Can Peanut Butter Hurt Dogs?

I hear that some type that peanut butter
can kill dogs is that true okay this is news so pet owners listen up is important yes there are new kinds of peanut butter
that are coming onto the market that look a lot like every other kind a
peanut butter but they are sweetened with Xyloto all if you wanna was I’ll it all doesn’t
help bad it is you can check out the commission we did about up poisons for pets that are in people
foods anyway here the short story silent I was very
very toxic to pets it does not take a lot to have a very
serious and fatal consequences there are two kinds and I know about
right now once called nuts and more and the other one is called crush nutrition there’s
probably going to be more coming onto the market these things are not clearly labeled as
keep away from dogs so if you’re picking up your peanut
butter take a look make sure you do not have the Xylotol in the ingredients because it can be a
fatal mistake. What else you got? if you could be any tree in the forest
which one would you be I would be a dogwood

11 thoughts on “Can Peanut Butter Hurt Dogs?

  1. i only buy peter pan and would never go sugar free. I prefer that as I do not trust other fake sweeteners. I always check ingredients for my dogs safety first

  2. Does normal Peanut Butter, From what I think is normal. Is it bad for cats? Because My cats been licking my leg in which had peanut butter on it for awhile, And I put some on and scraped the large amounts off for him so I hope its not harmful..

  3. Hey I want to feed my dog some peanut butter but I don't know which ones that do not have xylitol. The peanut butter we are currently using is JIF CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER. I checked websites and it didn't said anything about having xylitol in the peanut butter. Please help me make sure this is good for my puppy! 🙂

  4. I have used Peanut butter for my dog a long time but o really don't know which ones have xilitol I think that's how it's called my dog likes it but I don't know if it bad for him

  5. Ok so… is it true Wheat is actually unhealthy for dogs. And it helps with their poop. and in the wild they cannot get wheat

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