Can DWARF hamsters live together?

so after I made my video why Syrians are
solitary I had a bunch of questions asking can dwarf hamsters live together?
so that is what I’m going to be answering in this video now when we are
talking about Dwarfs we are talking about the three species the roborovski the Russian campbell’s dwarf and the winter white dwarf as Syrians and
Chinese hamsters both are solitary so while dwarf hamsters are not solitary
like Syrian hamsters are that does not mean that it’s always advised to house
them together. To properly understand this we have to take a look at dwarf
hamsters in the wild in the wild you will find dwarf hamsters in colonies but
they’re found in these colonies for two reasons. Reason one being for safety and
reason two being for reproduction in order for these two reasons to be
achieved they would have to have a colony of both male and females together
because obviously a group of males cannot reproduce and a group of females
cannot reproduce by themselves as well these species don’t live with each other
for these social aspects like many other animals do so now let’s take a look at
dwarf hamsters in captivity so we’ve taken away the need for protection and
the need for reproduction therefore living in a colony or with others is
actually unnecessary because as I already said they do not come together
for these social reasons this actually would be more so unnatural for the
hamsters because in captivity the only type of pairings we should ever do is
males together or just females together you should never have a male and female
together because obviously they breed so this obviously would not be something
you would find in the wild you wouldn’t just find a group of females or a group
of males so overall it would not be necessary to house dwarfs in pairs
neither do I personally recommend it I often get a lot of comments from people
saying hey my dwarf hamsters loved each other for the first six months and then
they started fighting and I had to separate them a fight can easily cause
injuries or even death in the wild when two hamsters go into a squabble it’s
very easy for the other hamster to run away and get away from the other hamster
in captivity they’re kept in a cage therefore a hamster can’t just run away
when they’re starting to fight they are forced to be with each other therefore
it can result in death now with this being said I am NOT
against an experienced hamster owner properly housing a pair together to
properly house a pair together you need to make sure you have a very large cage
you’re gonna need something that is at least 800 square inches of floor space
because remember just one hamster needs 450 square inches your as well going to
need double of every single thing you’re gonna need two wheels two food dishes
two hideouts two toys at least two of everything you’re also going to need a
spare large suitable hamster cage on hand in case you do need to separate
your Dwarfs and keep in mind you should only house Dwarfs together that are the
same sex the same species and are from the same litter together now in the past
I myself have owned a successful pair of female dwarf hamsters now I personally
would not make the choice again to house a pair of dwarfs because that is just
something I personally do not recommend the cons outweigh the pros so there’s
really just no point in really housing a pair and that is why I’m against it so I
really hope this video can answer this question because I have been asked this
a lot of times now I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve just copied and pasted
my answer to every person who has asked the same question so hopefully this
answers it see ya guys thank you for watching bye

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  1. Thank you to the lovely member on the hamster hideout forum for creating an in-depth topic on why it’s advised to not house dwarf hamsters together, if you would like to read more in detail about it here is the link: 
    I would also like the share this german website that talks about housing pairs together and why it’s unnatural if you scroll down to the “can hamsters be kept in groups?” the website will need to be translated but it is very interesting to read!,15700022,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhgF02AFr2_uS0piSoPECSndLonswA#gruppen

  2. ???????HELLLLPPPP????????answear as soon as possible please quit before I wait 35$ for nothing
    Ok so you know the tiny tales at petsmart CritterTrail Two level Habitat well I got one cause that was the only ones at petsmart and there is no author shops where I live only like two hours away and my mom doesint wanna diy thé big cage and stuff like that and the fish tanks we look on Kijiji but there using some of 60gallons or close to that for hamsters only 3 hours away like srslyyyy so with the cage I have I putted it on top of my comment well can I have one of does with everything in it and get another one on Kijiji that I put nothing in there just an 8inch wheel and a hideout with a couple of toys???? Would that work??? Cause my mom emailed someone to get a cage so before I buy it I rlly wanna know I want the best for my hamster!!! Thank you

  3. My dwarf hamster Bibbles, 5 or 6 months I think he might be dying he is just lying there breathing not blinking I really don't know what to do.

  4. Lately my hamsters fur has been very wierd there are tiny white pieces comming of every once in a while and it's not looking so good but it's not so bad too its getting me very worried !??If this will help he is 1 and a half years old !!

  5. Ok so I have two Russian dwarfs and they are brothers from the same mother and they are in the same cage and they fight so should I separate them…. or leave them I have had them before but I was little…so I need some help please reply I NEED HELP!

  6. i purchased 2 females and a couple weeks later, one of them had a bunch of babies. we are 100% sure they are both girls so one of them must have gotten pregnant at the store. should i separate the 2 adults? they are robo dwarfs and i haven’t touched the mom or the babies yet and just made sure they have food water and clean bedding

  7. Can you PLEASE make a video on how to make a water vinegar solution because I hear it is the best way to clean your hamster's cage and I don't know the right ratio of water to vinegar and I was wondering if you could tell me in the comments or make a video? Please reply and thank you so much for the fun and helpful videos! I love your channel so much!

  8. Answer: no they can’t. My brother had two dwarf hamsters and now only has one… the other dwarf’s hamster’s loss wasn’t from old age. Guys don’t put dwarf hamsters together please. Learn from my mistakes

  9. I had 2 dwarfs and they were brothers and a week after I got them I was so lucky that I happened to be up at 11 o’clock at night and I had to separate them

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  11. A lady at Petsmart told me she heard a noise and found that her pair of dwarf hamsters got into a fight. The one hamster scratched the others eyes out…. I do not know the details on the housing, but I would never put 2 hamsters together. I don't care on the breed, enclosure ect. I'm too nervous and they are fine alone. Your video was very helpful and full of information. I agree with you the cons outweigh the pros.

  12. I know this is not in topic but are wooden plain not painted blocks that you play with safe for your hamster to chew on?
    Please reply

  13. Hey, anyone, I really really need help!

    I had a few tough weeks recently. My one Syrian, Murmel, suffered an unidentifyable infection around the eye area for weeks, and trying to leap away from his meds he also suffered a critical head injury in the process. His life hung by a thread for days, but he has now fully recovered.
    He is finally completely back on his feet, has regained his weight and is the same floofer as before.. but now my adoptee, Mick, attacked himself this sunday. With which I mean my uncle had to remove his tail because he had gone at it and chewed it to a pulp that developed necrosis. It seems the infection even spread to his genitals, but it wasn't clear if it was the infection from the tail or if he also attacked himself there.
    I am sick right now with a cold, too, but my parents are overwhelmed, so I make do with a mask and washing my hands a lot.
    This night I had to jump up and run to him to distract him several times. He was screaming when I'd take off the roof of his house he would look at me helplessly reaching for me, not in an aggressive or scared manner. He would calm down after stroking him and talking to him for a while, he must be in pain.
    Is there any way I can keep him from attacking his wounds or help him? I can see he's suffering, but has a lot of fight left in him, so I don't want to give up on him. But I just feel so helpless! We don't even know why he did it because the tail was so far gone. We know it developed a little crooked, that could have caused irritation with time, he could have had a small stroke, but honestly, it's all speculation. I barely got any sleep tonight, which I don't care about honestly, I wouldn't care if I collapsed either. But it hurts to hear him scream and I want to do more for him, I just don't know how u_u I honestly don't know what to do!

  14. My hamster literally doesn’t like me? we’ve been trying to tame her for about 3 months and she just won’t let us pick her up. She’s never bitten us she just always jumps out of our hands if we pick her up and won’t go near our hands if we put them in her cage. I’m very patient and will keep trying but it’s very frustrating when you don’t know what to do. Can hamsters be untameable? This is my 6th hamster and the only one to not like being held

  15. so… its actually safer to just have 1 hamster? because me personally think they would be lonely… but with those facts its clear they dont feel lonely… they have us… 🙂 🙂

  16. Hello everyone lmfao. I’ve had three pairs and only one worked out long term so I wanna talk about why each pair did or didn’t work to help some people out.
    1. Robo pair
    This pair resulted in me finding a dead hammy who’s ear had been ripped off and body clearly bitten at. These two were hams I had taken in from a friend who bought four of them at once. She told me the pet store said they were littermates, so I took the two brothers in my nice bin cage. They had access to two water bottles and I scatter fed to remove fighting over a bowl completely, however I only provided one wheel as neither one really enjoyed running and would only do it maybe an hour each night. Maybe that’s what killed the pair? Or maybe they weren’t littermates after all? Either way I felt pretty awful about it. Still have the lone surviving male now and he does seem a lot more happier and free to be by himself.

    Gonna reply to this comment for the other two situations since it’s long af already.

  17. I work at a pet store and I've seen wayyyy too many dwarf hamsters fought to the death or eaten alive. I would never recommend it.

  18. I think that Victoria is definitely the best YouTuber ever and I wouldn’t have been able to become closer to my young hamster Ginger she is a Syrian hamster and she is really cute Thank you for helping me to do this with your amazing videos and tips on hamsters ❤️❤️❣️❣️???❤️

  19. i had two hamsters named maple and syrup and they were in the same cage. syrup killed maple and ate his foot and ear off. PLEASE be careful

  20. The scariest thing happened today I’m crying I got home and my hamsters lid was open I almost fainted but my mom checked it was in its hut

  21. i am planning on getting the same ikea shelf you use for a cage. where do you put it? do you have a desk large enough to sit it on?

  22. Me and my sisters dwarf hamsters are in different cages because when we put them together they fight

  23. Do you know which wheel is more quiet, the Wodent wheel or the silent spinner? Or which one do you think is better? My Syrian hamster is pretty big. Would a 12 or 11 inch wheel be good for him? Lol last question I’m sorry i just don’t know who else to ask !

  24. hi I have a question are GOLDEN aka the orange teddy bear hamsters mean? My mom said they r but I didn’t know since u had one

  25. Can I ask if a one level rabbit hutch would work for a hamster cage?? It's 2×4 foot?

    This might be a weird question but I just wanted to know

  26. I have a winter white!! And I’m the girl who was asking about trying to make my mom the get a bigger cage, and she finally agreed thank you so MUCH!!!

  27. Watching your videos because they make me feel better my Syrian just got killed by my cat when I was at a soccer game don’t know how it happened because the kid was still on the tank makin me feel a lil depressy wish I could have given him better ? but about the video I wouldn’t risk putting to hammys together

  28. Dwarf hamster Pretzel has gone missing this morning and I don't know what to do and how to find him have you got any tips to help me find my hampster???

  29. I have a dwarf Hamster Tank. He keeps biting me when I try to play with him. How do I get him to stop biting me? It never draws blod but it hurts. So I don't like playing with him. I wash my hands before I handle him. Plzzzzzzzzz answer
    I need help.

  30. I have to Robo’s that I introduced along time ago. They are not from the same family at all but I guess I got lucky because they loved each other all their life and are still living happily today.

  31. I have a roborovski dwarf hamster and he always runs away and doesn’t like Ben held I have to hold him so he gets to know me but he still runs away in his cage when I try pick home up do you have any suggestions or advice if soo that would really help

  32. I used to have a pair or Nigerian dwarf hamsters, they were a bonded pair and when the male died (they were spayed before I got them) the female died only months after from loneliness. They were very very fun when I had them, and I have had Syrians too, now I am a registered American line standard fancy mouse breeder, I love hamsters but mice, rats, and rabbits are for sure my calling.

  33. this is off topic, but do you have tips for hamsters breeding? yes, like two hamsters mating. i actually want my two dwarf winter white hamsters to reproduce but they don’t want to. i’m really not trying to force them but my parents want to. it’s been almost 2 months now. care to help?

  34. Hey thank you so much for this video! Just a quick question in your choosing the right cage video where you showed good cages you showed the prevue something something, which I have. is that suitable for a hedgehog?

  35. I’ve always wanted a hamster and i would want a roborovski❤️ but my mom won’t let me because she thinks that I can’t take care of it bc i have school?
    And also she says that they’re gross like rats??
    Your videos are the best! I’ve learned so much about hamsters❤️
    I hope one day I’ll get one

  36. Can dwarf hamsters get wet tail? Cause my hamsters having a diarrea but they’re still very energetic and eat a lot.

  37. I have a question, I really need it answered ;_; I got a young hamster it’s a Syrian and I have this other one that’s an adult Syrian would I be able to let them meet each other would they attack each other??? Also they are both male.

  38. Hello I have a question!? My two dwarf boys sleep apart, the first day they were together but today(second day) they are sleeping apart, will they fight or are they giving each other space? Can someone please answer I’m getting worried!

  39. I’ve only ever had syrian hamsters so I know when I first get dwarfs I won’t be housing them together but it would be cool when I’m more experienced to have a pair

  40. I was really close to getting two dwarf hamsters together , but I watched several of these videos and they helped thank you ?

  41. When I first got my dwarf hamster about a year ago, I was thinking of getting two males (males were the only gender of hamster at that time.) I knew I needed two of everything, but I ended up only getting one and I’m glad I did because I don’t think I was prepared enough for two. Though is it possible for a Russian dwarf hamster to get lonely though, or do you just need to give them more attention?

  42. I learned the hard way having two chinese dwarf hamsters. I tried doing research before getting a hamster but was getting false answers and different answers. My hamsters looked like they liked each other and after a while one ended up dead. ? and the girl who gave me the hamsters had her hamsters together and never had issues. I'm so glad I found your channel so that I can give my poor baby a better chance than what his brother had. He was overcrowded. ? I'm working on freeing his stress by getting bigger and better things!!

  43. i am planning to have two hamsters in the future. After watching this, now i am not so sure i want to have two. Well at least one hammy can keep me from being loney, right? huhuhu T_T

  44. Wish I had this info months ago! The pet shop advise me to get 2 dwarf hamsters and they were fighting for ages. They seem alright now, they sleep together but sometimes one of them does push the other over.. I’ll keep an eye on them but I’m so glad to have this info to hand! Xx

  45. my campbells bite thereselves there are both female we got them in sunday 16th june 2019 kiki is fat and cziczi read chichi is skinny

  46. I just had campbell hamsters yesterday. Which means dwarf ones. One male and one female. The thing is i dont see them fight, but i woke up and i saw my female hamster got some injury on her right eyes, both her upper and under eyes, she cant open her eyes widely and just hiding in her house. Is that the effect of the fight that i dont see ? I never knew some hamsters are not neccessarily shoud stay pairs. Should i start separate them now? Please anyone answer. Im a first timer hamster care. I want them to be happy and healthy?

  47. I have 5 robo male together. The father and the sons. She I got it from had like the mother, father, the oldest son and the 5 new kids (3 boys and 2 girls), so she didn't want to have more Babis, so she asked if I can take all the boys, even tho I was just gonna have the 3 boys. I would never have 2 robo, that never been together, together. They love each other.

  48. is it ok since they are sisters? Are we still allowed to get them together..? Mine are sisters and its cute because 1 hamster is actually GIVING FOOD to the other so thats cute (Also toilet paper) So is it fine?

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