Can Gory Police Dog Arrests Survive The Age Of Video? | NPR

KASTE: Raw video like this is changing public perception
of police dogs. Here, police in St. Paul, Minn. use a K-9
unit, a dog and a handler, to apprehend Frank Baker. Baker is an African-American man who was identified
mistakenly as a criminal suspect. [ BAKER screaming ] OFFICER: Don’t f****** move. BAKER: Well what I was hearing was, “Get out the
car, with your hands up and walk toward us.” So I walked toward them. And I took like about seven or eight steps,
and they said, “Turn around,” and as soon as I turned around he let the dog out on me. And the dog just started just biting me and
just tearing me up. OFFICER: Good boy. Get on the ground. BAKER: That dog, he made me a cripple,
deformed all my life. I can’t dance no more. I can’t play sports no more. I can’t run. My whole life I always played football and
ran track and did things, I can’t do that no more. I can’t do it. I loved dogs all my life. Now I fear dogs. OFFICER: Cuff that hand. Good boy. Good boy. KASTE: Baker got an apology from the police chief
and a settlement. And police K-9 handlers would say that the
severity of injuries here make this case an outlier. For decades now, police have considered dogs
to be a valuable tool for subduing potentially dangerous suspects. Bites are seen as a form of pain compliance
that quickly convinces a combative person to hold still for arrest. It does mean injuries, sometimes serious ones,
but police say that’s preferable to risking the safety of officers and civilians. Officer Dan Lesser of the Spokane Police Department says he weighs several factors before he lets his dog loose on anyone. LESSER: What is the risk of allowing this guy to
escape armed with a gun? What kind of damage, what kind of mayhem is
he gonna cause if we allow him to escape and go carjack a car or go kill somebody else? Those are the factors that I’m constantly
running through my head. You know, severity of crime, poses an immediate
danger to themselves or others, you know, he’s actively resisting, evading
arrest. KASTE: K-9 units can also be good public relations. They’re the familiar, likable face of law enforcement. Though the dogs also have some
very negative associations. Especially the lingering memories of their use
during the civil rights era. A series of lawsuits in the 1990s
led to tighter rules, and reformers say things generally got better. But in the last decade or so, the number of
police dog bites has been growing again. That’s according to emergency room
estimates by the CDC. And with the advent of police body cameras,
we’re now getting a close-up view of what K-9 apprehensions actually look like. Here, San Diego police are responding to a report of a man walking through traffic brandishing a machete. Though at this moment, his hands are empty. When he ignores verbal commands from the police, they quickly use a K-9 to try to get him to comply. OFFICER: …you’re going to get bitten by the dog. Get on the ground I said. Roll on to your stomach and stop fighting. Roll on to your stomach. Give me your hands. KASTE: We showed this scene
to a use-of-force expert, former cop and now assistant professor of law, Seth Stoughton. He says a dog can actually make it harder
for someone to obey an officer’s commands. STOUGHTON: It’s very likely that
when you get bitten by a dog, you just look at that dog as the source of pain and you do everything you can to address that pain, and you’ll deal with that other stuff,
those shouted commands– you’ll deal with that later when the pain stops. OFFICER: Hey, stop fighting
so we can get the dog off of you. Give us your hands. STOUGHTON: It’s going to be exponentially
more difficult for someone who is experiencing some form of mental health or substance crisis. OFFICER: Stop. Stop resisting. SUSPECT: OK, I’m not resisting. OFFICER: OK, let me have your hands.
Let me have your hands. Hey stop kicking. KASTE: Since Ferguson, American police have been
under pressure to de-escalate encounters like this, to find ways to slow things down and use less force. But videos show dogs having the opposite effect
— escalating things — especially when the suspect may be mentally impaired. Here’s our last and most extreme example:
San Diego police again, responding to a report of a naked man. He’s incoherent and pretty obviously unarmed. His mistake is telling the police “No.” OFFICER: Turn around Josiah. Turn around. SUSPECT: No. No. OFFICER: Get your hands on your back.
Hands on your back. Stop resisting. Stop resisting. STOUGHTON: Yeah, so when someone is naked,
that’s what we call a clue. It’s a pretty good indication that they’re
either experiencing some mental health issues or some substance abuse issues. KASTE: The biting lasted for 52 seconds, causing
extensive injuries. Generally, police are not supposed to use force
like this unless they have reason to believe a person poses a threat of serious injury
to someone else; in this case, they cited the threat posed by the man’s clenched fists, plus the fact that there were stones on the ground, which he might have picked up. STOUGHTON: So it’s not that dogs
are always excessive, it’s not that dogs have no role. They can bring a lot to the table
in the right situations. But we have to start from the baseline that
a dog bite is a very serious use of force. KASTE: There are no detailed national statistics
on police dog bites — we don’t have a reliable count
of how often the dogs bite people — much less how long the bites tend to last. So the public is left with these videos. Some handlers have resisted wearing body cameras
because they believe gory images of longer bites will be used out of context and misunderstood. The videos also make it easier to sue and
win settlements — which is what happened here. But Seth Stoughton says resisting the cameras
is the wrong response. STOUGHTON: So I’m a little bit skeptical
of the argument that we should be worried about video because it will require us to justify
things to the public. I think the right response there is: “Yes,
we should be justifying things to the public, and if there’s things that we cannot justify
to the public, then maybe that’s a clue that we shouldn’t be using them.”

100 thoughts on “Can Gory Police Dog Arrests Survive The Age Of Video? | NPR

  1. Fuck that, 99% of people who get mauled have it coming. And 100% of it is not the dog's fault. The first dude wouldn't have been bit if he didn't run. It really is that simple.

  2. I'd bet my life that many would be willing to even losing a limb in order to get a payout from lawsuit. A black MoMA be crying, screaming over her baby boy died by police. Give her a few millions….those are some happy fckin parents man.

  3. i wanna fucking punch all these dogs man. if one of these ever gets pulled on me you better bet it's losing an eye or ear.

  4. christ o mighty is there not one fucking thing that these far left loons do not want to tax, regulate or ban? and is there one category of people they don't try to make a victim out of, especially this insane movement to see criminals, any criminals as victims like that homeless crackhead in seattle who was arrested like 72 times, yeah thats right and then on number 73 he threw hot coffee or some shit in some toddlers face and scalded him, just some random kid for no reason, when they used to brand the left as soft on crime i never fully understood what that meant now believe me i finally get it, fuck.

  5. I thought officers are only supposed hit the arms and legs with the baton but ole girl trynna beat dudes brains out at 4:16 lmao

  6. there is no excuse for using a dog on a naked guy….PERIOD……DOGS SHOULDENT EVEN HAVE A ROLE IN POLICE DUTY……(neither should alot of cops as well….)

  7. If you think the use of a police dog is an excessive use of force I implore you to go watch some of the thousands of hours of police body cam footage here on YouTube. Many of these video include the use of dogs, and I can tell you from my own viewing statements like "the use of a dog makes it harder to apprehend a suspect" become incredibly suspect themselves once you see how effective these police dogs are.

    IMO: If you don't want to be assaulted by the police, and possibly injured DO AS THEY SAY. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Very few people have been seriously injured by the dogs in comparison to how many people have actually had them used on them.

  8. This happens to me and im definitely taking revenge on everyone involved. If the settlement is big enough and the cop and dog are retired and banned from ever serving as a cop ever again okay if not definitely gonna take violent and lethal revenge on everyone involve

  9. At least npr kept a medium there. I think these were mostly bad handling. Knowing when and when not to release your k-9. I've seen a hundred other body cams of fleeing criminals that they never would have caught without a K-9.

  10. No need to used a Dog to attac a naked mentally ill person when there is a total of 5 police man and woman that can put him on the ground and arrest him.

  11. Fk police dogs I’ll do anything I can to kill a police dog I really don’t give a fk there’s hardly ever a need for police dogs attacking it’s just coward play

  12. So was the handler in the first video charged with assault with a weapon or something? The handler is 100% responsible for this and might as well have just shot the man in the leg outright….

  13. Oh no you hurt the dog it's an officer! Maybe the dogs should have their own tiny collar tasers or spiked choke chains so they really really don't want to fight their handler when attempts are very clearly being made in all of these videos….

  14. I believe we need dogs they may cause this to get to a new level but without them the deaths of officers would increase potentially. They are a useful

  15. Use less force?! If the person isn’t complying to officer’s commands, then the officers are free to use all the force that’s needed to subdue the bastard.

  16. easy way to fix this, dont run or not comply. Ya, its pretty brutal, and i feel for those who have been bitten without cause. And yes, its hard to lay there not moving while a dog turns you into a chewie.

  17. i know but how do these police officers regulate the severity of a dogs bite?? it seems to me that most cases of canine take downs, the bite wounds would be all over the place in terms of severity. so i just wanna know how theyre going to avoid the next law suit. i dont think police dogs should be used to take down suspects. because the disfigurement and maiming is FOREVER. no crime deserves this punishment. regardless, its not up to a dog to chase down a suspect. it should be up to YOU. its YOURE responsibility. you need to lay your chunky butts off the donuts and spend some time at the gym so that next time this happens, YOU WONT HAVE TO RELY ON A DOG TO DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU. this is what YOU get paid to do. its pretty pathetic. i mean what is this?? 1944 berlin?! RELEASE THE HOUNDS??!! and nobody complains….nobody except those who have to face the dog attack. everyone else thinks that THIS type of punishment is justifiable to ALL CRIME. "well ya shouldnt have run away!" is what people say. they are the same people who worship cops and think they are justifiable in WHAT EVER THEY DO simply because of that badge. i dont care what the man did. he wasnt attacking anyone. he wasnt trying to kill anyone. he didnt deserve to have a dog sicked on him while those cops stand around paralyzed with amazement of it like its an event at the circus or something. you people are SICK. you need help! he doesnt deserve to be disfigured and probably disabled for life just because he chose to run away. usually when you hear about dog attacks, its a serious event. people are maimed or even killed. cops literally have to shoot the dogs. how is this any different?? because the dog was "trained" to take that bite out of the mans legs??!! the only time it should be ok for a dog to attack is when the person is breaking into a house or to save someone from being attacked. and even then, all you have to do give the dog a little food and hes your "best friend" one thing that burns my fucking ass is when someone kills a police dog and gets 20 years. ITS A FUCKING DOG. IT WAS PROBABLY ON THE VERGE OF ATTACKING OR IN THE ACT OF. a person has the RIGHT to defend themselves!! just like you have the RIGHT NOT to incriminate yourself because the state bares the burden of PROOF. you dont have to just lay down and take it just because youre in the wrong. the person coming after you bares the burden of CAPTURE!!

  18. the man is on the ground NOT resisting and these FUCKS just stand there and let the dog eat his legs. NEVERMIND THE FACT THAT THERE WERE 8 COPS WHO COULDVE TAKEN THE UNARMED MAN DOWN. THEY LET A DOG DO IT. wow. i thought you cops said "german sheppards are tha best because they LISTEN to commands" i dont care if the mutant can dance a little jig on command, how do you justify the severity of this??? how about this one. ill slit your police dogs throat if i am posed with being disfigured. im already going to jail for God knows what. so im taking YOUR SERVICE DOG OUT. fucking rat. so you cops think you dont "owe the public shit??" see….i cant….this is why i cant stand cops. fuck them all and their mangy mutts. its the self entitlement. its the arrogance. all you have to do is go on to see how they really feel about the people they are sworn to protect and serve. they think they shouldnt be ticketed for traffic violations. they think they shouldnt be held to the same laws as the public. they dont think they should be arrested off duty. WHY??? BECAUSE YOU WEAR A BADGE AND I DONT??? THIS IS WHY THE PUBLIC CANT STAND YOU.

  19. So I understand the argument here; however, I feel like the reason for excessive force here is because if the criminal is high on any kind of drug such as meth, it can make them resistant to excessive pain. Also, I know police dogs can be trained to bite with a certain amount of force. I do feel very bad for the first video of the man and his extensive injuries, but cops make mistakes and this stuff all just happens in the heat of the moment. There's no both practical and safe way to take down a criminal depending on the criminal.

  20. They start the story with a case of mistaken identity to plant the suggestion it can happen to you or that it happens all the time. They went on to show who actually gets bit by police dogs and guess what? Unless you're resisting arrest you aren't going to get bit. Does it make sense for us to get rid of a resource valuable to 99% of us because of the 1%. The use of force expert, Seth Stoughton, is a lawyer who was a cop for 5 years. My 28 beats your 5 Seth, so allow me to say you're wrong on your use of force assessment and need 23 more years before you can argue with me.

  21. “Misrepresentation of Force because of cameras”- also has the guy cuffed and the dog is tearing off his calf still ?

  22. The canine is a phenomenal location tool. The problem some departments and procedural guidelines encounter is that they forget that the animal is a location tool first, and a force tool second. Use the canines olfactory abilities to locate the suspect, and then assess what is the best force option for apprehension. The answer is rarely a bite application.

  23. All cops carry folding knives…if they pulled our their knife and started stabbing someone to effect "pain compliance", they would be charged….let a dog mangle someone, it's all good… Hmmm , Taser, pepper spray, multiple hands on by 4-5 officers… lots of non-mangling options, none used… Welcome to America, Home of the Ever Growing Police State…

  24. Yes I love watching the police dogs eat people for lunch. Thanks NPR for this video, it only made me enjoy the brutality of the dogs more than ever.

  25. Yea but when you got 5-6 officers with their guns drawn and the "suspect" is complying or is unarmed there is no reason to release the dog on him. These are just sadists with a badge.

  26. Well let's see.. you don't want anyone arrested.. no one shot (except police of course)… no one hit (except police of course)… and now you want to try to get rid of the dogs….

    Anarchy? No thanks

  27. Typical left wing BS on NPR. 
    Canine officers save lives, including suspects. Only SJW's with an axe to grind (only poor innocent black men are arrested, etc) actually think these K-9's are bad…… but they hate the police anyway

  28. Stoughton; What an idiot left wing "professor" (NPR claims he was previously an officer – he was probably a security guard at a mall) Explain how you would deal with the risk that as an officer you might be killed by a mentally unstable man (eg the one previously carrying a machete)
    BTW; I repair these dog bite injuries in ER, but fortunately I don't see many dead cops

  29. I’ve been taken down by a K-9 officer. It’s not fun, but this video is 95% propaganda. K-9 officers save lives on both sides of the arrest. A police officer is more likely to not take your bs and just shoot you when they don’t have a K-9.

  30. They bitch when police shoot suspects, then butch when they use dogs to.avoid lethal force. Fuck these ppl. Let them work a beat

  31. If you don't pose as a threat and do exactly what the police tell you to do then you won't get bit you want to be a dumba– then your going to get bit bottom line

  32. All this video does is prove that they work. The idiot at the end who was shouting no, suddenly started saying ok when he was getting bitten.

  33. sorry but if a police office is there with a dog, do as they say or you will get bit. if you dont like it, do as you are told.

  34. there are times when a dog needed and a naked man with no weapons and a bunch of cops to take him down you don't need to destroy a mans leg or arm and when you have two or three men pinning down a guy you don't need a dog to hold him down either knowing when to pull them off or when to use them is important and I don't think it was necessary in many of these examples

  35. That's fucked up, that's cruel and unusual punishment and it's in the constitution that we cannot use cruel and unusual punishment to punish anyone in America for those over zealous Patriots. Theres protecting public safety and than theres that and that's not it. You are innocent till proven guilty but in these videos your punished before you ever go to court. That's disgusting way of using animals also.

  36. I think dogs are invaluable to police but should be clear when is it really necessary to use it. all of these videos could been resolved with a taser

  37. NPR starts this as saying: Raw video like this is changing public perception of police dogs. Well, NPR, I would say the only thig better than a police dog would be two police dogs. It would be so cool to have 2 police dogs released at the same time. Now that would be a way to take a bite out of crime.

  38. 3:54 he slapped the dog because he wasn't listening to his commands. That dog need to be retrained asap, and so does the handler.

  39. Friend of mine (former) was stupid and ran about 15 years ago, outcome was debilitating, 4 knee surgeries later and he'll walk with a brace and limp the rest of his life

  40. They are really Assholle cops , the Man was naked and they are nothing to do and only look the fucking dog bit him and injured him , why?????

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