26 thoughts on “Calming Music for Puppies with Anxiety! Soothing Lullabies for Anxious and Stressed Dogs! (Tested)

  1. My pup heard fireworks and is shaking. I play this and she lays in her kennel and finds her position and sleeps. Thank you! I will pray for all dogs to be ok and live through their fear and or even get over it. Thank you lord!

  2. I'm hoping this might help. Sadly my dog had surgery 12 days ago, and I think something went wrong with anesthesia or something. My dog now appears to have doggy dementia. She paces the house in circles, stares at walls and gets stuck in corners and other places she should have no problem getting out of. She also has major panic attacks, panting, shaking , trying to get as close to me as possible. I'd what to do. I'm going back to the vet (again) in 6 days, and we will probably start treatment for atypical Addisons disease, and see if she improves.. I would just think it was doggy dementia if it hadn't hit immediately following surgery. I hope this music helps her while I'm gone. I feel so bad for her, and I miss her ( this isn't my dog, it's a shell of her) sounds like a lot of people have had luck calming there dogs with this music, hopefully it helps my girl too.

  3. My dog has anxiety and when I am alone I don’t know how to deal with it and this made her stop shaking and panting, thank you so much

  4. Training my dog to sleep in his cage at night has been very difficult! A lot of crying and barking. Which always end up with him sleeping in bed with me. Today was the same. Crying and barking but I found this exact music video. Only this one made him stop crying and barking with just the first 5 seconds! Thank you, now we can all go to bed happy and relaxed ?

  5. I just played this for my 6 week old German Shepard puppy and she’s fast a sleep, need to try this when I’m at work!

  6. I just got my 7 week old puppy, his name is Cooper. I always play this to him at night and when he is in his crate when Im in school! It calms him down so easily!

  7. I got a new pup today and its so scared it wont even move? Any tips??? I know he will calm down in a few days but he seems extreamly scared? im worried

  8. Bringing my new 13 week old Sheltie puppy home and she was VERY upset being in a car carrier which was plenty big, cushy and had lots of ventilation. She was throwing a serious puppy tantrum. I put this on and she completely calmed down! Snug as a fuzzy bug-in-a-rug! ☺ It's been a very long drive snd she's sleeping now ??????

  9. Just got two doberman puppies. The girl does very well in the crate but the boy never has been alone. They have to have their own crate or they will bite each other's ears. I started that right away and it's been crazy. He howls and screeches on an unheard of level. It's piercing. I thought this might help him because similar music helps me relax but he just ignored it and howled louder. He only responded to verryyyy stern "lay down and bite your bone!" Huffed,puffed,whined and laid down. Started again and only cut the bs after I gave him the death stare and asked "WHAT DID I SAY?!" LOL Now they're both asleep. It's super important because after they eat they want to play but shouldn't because they are prone to bloat which can be fatal. So I guess I have to be the bad guy here since this music didn't help him. I can tell it does relax the girl but she's normally not much of a whiner. She's very independent.

  10. Explain to me how this works better than other music? My pups are not hyperactive but I like to put something for them while I work.

  11. Got two dogs today… peed on the floor ten times. Lol. I need this for them, love them so much already.

  12. my dog just had surgery, she was in kinda still hurting after the surgery this calmed her down and help her sleep

  13. We have made Relax my dog music apart of our pups night time routine. Actually my husband asked me last night why I didn’t put the music on. I guess it’s part of his night time routine now too.

  14. Love this playlist!! It’s the only thing that helps my puppy relax and go to sleep. We’re using this music to help us with crate training, and it is working (: thank you! (And it also help us too)

  15. My 5 week old puppy got bit a she’s was really startled so I played this and she calmed down and went to bed

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