Can I Live Animal Rights Music Festival (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

we are here at the Knitting Factory in
Brooklyn at the first ever New York City Animal Rights Music Festival
we’re here with Rachel Lin she is one of our performers Rachel how long have you
been vegan it will be seven years so you have a very beautiful track that is
about you no animals in the slaughterhouse when did you write that I
wrote that a couple of years ago actually and it was a really cool way to
sort of make art my activism we put out a lyric video for it that was created by
all vegan artists so it really became like a community project sort of it’s
got a lot of visual art in it so it’s a lot of visual artists and we approach
different outlets on different vegan outlets and publications to sort of get
the word out about it and there was a really positive response and it sort of
just validates this whole artists activism so is is that track on the CD
that tracks actually not on this CD it’s a single all by itself
all the proceeds from the sale are being donated on an ongoing basis to Mercy for
Animals so it’s sort of its own little entity and I have got download cards
with me today for a dollar so people can just sort of be donating on an ongoing
basis well it’s a beautiful song guys
definitely go check out Rachel Rachel Lin on YouTube
it’s a beautiful video beautiful song and we’re going to hear her performant
to night and thanks so much for joining us this is a really pretty elephants and
rhinos who are being poached at great grades and this one that global March
for elephants and rhinos contest which allowed me and a friend to go to Africa
for two weeks and see them in their natural habitat and I never want to go
in a zoo again because once you see where I’m free you just you just it’s
never the same right so this is called where will the Giants this fear is see I’m here with music and he is gonna be
our deejay for this evening music thank you so much for joining us how long have
you been vegan I’ve been vegan since last November so November 2017 and how
long have you been an activist around the same time I got into it Manhattan
there was like this huge thing for they were holding like an art exhibit and
there was a bunch of mice underneath like this floor board and so that was
like my first real demonstration but brazeau and a couple other buddies
walked in and I was like oh because they thought I was working with the guy I was
like trying to tend to the mice it was kind of like a secret agent but yeah I
just like wanted to make sure they were all right so they arm they added me took
a bunch of Facebook and like being events and stuff and then I just started
from there started coming out to like more demonstrations reaching out to
people and I got in touch with hey it’s all them it’s that’s how I got like
introduced to all this cool so the type of music that you do I love it I think
it’s it’s really cool and you call it wildlife music and every track kind of
correlates to an animal in the wild when did you start creating this good
question I actually started a while back I was actually in college making music I
went to a college it didn’t really work out for me but the music kind of
remained and so like I’d be posting on and off line like just different tracks
and eventually I realized like I could put it to a different use and ID once I
had become vegan I started putting it towards towards animals so all my tracks
were renamed from the past they were kind of remixed remastered and then I
just brought them on to my new song called channel cool and on a scale of
one to ten how excited are you for this event probably a thousand that I’m also
a thousand nervous it’s my first performance but you’re gonna be great
thank you so much for joining us people that should not be is not active
tonight all the money goes in center lane are the money goes are these red
applauses this is what we raised money for folks all this taxpayer all this red
shit you don’t need you know raise money for the record mrs. anyway I’m gonna
shut up listen sweetheart I’m here with Steve grant Steve you are
from Florida yes and how long did it take you to get here to that I would say
about two-and-a-half hours or so and then add another hour so I guess I guess
three hours by plane yes plane then car and then a bunch of
other madness of vehicles yes but so you you’re you’d pretty much do anything for
the animals yes definitely yes and how long have you been vegan you gonna say
about going on six years now yeah how long have you been an activist activist
probably about eight years yeah even outside of veganism as well so I’m
on like all topics across the board full spectrum of what needs to be done so
yeah and you do a lot with anonymous for the voiceless and the cubes how long
have you been doing the the cube works pretty much when it started I mean once
we saw the you know the the expansion of the anonymous for the voiceless blow-up
since the South Florida chapter started popping up I’d say almost two years
maybe roughly a year and a half I think yeah about that yeah and you’re gonna
perform one of your tracks tonight that also has a music video on YouTube
and it’s you know there’s a lot of like animal footage and how is the feedback
for that video been feedback from that video has actually been surprisingly
pretty tremendous because a lot of people that normally follow me for other
reasons that has nothing to do with veganism or even understanding how the
animal agriculture or the industry of how the treatment of animals are in the
first place they finally got to see that and they were struck so hard and they
never really realized that because they’ve researched and they’ve been
exposing many many other issues of what we deal is just the people in general in
the system and for them to see me connect on that level that was like a
big whoa kick back and it was able to actually connect with a lot of people
and kind of like shift them in the right way to when they start making it you
know more health conscious decisions and also make the compassionate connection
with these animals because like I said before like they don’t unless you’re
able to see it that’s why I made the video like that and that’s what also why
I made the video like about 7 minutes long I didn’t want to be a regular song
two or three minutes I wanted to actually draw this out so I wanted them
to really realize that this is a very long
you know brutal drawn-out situation for these creatures and you know seven
minutes is nothing compared to what they really get to go through yeah see thank
you so much for joining us we’re so excited to see you perform and thank you
again for coming up and being a part of this that’s really and I appreciate
everything you’ve done and as well as fili I’m sure I’ll see him in a few
whatever he’s at and you know really really amazing that you guys were able
to create this event and bring someone like me shooting all the way over from
South Florida you know just to do this for this bigger cause that’s beyond all
of us so thank you very much thank you y’all are gorgeous Dan what was that
about okay you got some pipes to fuck with
that means the dumb question of the night who’s being this man we’re staying yo shadow brother
right here in Connecticut voiceless and every man is in the streets let’s doing
the work that needs to be done I’m here with super composure super
composure on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for this event 10
absolutely super excited and you’re all you’re all set up and you’re ready to go
what are we gonna be hearing from you tonight
soundcheck everything’s ready to go we’ll be hearing a set of original music
with a strong animal rights message and how long have you been vegan when we get
2000 so you’ve been vegan you’ve been doing it for a while and how long have
you been an activist I’ve been active activist as a recent you know there’s
been a surge of activism and it’s been really credible and I’ve been active for
at least a couple years now okay awesome well you’re also you’re the guy who
shows up at the cubes with like the suit and everything and you look really you
look really professional and put together so we appreciate you here we
appreciate your activism and thank you so much for joining us
absolutely you know spread the message you know fight foot animals you know
this obligation what would you say if you were talking
to somebody about not eating animals anymore maybe switching up to a plan I’m here with Neil Kohn is another one
of our performers Neil thank you so much for joining us thank you so much for
having me so we’ve interviewed you before but I’m
gonna ask you this question again how long have you been vegan I guess it’s
about 18 years now so I’ll give it 18 more years and see
how I feel just decide whether I want to stick with it or not and how long have
you been using your music as your like vegan the activism probably at least
that long or longer I’ve back in nineteen you know somewhere
around there I thought it would be cool we we used to do a lot of DIY stuff and
make flyers and pass them out you know anti meat anti this and I did a
lot of PETA stuff back then because there weren’t as many groups and now
there’s just an amazing amount of groups an amazing amount of activism coming
from all different angles and everyone’s putting their own spin on you know the
same concept is that you know animals are not ours and we’re here to protect
them but we used to do it with flyers and we used to put stickers on
you know meat in the supermarket and flyers and go to McDonald’s and you know
fuck shit up at McDonald’s and you know take it to the streets pretty much some
real punk some real punk shit very punk aesthetic yeah that’s that’s how it was
done back then and now you know kind of doing the same thing but now we have a
lot of social media stuff and different ways of doing it and different ways of
connecting with people that are doing the same thing and it’s cool because
especially this is we’re all coming together for the common good all
different kinds of music every every every way that we think about activism
is all kind of converging so I’m happy about it and glad to be here so what are
we gonna hear from you tonight we’re gonna hear some acoustic versions of
some worship angel songs so normally I play with a full band and everything
but tonight it’s just gonna be a stripped-down set I’m gonna do a few a
few songs and I have them written down and I’ll look at it later but I figured
it out today I go with what mood I’m in so I wrote down some songs and yeah
there there are songs that are gonna be on the record which is a full length war
show angels record and one of them is also on home on the range which is a
farm animal sanctuary benefit with Yoko Ono and Joan Jett and Moby and
pretenders which is what I think we talked about last time yes yes the last
time we interviewed you well Neil thank you so much for joining us and for being
here and for everything that you’ve done to help us out we really appreciate it
oh absolutely I’m glad I could help out and we’ll see you inside sounds great
thank you so much thank you the judges see the protests you know saying and
this some of you in the house tonight my dad I can’t even say your names because
people are not supposed to know about you know this and I’m serious people in
high schools know about you because in our movement there’s things that have to
be done for the animals where we risk our freedom where we risk a livelihood
where we risk our reputation and there’s some of you want a house tonight
which will remain nameless that do that that do that yeah if you are on the battlefield already
maybe I’ll see you next time you know I mean because you can’t stop just just
can’t stop that veganism can’t just stop the eating animals they were seeing
we gotta you gotta take it a step further because let’s say you convert
one vegan away which is amazing amazing to compare one a week in a week but you
know what if you comfort one thing you know with that only means that you
converted 50-plus vegans in one year you know what that means
does anybody know what that means no that means that you will never see a
vegan world in your lifetime because there’s 7 billion people on this planet
so it’s not just enough to be able to convert 1 recompete you’ve got to do whatever you can you
got to get to the next step you guys you’re not saying break most take it
further take it further you know saying and that’s it and that’s it love you see you next shit thank you guys so much
for coming to keep the party going if you guys are interested yes cute what no
I’m done I’m drinking now you’re crazy come on

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