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[MUSIC] [SOUND] Hi, my name’s Tabatha Bundesen, and I am the owner of Grumpy Cat. Me and my daughter Crystal share her. We’re from Arizona. And this is my brother, Bryan. I’m Bryan Bundesen. I took the original photo of Grumpy Cat that went viral on the Internet. She was laying in my lap, and I took a picture of her. And she looked cute in my lap, but in the picture, she looked like way grumpy. So, I posted it on Reddit because we, you know, we though it was so grumpy that we had to share it. She’s a normal cat, she’s really sweet. She sleeps like 18 hours a day and plays from about 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. when everyone else in the house is trying to sleep. I hate to break off your cat’s reputation, but have you ever actually seen her smile? No. Never. Grumpy Cat doesn’t smile. Would you be willing to let people try and make her smile? You can try all you want. Grumpy, Grumpy, do you wanna see Grumpy Toad? Are you grumpier than Grumpy Toad? Do you remember this guy? He loves you. Wants to bring you home. Does Grumpy want a tiara, diamonds? Grumpy, congratulations. You’ve just been named Best Cat-tress. Look who it is Grumpy. Look who has a new album out this week. Do you like it? No? Not as good as future size love sounds? Here you go Grumpy. Last chance. Channing Tatum? People’s Sexiest Man Alive? Grumpy jumped from photo to video because everybody online said her face was photoshopped. So, we posted the first ten second video on YouTube because we wanted to prove that she really looked that grumpy. In the first 48 hours I had over a million and a half views, and then, now, we’ve made the jump to TV. And we’re here with Friskies for the Will Kitty Play With It? online webisode series. And you can view that online at

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