! I don't understand why people still believe autism is linked to vaccines. All you have to do is read one freaken biology book and know you are wrong. Second of all if you don't vaccines your pets, like for parvo then your dog probably will get it and die from it. This is just ridiculous that people are so stupid.

  4. Wow. I have long equated my cat's behavior with a human being on the autism spectrum, but I blame what I suspect was FPV or similar as a kitten. But it is just suspicion, and I would never deny him a vaccination based on such BS as this notion!

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