Can having a pet help you lose weight/improve your health/ pets add life/ pets keep you healthy

hi guys welcome back to my channel and today actually have a special guest with me today it's Sadie and she's my dog and she's actually a Belgian Shepherd but the reason I have say you with me today is to actually give you a few tips and recommendations on why you should have a pet pets can actually help to keep you in shape and just help you give you an overall help because they can increase your mental health and increase your physical health and help you just stay healthy and actually help you to drop a few pounds or maintain your current weight as well so I'm actually gonna give you a few tips as to how that's possible and so stay tuned and mean Sadie will help you to realize that you need a pit so one of the first ways that having a pet can help you to actually lose weight is obviously by playing with them so Sadie loves for me to chase her with her ball so that's one game that I love to play with her and while doing this I get tons of exercise I play with Sadie for like thirty minutes a day and it helps me to burn almost 300 calories running around the backyard and chasing her and it makes me feel good and it's exercise but it doesn't feel like exercise it just feels like fun another way your pet can help you to lose weight and keep those extra calories off is when whenever you are sneaking into the kitchen getting a little something that you know you shouldn't have they're always there to remind you you shouldn't be eating that and they'll take those extra calories off your hands lady is a very good accountability partner when it comes to me cheating on my diet she's very persistent and reminding me that that I shouldn't be eating junk food and she's always there to help me out when I feel a little weak and lastly having a pet can actually help you to reduce stress there are actually studies that show that interactions with animals can decrease stress in humans so playing with or petting your dog or cat can actually reduce the production of a hormone called cortisol which is actually also responsible for storage of belly fat so would it be safe to say that you can get a flat stomach from just petting your pet so if you don't have a pet and you really want to improve your overall health maintain your weight and stay healthy I would highly highly encourage you to adopt a pet and if you want more information be sure and check the description box below and as always thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time

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