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From what would happen if the Earth was a
cube to whether feathers can tickle birds, we answer several of your most burning questions
about life. – Hey there, my name is Melissa, I’ll be reading
out the questions and answers. – I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to inject
you with a healthy dose of truth! – *
– No. – I disagree, I think this is for
the best. 10 – Gabriel Gutierrez Can you
die from sleeping too much? – There’s nothing wrong with hibernating
for a few months. Check out my mate George over here, been sleeping
for years! – *
– Oh my god! Why didn’t you wake him up? – *
– Oh damn, yeah. That’s what I was meant to do. I’m sure he’s okay. The act of sleeping itself will not kill you
but if you are somehow able to sleep without eating, drinking or being active you will
die. Thankfully our bodies are designed to wake
us up when one of these is needed. One study has shown that older people who
sleep for more than eight hours a night were more likely to suffer from a stroke, but this
could be due to other medical conditions and is not conclusive. 9 – Nabs Can ear wax be used to make candles? – Ergh! That is disgusting! I can’t believe you people would waste valuable
ear wax on making candles! – What could you possibly make from earwax
that’s going to be useful, Dolan? – Some lovely waterproof shoes of course. – *
– I am NOT letting you in my house. – Ah come on, I’ll take them off. – *
– * With enough earwax you could make a candle
but it wouldn’t be particularly good. The skin cells, hair and fatty acids that
make up earwax would burn quite quickly, which is not ideal for a candle. I’d stick with regular candles made out
of paraffin or beeswax. 8 – Spaz Crafter Why do shopping carts always
veer to the side? – Because they’re garbo! Whoever makes these things are having a laugh! Look at this one. – *
– AHH it’s cactus, it’s completely crook! – I have no idea what you are saying. – Listen, sheila, your heads not screwed on. – * Most shopping carts have a set of four wheels
that rotate on an axis. This design is great for moving the cart with
very little force but not so great when it comes to maneuvering, since all four wheels
can rotate separately. This can lead to the cart moving in different
direction rather than the desired one. – It can also mean your cart’s busted! 7 – Pokelover5 What would happen if the
Sun suddenly changed colour? – It depends on the colour, green is safe
but if it goes red – well – that means the apocalypse has come. You should all repent your evil ways! Not me though, I’ve been a good boy so I
have nothing to worry about. – There was that time you almost killed me
while driving on the beach. – Ah come on, that was a nice day. I even got you ice cream. – No, you got me ice in a cup. – Yeah, you’re welcome. – The colour of a Star like our Sun depends
on its temperature. If our Sun suddenly became a Red Dwarf Star,
then its temperature would be much lower and our planet would freeze over. On the other hand, if the Sun became a Blue
Giant, then our planet would be scorched by the massive increase in heat and life would
cease to be. – Like I said, get repenting. 6 – Torokin Why does your mouth feel ice
cold after chewing mint gum? – Because mint gum freezes your insides, be
careful how much you chew. Every piece of gum reduces your lifespan by
at least a day. Eventually all that ice builds up in your
system until it’s fatal. Just look at George, he used to go through
a pack a day. He does smell minty fresh though. – *
– Good ol’ Georgie, top bloke. Your mouth contains sensory neurons that send
an electrical charge to the central nervous system and brain when reacting to certain
stimuli, like cold water. The thing is, these sensory neurons contain
a protein that also reacts to certain compounds, such a menthol, which is found in peppermint. This causes us to perceive a coldness in our
mouth when chewing gum. 5 – Jakoriano What would happen if Earth
was a cube? – If I was in charge of a cube world I would
label each side from one to six. Naturally I would be on section one, the side
that gets Sunlight. The best side. Then there’s section six, the Dump. That would be where all the other zones dispose
of their waste. – Who would want to live there? – I’m sure there’s somebody out there
who would love it. – * If the Earth was a cube the largest noticable
difference, besides the shape, would be gravity. Gravity would be strongest at the centre of
each face of the six sided planet. This would cause all water and our atmosphere
to be pulled towards the centre of each side. The edges of the planet would have little
or no atmosphere and considering the pull of gravity, would be like great barren mountains. 4 – Zombie Guy Can you die from pain alone? – Naaaaah, there’s no kind of pain that
can kill you. – Dolan, just so you know, I threw away those
disgusting wax shoes you were wearing. – *
– * – You pair of drama queens! Although it’s technically not the pain alone
that kills you, intense levels of pain can cause you to fall unconscious and enter into
a state of shock. Circulatory shock is quite serious as if it
is not treated quickly it can result in fatal damage to both the organs and brain, resulting
in death. 3 – DerpyDerpDeDerp If a gallon of poison
were poured into the ocean, what would happen? – The ocean is already poisonous! It’s filled with salt mate, you drink too
much of the stuff and it will kill you. And you want to add more poison? That will make it… twice as deadly! Think of the fish man! – Hey Dolan what have you been doing with
all the garbage around here? – Oh don’t worry, I’ve been taking care
of it. – * The simple answer is, not much. The sheer volume of water in the ocean would
dilute the poison. However, the ocean is already filled with
a great amount of toxic chemicals that could be harmful to both sea life and humans. Studies have found that some highly toxic
pollutants take years to break down and that traces of banned industrial chemicals from
the 1970s linger in the deepest trenches of the ocean and have contaminated the scavenging
animals that dwell there. 2 – iml XD What if humans switched places
with animals? – That ridiculous, animals switching places
with people? Come on now! That will never happen. – *
– How do you know that, Dolan? It might be more possible than you think. – Oh please. – *
– The time of our uprising has come! Bow to me pathetic bipeds! – *
– Why did I do that? – *
– Good boy. – Yes! YES! I am the goodest of boys! Hypothetically speaking, if humans somehow
reverted to a primal state and animals took over their civilisations, then perhaps humans
would fill the role of domesticated pets or Zoo animals. Some might live in the wild, existing as they
did many thousands of years ago in hunter-gatherer societies. As for the animals… Well – they may find it hard to adapt to a
society built by humans. A dog trying to drive a car might have some
trouble without opposable thumbs or legs that can reach the brakes. 1 – Can feathers tickle birds? – I don’t know, let’s find out! – * Birds can be tickled and some with feathers,
depending on the species. However, they may not experience tickling
quite like humans do. Although enjoyable, non-hostile physical contact
between birds is usually due to grooming, which can be both for hygiene and as a sign
of courtship. – Courtship!? – *
– Why are birds so weird? – Excuse me?! You’re one to talk, with your earwax shoes
and skeleton friends! – *
– Don’t you bad mouth George! And those shoes were a work of genius. They could have made us a fortune! – Nobody is going to buy shoes made from your
disgusting ear gunk! – I beg to differ! – *
– Oh- er- Sorry! We’ll try to be quieter. – Yeah sorry mate. – *
– Just wake me up when it’s the end times. – *
– Don’t mind him, he’s actually a pretty nice guy. He’s likes to help people. – What does he help them with? – Weight loss.

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