Can A Dog Abandoned By Her Family During Pregnancy Open Up Her Mind Again? (Part 3) | Kritter Klub

In this cold winter, do you want to hear a story that will warm your heart? Director : Darong had previously appeared on Animal Farm Do you remember me..? Receiving care from a lady was ‘Darong,’ a stray dog Lady who took care of Darong : She was abandoned She seemed to be pregnant On the road that she was abandoned on she had given birth to 9 puppies.. Because of her painful memory she didn’t go close to people.. Oh well done♥ Thanks to people’s sincere hearts Darong had opened up her mind

78 thoughts on “Can A Dog Abandoned By Her Family During Pregnancy Open Up Her Mind Again? (Part 3) | Kritter Klub

  1. 500+ dogs thrown into a dump in our city. These dogs were left to die in this dump. I share these hungry dogs videos. I'm spelling petitions and complaints about this topic. I wrote the petition for shelter and neutering to the government. ?

  2. That's inhumane. I have given a private room in my house to a pregnant cat and she gave birth to four lovely kittens. And adapted all of them later on. The videos are on my channel. Cause I just couldn't see her suffering. No one with sane mind could.

  3. Why is everyone abandon their pet??? I don’t understand with this people?they are not a toy that you can throw them just like that…….!

  4. It is so sad to see these animals mistreated and abandoned. I wish I could help them all. I do believe people will answer to God for their wrong doing to animals.

  5. Спасибо большое за собачью семейку!!!!❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️?????

  6. Yeah, we remember the great, empathic lady on 0:34. She spent a lot of her time to save that lonesome dog. And she did it in a cool, proud and relaxed way. We wish her the best for the year 2020. May she be always in best condition and full of energy. Greetings from Germany.

  7. Je vous regarde de la France. J'aime entendre votre langue que je ' ne comprends pas et voir tous ces beaux chiens que vous avez sauvés.

  8. Thank you for giving such a loving home to this beautiful mother dog and child. Three years ago I took in a feral mother cat and her male kitten. That way I knew they'd always have a bond. Now the kitten is twice the size of his mother and gobbles his own treats and then tries to steal hers.

  9. This video touched my heąrt ???♥️?♥️?♥️♥️?♥️What is a happiness watching this female dog again and her daugther ?♥️blessings to her and to the family who adopated her.

  10. It's really hurtful at the beginning☹️…but thank you to the rescuers and the new family for adopting both of them. Have a great weekend everyone?

  11. Thank you for everyone who saved her and her babies!! And thank you to the family who gave her and her baby a loving family❤️❤️❤️

  12. What's sad is organizations like PETA are loud and obnoxious but instead of supporting abandoned creatures like cats and dogs, they euthenize thousands of them every year! Kittens and Puppies, they don't bother to help them by providing forever shelters or no-kill shelters! Put your money where your mouth is PETA!

  13. A únque realmente este en otra idioma tambiém los animalitos tienen los mismos sentimientos que nosotros yo quiero trabajar con ustedes de verdad kiero trabajar yo no fallare contra huellas de corazón (kritter klub? Danos corazónes?

  14. Q alegria saber q asido rescatada..
    No puedo evitar llorar porque estaba abandonada ..tirada en la calle..
    Merece una vida digna llena d amor y cuidados..
    Gracias a este matrimonio q decidió adoptarla..

  15. Gracias a la Sra Que la alimentaba pudo traer sus cachorros a pesar que le decían que estaba Loca, la cuál para mi era una falta de respeto,la criticaban pero nadie era capaz de acercarse a la Sra para ver si necesitaba algo para la perra o si necesitaba ayuda. Esto no lo entendí.
    Gracias a la Sra cómo a la hermosa pareja que la adoptó con su hija ahora tiene un bonito hogar. Saludos

  16. Ohhh poor dod facing so much problems..dnt ull get a better life now….muahhhhh love u babies…always stay blessed happy healthy????

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