Can I give everyone fail? [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2019.11.27]

This looks like the U.S. (She looks disheveled in this U.S. home) (Bloated) (The sound of guests in the morning) (Peekaboo) (Peekaboo 2) (Who are these friends?) My good friend has dogs. Woody and Tori. They’re Welsh corgis. (Woody, age 5, female) (I like being held) Woody, look at your brother’s butt. (A nice backside) (Tori, age 3, male) (He has odd eyes that are different colors) They come visit me often. I like to play with them. My friend runs a macaron shop, and it gets busy. So I watch her dogs for her and let them stay at my place. Let’s take a look at dog newbie Yubi and her day with dogs. (I’m watching again) (Things are already noisy?) (Woody is confused) (Flapping) (Is Yubi trying to train at home?) (This isn’t dancing) (It’s exercise) She’s very active. I’m a lot younger than Kyungkyu, so I have more stamina, passion, youth, and spirit. That’s what I bring to the table. (Are you watching, Kyungkyu?) (30 minutes into her workout) (Did you forget about us?) (Woody seems bored) (Tori also seems bored) (Lies down) (This is so boring) (Okay, I get it) This won’t do. (Will you finally play with us?) You two need to exercise too. You two need to exercise too. Come on. (Hooray, a ball) (Woody loves the ball) (Dancing) (Dancing queen) I exercised as I played with the dogs. We’re dieting together. Those little guys got really fat. They need more exercise. (Are you ready, soldiers?) (Throw the ball already) (Scurrying) (Hooray) You don’t play fetch with two dogs. (Woody and Tori get really competitive) (Tori is the winner) (Disappointed Woody) (Dancing queen Yubi) (Tori goes nuts) (Going wild) (Good, keep playing) (Let’s get another ball and play some more) (She’s trying to play with Woody and Tori) (Who will get this ball?) Dogs love to play fetch when you throw a ball. It’s good exercise too. You don’t play fetch with two dogs. (It’s mine! No, it’s mine!) (The problem is that it encourages competition) (About to blow) (Playing fetch is the best for dogs) (She finishes her workout) (Yubi is exhausted now…) (Aren’t you going to play with us?) (Things seem tense) (But he seems used to it) (Tori leaves his mark and disappears) Hey! Someone peed. Gosh. (Yubi’s soul leaves her body) Of course they’d pee there. Of course. Is this your pee? Move it. (Gross) Hey! Come on! Why pee here? Your potty pad is right there! You’re driving me nuts! (Dog newbie Yubi cleans up the pee) (She tries using a lot of wet tissues) (Adding more and more wet tissues) (Now she tries dabbing) (Still gross) (Yubi is a very cleanly person) (Spray) (Cleaning is easy!) (Nicely done, Yubi) (Woody, it was you, wasn’t it?) (It wasn’t me) (Tori gets away with it) I have to find out who did this. Tori, I bet it was you. (Deep sigh) She’s out. She’s out! Here’s my opinion on Lee Yubi. In my opinion, she doesn’t know anything. She’s a blank slate. She knows nothing. But… (Hyungwook, are you crying?) It really breaks my heart to watch this. (He senses his fate) I can be kind to them at first. I can definitely be friendly. But I could end up cutting them too. Seriously. Am I allowed to cut them for real? Yes, of course. (Yes, you’re allowed to cut them) If you keep that in mind, I’ll meet up with them. I’ll get a better idea of what they’re like and what they want.

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