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and you guys what's going on you do that for what's up what's up you guys yeah what's up guys we're here I'm trying to get both of us in okay I guess I'm Judy's doing the driving taking a breather you guys have no idea where I'm just we're about to go race car race racing guys okay Grayson I've been sitting here planning what all right what we're about to do do you guys read like a title how many of you guys read the title let us know I bet I bet learning like about two of you guys read the title other people are just like oh they're live here I'm not working sorry for that jerkiness we're sitting in a parking lot trying to figure out the plan and here's the plan we're we're getting ready to go do something so we're in California right now and we are gonna go check out a couple groomers and just can you repeat that can you repeat that to the camera hey you guys read the comments I mean the title can you think about it for a minute okay why can't me I'm just hyped up I'm hyped up okay 100 hundo and I'm having to deal with this guy this man here is out there Donna what's up Perla what's up key are you out there we're here in California girl we could be visiting you right now anyway um we're in north California and this is the home of YouTube so we've done some little bit studying in in California I would think that YouTube was design there talking about your haircut yeah that's a California the California fade at this place called fade away fade away check them out if you need a fade they are the best lb use him or use Phil Phil at fade away and that's Toby did my head though it's actually in Hercules California Hercules California if you need a fade go there tell him Dede with my favorite groomer scent yeah that's a quick shoutout he didn't even ask for that but he runs his own business he's got a really good hand on and I asked him I asked him as a barber I said uh-huh I said are you it cuz I he said he'd been doing hair for 1516 years just like me right it's ever not dog hair and then I said he's been running his own store for nine years he's the owner and I said how's your hands doing he goes yeah I'm feeling it I said is it because scissors or the Clipper heels cause the Clipper oh really so that is exactly the true that groaning man he's been doing head hair human head hair that's a man to a man and a man told me that a man said I said are you feeling it yet in your hand and he said yes I am and I say are you feeling it because of the scissoring or because of the Clippers and he said because of the Clipper he goes I definitely feel it so those of you guys out there that don't want to spend the extra on the antis 5-speed and the one that we sell so you know you got one straight from andis I challenge you to rethink it and get the antis five-speed it's in my opinion one of the lightest Clippers that is designed to do heavy duty work it is not like what I have been told it's not like the wall bravura where I have been told by someone who sharpens the blade not sharpens because you got to replace him but who replaces the wall Clippers and treat you know service um he said Dede people groomers use the bravura in the wrong way the bravura is not made he he told me this he goes the Brewer is not made for a heavy-duty haircutting but that's what you guys are using it for and I'm like I don't use it for that if I'm gonna use a prefer oh right on our demo we use it for face beat sanitary you never see me do a shave down with the Provera because the power is not really there for it it's not designed for that you can do it all day long but that's why you end up having so much servicing done on your wall Barbara's in my opinion so get a really good clipper and that's why we have them on it and it's five-speed on my website on my favorite groomer comm if you order from us we order directly from andis if you're ordering something that was somewhere else I cannot guarantee you what you're getting so we are on our way right now we're gonna head out we have about one hour my prediction is we have one hour come on our live stream live stream or less and so we need to get on the road we're gonna go to our first groomer I need a place to groom out of while I'm out here in California once a month and if we can't make it work we're gonna drop California so I'm about to use this cell phone and drive out here so I'm gonna focus on this dave is gonna chitchat with you guys he might show you kind of the surroundings and stuff like that California's beautiful California's the home of YouTube that's where YouTube was born so anywhere you're in a public place I'm not a lawyer but anywhere you're in a public place you can record I believe California's two-party state for voice to matter gon go on do you okay he doesn't want me to tell you this stuff so anyways we don't need to know that it's gonna learn about what you can and cannot do go study go call a lawyer I'm a lawyer so here we go we're gonna go we're gonna go check out this first groomer I need a place to groom and the only way to find a good place to groom is to go go show up if it's dirty nasty smelly mean you know what I mean you'll know it when you show up walk in check it out go straight here if this listen to the car rented man okay I'm gonna focus man focus on your stuff here what do you guys want to see do you guys want to see my face or do you guys want to see the surroundings or I'm casting some questions we got 48 people 9 likes okay so I guess you guys don't want on us here we're all we're saying the same stuff gods man if you want to buy stuff email me um we're not at a computer so you're gonna have to do some research yourself you just need to go to my favorite groomer calm you can contact us through the website and everything all that's all the information we talk about is there at your fingertips so make sure you go and do a little bit of research that tells me you are serious go to my favorite groomer calm and just start there if you email me then I can email you a tool list it gives you my opinions and what I think would work and just gives you it opens up your mind it's a really long email of tools and stuff like that as we see that perler we still see that you remember Thank You Perla you see those doors next to that symbol the stars tell us how long you've been doing it girl thanks for being miss you on the gaming man I don't know if you're just too busy too busy with the baby man I don't know if you're just too busy man just put that put that TV in the in the baby room so the baby can grow up knowing who we are – and you know we can all be one big family oh yeah that'll be awesome the baby's like this is DeeDee on TV right now yeah cool mushi grooming today mama the baby's gonna be crying dee dee dee dee no please stop that I don't like that I don't like you saying that okay you guys want to see nobody asked nobody answered if you guys want to see you out there or our face so how many of you guys are from California right now answer go on the super chat make sure you close the supers chat smash the like button please you could even share it on your social media right now just say oh my gosh I can't believe my favorite groomer is in California and she's going to arrive random lessly at groom shops who does that are you a groomer that's done that I don't think so right no right yes or no have you just showed up at a groom shop and just said hey I just want to see what's going on in here have you done that as a groomer you might learn sometimes you might learn not how to not talk you might learn how to clean you might learn some organization skills if you go walk into a groomer ago oh my goodness I love groom shops with the dog up stand so I've seen a lot I have seen a lot groomers are running their businesses all different kinds of ways and the only way you're gonna be ever see you know someone out there is by making that move go those drive around take a day off take one of your days off and go hit up two or three groomers why not why not I think that's moving too fast for you guys on the right so I have to keep you guys forward forward to the right a little bit maybe forward to the right you know and don't and nobody out there be a crap person and be calling people because their license plate number please people just try to keep it back and then when we get close look over here at the stores be cool don't be crap person anyways license plates is public information why why is it such up yeah but submitter somebody's bound to be like hey there have your license plate I got your phone number somebody's bound to just do that you must be on some kind of bike not working well when it's not sponsored ad with all these ads out there businesses this is business names see pretty much guys this is a buildings man it's like makyo but look at the weather man look at the sky how clear it is the temperature is nice we got the a/c at 70 degrees we got the a/c on because we want to try to keep the camera as cool as possible if the camera goes hot but we're gonna lose you guys so that's happened before I tried to do an air show out here in California that did not work over very well the flight line was extremely hot and I could not get the YouTube feed at all I ended up like with three YouTube feeds and know how to delete them all but it's went run if it's hot it's not gonna work if your electronics get hot it's not gonna work there goes palm trees little palm trees it's like what's that guy doing no that guy's actually put him poison on his plants Oh everything's water every day we seen two guys doing that already I'm carrying in that poison I don't know if it's poison we're assuming wielding carrying that spray stuff on their back I don't know that that's good for you chasity Lee Rowley Dix for the ten woohoo you're awesome who did that are you rally so what do you say chastity for Cassidy's there hi chastity and then Lee Riley thank you for the ten appreciate that throw any donations out there if you are happy we're on you can donate to support the feed you watch all the time your big fan isn't this awesome guys it is nbc5 gonna have you driving around the city no and they're gonna be like man I remember when they came out to talk about a company coffee on the rainbow and they're like okay that's it they took like five words and that's what they put out there they put out anything else alright man get a look this is we're getting ready to get close to this first groomer it's the first groomer is not in a public place we're not going to be able to yeah it has to be a public place of a toss we'll probably won't do it if it's a person's house we will not knock on the door oh you guys see that nice truck right there sixty-eight all those pets man oh you got a sub sitting outside oh I don't know what are we in the hood right now I don't know what hood means I will just take that back take the hood the hood means happy on open door hood could mean it's my personal opinion if you guys don't breathe if you guys don't agree with my personal opinion about being in the hood and you guys have your own opinion so yeah I want some big wheels we're getting close to this it does look like it's innocent get to get your riding high wheels I'm talking about big wheels get your writing I get you get your riding high okay like a UH like a truck like a chug you're feeling high up up like a jerk tall tall groovy nerdy fantasy nails beat you go get your nails did okay what's that grooming dale's Oh doors wide open you guys awesome is wide open which means definitely public all right what man okay here we go guys oh it's not bad I don't like the location very much is outdoor I likes in the back back back of this subdivision Elena said get your hair done okay all right let me see here oh we have a business cards let me get a business card out see makyla and you are in the hood I live in cash all right got some business cards here I'm gonna grab a couple here grab my notebook dave is gonna be on point with the recording I'm on time to be on point guys it's gotta be a both of us he just talked when we get in there so I gotta get the keys my business card did not bring any dog upstander postcards and um all right are you guys ready for this let's go try it out let's go see you this is uh it looks nice from the outside she's got four star review is very little assess you got about 20 years experience so all we can do is just go in and find out let's go this is David I shut down bro shut down it's so funny how people get so what is it uptight yeah did you guys see her reaction she's like don't do it rude I'm not trying to do it rude you have to actually talk pretty fast did you see her face she already wanted to ask me to leave as soon as she saw his camera yeah did you guys not see that I was here for real geez let me tell you guys I've been doing this a long time I have gone to groom groom shops in Guam Hawaii California Texas all over Texas they all do this to me all of them every groomer I have very I have to honestly play this like yeah girl I know what you mean man I hate you don't mean I have to play this role to get on their good side I have to be on their side in order for them to hear what I have to say and I'm not selling anything I'm actually offering her an opportunity remember we talked about this I am offering you a opportunity that not everyone gets and if you say no that's on you man that's a blessing that you might have just say it to blow her business up on YouTube I would be like you're on YouTube girl let me put my dog up I need to talk to you We Need to Talk you know what I'm saying okay next one you can't hit some people you can't help and I'm not here to help her I'm here to find a freaking grooming salon that I can groom out of once a month I don't have to go rent for 3,000 a month when I'm only here for two weeks you know what I mean people don't know it people don't know what's looking right in front of their face so at this point this is what I do I get my notebook out and I write down exactly what happened for me I would say grooming Dale's not happy I'm just gonna go not happy didn't want to talk she was the owner I said are you the owner she said she was the owner she has she would look like she's working by herself nice and quiet with the door open and but I saw one two three four just okay I'm doing all this other stuff I'm talking I'm a dog did you guys won on the table so it's six dogs five in a cage give her one stars we can't do that because we did not get sometimes from them I can't leave her dad neither can you you know do the right thing here I might go I might leave her I might go leave her three stars I this is what I would do I wanna see did you see how clean it was it was it was real clean and I have seen some really dirty places instinct instinct and it was quiet okay for all we care all those dogs had been same owner so this is how a business owners analyzing the situation I'm not judging her but I do know she cut me off right it does look Fernan you know yeah why would it look new though when you guys should see some of the reviews maybe but check this out the last review was one year ago maybe you got bought out and she's a new owner so I didn't even get to a chance to keep going with some questions cuz I honestly she's got a dog on the table and you all know me clean or not she was rude I'm pretty rude to this help they meant they were saying that she was rude not you let's go well then maybe we should go to more than three places on YouTube because you guys are gonna learn a lot right now uh in my career if I've gone to sixty five room shops three of them are three of them are my friends three of them I have their number in my phone and their friends if I've ever walked in on their salon and actually out of 65 I probably can say three around the world so they're not even all like California they're not all you know I mean 65 on average I have three three of them that were really nice to me real cool maybe even ordered supplies maybe even picked up some stuff off of me you know worldwide so let me see here the next one this ain't nothing man are already used to this you should see the ones we went to in Vegas yeah this ain't nothin this ain't nothing there's some really mean mean groomers out there if you're this should tell you right here this is the first time I took you guys with me brought me out be like you're on YouTube how many right I would be exactly I would I'd be like shout out to uh where are you right now okay here we go this is a I'm not gonna tell you the name until we pull up because I don't want anybody sabotage means like call him up a pseudo what we don't want any stream snipers over here they're coming to see yours longer you better lock that door it maybe has about stream snipers so let me tell you guys stream snipers are like when you did a live stream in a game and somebody somehow gets in your gaming goes to the same spot and they sniper you because they know it's cool people do that it's like they're watching your live stream and they know that it's about ten seconds ahead so they try to guesstimate the time you ready up and when you're ready up for some reason if you ready up around the same time it'll put you in the same game so they'll go to that same spot you're headed in the game and actually snipe you or cure you because they know it's you that's what stream snipers are this will be like like a stream sniper if we show you guys the address of where we're going somebody can be either meet us up there or call that phone number and call that business be like hey they're coming they're on the way shut the door like we're doing or you guys can come be like hey some be room or it's coming over there can you be nice to them and just we're not gonna tell ya when we get there get in there what's all you would get in now you're showing the truth look at that purple tree guys I'm just gonna tell you right now the way YouTube is growing if someone walks in with a YouTube channel just stop what you're doing and go talk for five minutes that's an opportunity you don't know where it could go and it could be a good one or bad one you just got to feel it out but you're not gonna know if you don't stop what you're doing and freaking figure tasks if someone came in on it if the new station walked in i would put my up and go hey what's up I want to be on the news please sponsor me if you're in my salon already or already what you're already doing something for me if you're already recording you're already doing something you guys don't forget to smash the like button hey Callie just got the message you guys are live sometimes I feel like late I think we have so much subscribers and so much people notify it that sometimes I think it's drag because it can't be like oh they've gone live let's shoot a hundred thousand people yes notify Urkel yeah it has to be trick we look at those wheels big wheels big wheels big wheels see we're right here taken right here 1-800 radiator that looks pretty cool right there the church do unit that's the same are–or Virgin Mary Virgin Mary thank you that's interesting that that's a lot of them yeah one or two bedrooms one month free ooh one month free leasing now and one at one month free call okay looks like a hotel it's not outside at all bro dress safe bro keep us safe bro oh you guys want to do donuts in this car I'm always behind the wheel and I'm always acted a fool man zero to 16 for sex Kim hey how many of you guys were with us doing donuts a I say I don't be doing stuff like that guys cuz I'm part of the one that's gonna get caught just stay away from and I'm by the one that's gonna lose control and hand a light pole not get caught and I'm the one doing acting a fool all the time that's why I don't do stuff like that who was out to say I who saw the doughnuts wasn't they'll meet me it's a Ford Mustang who saw the food saw the doughnuts wrong in the trailer man you're gaming no oh yeah was I think way driving around at night who saw that she can play chicken do you guys have red you guys remember if it was on me and you gaming or this channel most of you guys probably have not seen it can you guys hear the engine this is a real engine right here if I didn't get a special deal I would not have rented this car I had a Hyundai okay yeah you guys we normally get hyundais but it's just a right turn here so confusing Hyundai so we normally get Han dies or Toyota's that guys in the bike lane he's trying to cut me off little does he know he has opposed me in the bike lane on the bike lane bro did we miss a donation from somebody Cali thanks for the – to the – it's a road through California are these kids doing man what you guys doing she's offering a school no school's out it's a spice this is friend riding a bike – let me help you buddy come ride a bike with me the government left his friend possibly oh you probably stole that bike it's my opinion I can assume whatever I want he could have let his girlfriend ride the bicycle home and he wrote him back home and took his other bike back home you don't know what's going on yeah – that or his friend could been riding that bike or his friend had a flat so he went fix it he took the bike back man we could keep on going we can keep on going while we just go ask them why don't we go back and ask him he wants you so we go what do you guys say so we go back and ask him why are you doing that I don't speak English let's buy the first car here poles no English no English I go back and ask we would but there's no u-turns here guys I'm actually only going 35 miles an hour it sounds like I'm going like over here we have time for this I don't think so I don't think so keep going okay next time something funky happens we will ask she's nothing going like 30 right now that right now is sound I'm making a joyful dr. Oh what's up Arturo from Porto Rico La Perla just got her six-month badge I see that mines no really yeah she's been a member for six the membership day for six left you were one of the first ones Perla III recall I don't know if Melissa P is an issue she's like I was trying to do it in it wouldn't work or something like that I recall mr. P being the very first one but I don't know if she's kept it all along must be have you kept your membership this whole time can you type I can see if you type scroll up there if you're out there she did type she's not here no more she's there there she's just working can't see it it's gone a refreshed she has the type again for me to see this lady yep right at midnight I was a day late she said it's okay Oh oh man what do these guys think next to us doing they're up to something just don't give them any you know just be cool man be cool I've seen I've seen California over the big street oh my gosh look at that I'm here over there is that the desert looks like the desert over there guys it's a horror desert okay Dean that that's actually grass they actually looks like it's just a hue of sand right here I'll show you right now you got a sign spinner over there washing that's not that's not a nice sign to spin come on man you gotta have like aerodynamics trying to you trying to spin it yeah she's listening some music though just on the water that's not a cool sign spinner minimum wage here 16 bucks remember if she's making 16 bucks doing that I would do that all day oh she's making 16 bucks an hour to do that what hey I don't think your love tests how are you overnight home play hard around Oh she stops she's taking a break okay so somebody in California told us that minimum wage of 16 bucks in California we don't know how true that is but that's what they said hey look at those man who say houses guys don't forget to smash the like button forget all this grass okay this is actually like a memorial place probably because look there's a thing soon right there there might be animals in there where this is a fairly new business place looks like it for sale what is this place man this commercial or residential like commercial garages Oh Sook's like both so it could be dated for multi-use puppy parking icy puppy barking are you cannot pop curves on on Mustang man oh my god minimum wage in Toronto is 14 puppy parking someone's in there and she's not busy doing papers are you guys here we go okay we go what am I doing here I'm kind of nervous man it's like meeting a new person this may not even be the place hi yes yes it's very pretty barn doors that's kitchen over there oh my gosh guys care tub look at that awesome tub guys yeah purple she's purple fan you asked what's your favorite color guys it's so pretty in here I could live here we're just come out of it's just so pretty guys butterflies DeeDee licked butterfly she says she makes all these pictures guys are so beautiful right don't copy that Christina Garcia our wish man I wish we could yeah that purple toby is awesome Sandra thinks food – Barbie babe thanks for the 275 Canadian DN this is your first time seeing California this is awesome right we get that bird ha ha very nice vibe yeah hey Julie your picture too right here that's pretty look at the floor guys this is awesome therefore the group owner she seems so friendly yeah she does Polly and I'll miss one gospel is so friendly Melissa P you're out there oh yeah municipal he's been member since so she's our longest member day Melissa P you guys go ahead click the join button if you have it smash the like button subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet what's up DT every January everybody you get right your wrinkles up doesn't it when you go renew your least you have a negotiate the same rent they're not going to keep it at 1400 for like six years are they no it'll go from fourteen hundred and fourteen ten minutes fourteen twenty five to fourteen seventy five until one year here at fifteen hundred and then that's how Tiger mortgage works too if you're interested when you refinance your loan it's not going to be the same thing so no every side of it and if you're the consumer know that you know you're not playing the same price for milk as you did in 1999 so things go up okay on both sides so they have that discussion with somebody you need to make sure you want to take care of your groomers the tip um if they're doing a great job and to you just respect the fact that she's a business so don't worry business side is that we're talking about show the bat do you guys not see the bathtub I just showed you guys the bathtub it looks like that's like a bucket of the faucet that's weird fruity right she's so clean no she does it she has other groomers to tell me how to become a member I think Kelly or someone else's try to tell me okay Deann Warner do you see night ball 9 ball actually posted a link it says click here to join click here to become a member when nightbot says that knit my buzz an automatic system that I designed to help you guys with links so just click on that nightbot link that says click here to become a member and he'll take you to the link and just follow out I believe it's like 5 dollars and 30 cents a month guys we found the one no we don't but she said she said I do not recommend the last place that you're about to go she saw my notebook she said did you go there yet I said no she goes I don't recommend it that means we got to go check it up why not you guys want to you want to check out the third one we had pulled it up or do you guys want to just call it a day that was actually pretty good right those awesome I did not expect that as they want to see the last one I bet they want to see them all so get ready we got some stuff coming for you you here probably 2021 you guys are gonna see some really cool 2020 we got something really nice planned out for you go there please alright so here's the deal one what did she I wonder if she's gonna go pop up right now and check it out on YouTube on her phone why come on so one what did she do right she was locked it said closed she opened the door okay – she was like I know you are you taking a phone call right now you weirdo uh she – she is like I know you and she was weather whatever her opinion up it is of me she opened the door and said yes come in and then she led us tour said this is what you want from a groomer those of you guys who have said how do i how do i you know find the right groomer you guys know you guys have asked me this this is how you find the right groomer if I was a pet owner oh hold on okay Wow so where was I at you guys have asked me how do you guys find the right groomer I'm right now trying to find the right groomer for grooming you guys would be finding can you hear me yeah I can hear you now can you hear me we had to take a phone call guys okay you guys are some of you guys are trying to find the groomer for your dog this is also how you should approach it I'm gonna go you you lay out the plan you should probably visit at least three right you call three plumbers I hope you call three electricians I hope you call three homebuilders I hope when you guys are doing other stuff it's call three groomers and sometimes you can call but for me and what I'm trying to do calling doesn't really work I'm coming in here to try to groom out of your facility I need to see your facility and I need to see it on the spot I I don't need to hear you on the phone treat me like a piece of I need to freakin show up and show my face and let you know I'm pretty serious about what I'm trying to do and I'm on YouTube and I'm gonna do it live with my fans so we can all decide if this is a place I should actually you know do this or not and you guys could be like oh dude you saw dee dee get the heck out of there man like hell no right so I need I'm gonna work somewhere and I'm gonna pay her to let me work there so this is important to me so if your dog is gonna stay somewhere for six seven hours a day for a pet groom it might be important to you to go see what what did you see the pads she had in the kennels she's how beautiful those were though I felt it purple pads man she made them herself I bet she is an artist groomers are freaking artists man uh macgruber told me not to bring my dog back but my boy back as he cried what a groomer here told me not to bring my boy back as he cried okay I don't know I don't know why he was crying alright so we're gonna go to the next facility I'm really happy here I don't mind stopping you know how you you know how you're doing research in your life this is the one but you know what we've got you guys we had you guys give us your opinion and we're gonna go ahead and check out this last one she's leaving there hey you know what she said to me on the way out she said didi basically my casa is your casa she said whatever you want to do here just let me know that's exactly what she said and I am this like floored her her hospitality her she was a great host she was sweet she was kind she was a giver she's very clean she doesn't have like 25 cages up in there smelly and all this stuff I mean it was just amazing so she has she just moved into this facility into a same kind of lease with the same owner she was just down here she said and this facility actually allows her an upstairs downstairs scenario so which is great a lot of places don't offer for that and I really think that that's a pretty cool thing she said she's been having a lot of transition and clients passing away humans passing away military moving in and out of the area so she's had a very low point on the amount of clientele she's like this is as low as slow as it's been she has a groomer that comes and helps her and works only on Saturday and Sunday so otherwise she would have a day off but it doesn't sound like she has a day off her she's the owner she's the owner and the only groomer and then she has another lady that is only able to do Saturday and Sunday grooming until she gets a nanny or a babysitter she called so this last place we're gonna go it's been at least 15 minutes hasn't it you guys have any donations you guys can support our channel as we do this live stream as there's that will really help okay so we're gonna go to this one oh it's only five minutes so donate to support the stream guys I can we could take like me avoids tolls okay wow I just don't want to leave man I love to I would live here I mean it's just nice and she was so nice like did you in her artwork I was like fifty bucks I was ready to buy that and I and I really probably will come back pick up one of her pictures up especially acrylic it's so pretty I have to go back to work see you later Jennifer Torres thanks for coming out Jennifer all right let me go right here thanks for the ten you guys you guys know that donation thank you keeps us going and without you guys's support we would not be here we would not be here really happy you're here thank you every little bit helps everyone just donated a dollar right now just go everyone keep pitching a dollar for time for what intruding on the protruding on this having the courage to walk up into a groom shop even though they don't I know they don't want me to walk up in there but if you look at look at all Filipino food you crazy do you guys want to eat some Filipino food with this where you going you're gonna run in there and get some look how packed at the United says no hurry those people that don't have a job yak like sitting at home doing nothing I know somebody right now I'm trying to talk about we're working our own employment rights come on bingo unemployment get your ass up and go get a job okay I'm done with that one no let's go go get me some up lumpia pancit what else qawalli Canada is sick okay okay you talk like I need it's right here oh my gosh I could totally be groomy right there and totally freaking eat Filipino every day no I think you got a reverse no I got a reverse Oh the guy behind me got a reverse two or both doing over here like this is a toast Bob well because I see my trucks all up in here Donna Kurtz thanks welcome to becoming a new member be sure to use your emojis that you can use and thank you for the member who are supporting my favorite rumor and YouTube for that as YouTube um works on upgrading stuff we will be more the more more active on community posted be sure to go check out the community post we're gonna be working on I'm not sure it's fairly new hey man I'm so in love with that spot Kaelyn Rickard thanks for the $1.99 Melissa P thanks for the tip little did she know she just became an Airbnb for me because I'm about to talk to her about some numbers yeah that's a beautiful new building yeah she opened the door you guys ice up first Ohana Hawaiian barbecue oh my gosh over here bro I feel at home already this is it Dream Weaver thanks for the $1.99 yes we love it $1.99 we heard to buy just a dollar thanks for the two bucks Wow up here boo boo okay so I'm gonna go straight is this my turn baby these roads are hard to read on the map man one road one way in and okay did you guys catch the name of her business so if you live in California I would totally use her as a groomer the next step would be I love the facility I love the attitude I love the cleanliness I love the attention to detail I love the art I love like my artist she is you know the colors used and then now I'm gonna try you as a crew perso that that will be your next step is to try her as a goober yep she does one but she does appointment grooming she requires rabies and D HPP is what I saw and just for the sake of just grooming I would recommend you get Bordetella as well I'm not your veterinarian please tell your veterinarian if you kind of doubt what I'm saying is my advice but that's my opinion so make sure you consult with the veterinarian if you have questions don't consult Dede the pet groomer Robyn Wylie thanks for the $1.99 what are they saying with it you cuz you got to read it I can't read you man and drive at the same time Robyn why do you said love watching your grace Blount said they should be honored to have you walk in their suite okay then Ricker said thanks Mississippi did a sticker cool and Barbie said every little bit helps every little bit does help I can't do it alone you guys okay do it alone I cannot face life alone I'm glad you guys are here and those are you guys haters on the stream that be sure to bake good like or dislike on the feed that always helps too and thanks for being here having a an addiction to our channel we couldn't do it without you everything that you watch helps the ratings of the show check out that car over there guys it has no would talk about you'll never have engine that is not allowed in Texas engine hitted produce girls tats man oh she got a Hawaiian thing but she's smoking a cigar that's a Hawaiian warrior head on her I mean right here I guess I'm in mini California Hawaii right here bro Yeah right yeah does she have oh she's high stuff huh mini Hawaii Betty are you out there Sheila are you out there my real instincts for the 1.0 euro dollars I don't know that either man you've pulled over once you go across the block maybe the license plate was like I should've done some room room water we're in a red cars you guys see what car we're in come to Newfoundland we just approved to open our salon full-time in our home what I should have anybody that wants me to visit their salon to write me you guys have to write me or me your address and everything oh wait I'm gonna do something you have to write me an essay about why you think I should come to your salon I think that would be cool right something like that you have to write me a letter you have to have your address your phone number an email and an essay about why I should come visit your salon and then I read it all out loud and then YouTube votes where I go I think that's what I should do oh yeah that would be hella cool I just totally missed my turn yeah comment dadgummit guess we're gonna take the long way around Leanne Conley things for the two hey didi and David new subscriber from the UK awesome UK's awesome I think you UK also pops with YouTube a lot you can people do YouTube to know the yellow means yeah but you always tell by the by the center lane yeah but still justice might be at home no we oh we're almost there no no my favorite groomer and you should charge for it lady get your flights paid yeah something like that we have to look at everything early like can I do an essay about why you should come to Kentucky yes please please please everyone's invited to do an essay you know it's like I wonder the first groomer knew who you were they all said you never know you know that people don't like me right oh she might be in one of those haters oh is this it one way yes no parking between the street no because those signs wouldn't be the face just look for the yellow in the middle okay there's no yellow bro I'm not a freakin traffic advisor so don't ya cuz I know that I know the yellow separates intersections palm trees those does that one need some help so music class oh my god you guys if we if we drive around recording man look at all these people we friggin cats doing doing something wrong that day set the Rob but do something weird oh is it Jamaican store oh yes Jamaican food every little thing Jamaican Jamaican food I'm never here thanks for the donation guys if you haven't donated to support the stream donate to support the stream if you haven't hit the like button hit the like button if you haven't subscribed subscribe lime life lime leaf Thai Lao kitchen three.js Asian market Asian market true cementery brewing what kind of brewing what is that doesn't well Brewin means beer I think that's not a bird it's a heron nail salon I want to get my toe nails done I can't go to that even with my nails all eyelashes healthy living sewing okay what does that sound like bait and tackle Blue Devils boy blowing though link bingo is that bingo yeah bingo bingo bingo what's this guy with the boat doing oh he's going to tackle place oh yeah where they going fishing oh that's what it means bait I was thinking of like police officer baiting somebody attack like did they teach you to bait somebody in tackle in what's that guy doing right there man did you water man is that a restaurant or something that's her husband man oh that's a big pump you talking they did mobile home community guys do a lie about that tree oh my gosh so there's some nice is that big is that a palm tree that's overgrown it's different family what family those are almost dinosaurs fun-filled like dinosaurs guys because yes that's right that's why the palm trees are so tall guys that's what I think because they used to be around when dinosaurs were around so the dinosaurs would use them Oh pearl anneals for fishing we're all idiots over here you that's what I was thinking uh okay here we are are you ready all right don't like it Pet Grooming pause ba no public restrooms don't like him and what don't you like we haven't even walked in okay because I'm already nervous because of what that lady said well that's why you can't make a prejudgment that's why we're here on our own to walk in and just see for our own selves alright just do this guy's where she looks guys thanks for the good luck you guys smell okay guys here we go yeah I do kind of like that aspect though you know light you know think my car we were just right now I'm actually here in California about once a month then we're on our live Channel right now we're interviewing rulers to see if I can find a place to groom out of while I'm here every month and so if you want to have it give me a call I'd be great I'm recording you may I bring my camera no we can look down the floor a couple weeks is that the tail or the leg there this is his tail is not in when I watch him at home they do this is neat you got a lot of space up in here Cara look cool wow that's an old school table right there that's like plastic with a deaf co-driver one yeah hey buddy okay so it doesn't dry alright or your feet will be soaked right wow this is a pretty big building – girl 1 square feet is huge man you could do Pet Sitting out of this right what I'm trying to do is find a place I can groom out of when I come out here about twice once a month so once a month I'm in California I'm based out of Texas we do a lot of grooming on YouTube everything I do is usually recorded I have my own you know business entity and things that we can talk about off camera that would protect me so I'm interested in finding a place to groom out up is the clients that I'm called getting calls from in California I have no place to groom so if the owner is interested in something word so we talk about numbers and things like that and you know that I decide I would have my own equipment and except for I would probably use your cheap table you're I could probably still get my own table on stuff here but your tongue I wouldn't want to be traveling with a tub so I got to back yeah so you don't I mean go to the table it's just two of them right right mm-hmm so yeah that's a little table too yeah so that's what kind of what we're doing I've caught visited a few groomers already I'm still just you know wrapping it up for once I wanted is about ten groomers and see what I feel comfortable with you know you're gonna work there and I don't mind if it's after hours because I'm not trying to interfere in your business at all you know I mean in the type of dogs I grew more aggressive senior disabled its most place most cases so I don't mind being like and after our thing so so is just just a one at a time you know I mean so we could talk about it yeah we do some aggressive we do seniors I don't have too many dinners disabled anymore right right I just put there but I sling and hang them up and say together loom it anyway right well I invented this product I don't know if you heard of it I don't even have the car since when it wasn't mine intent it's called the dog up stand you can look it up on the Internet it's called dog UPS and calm and it helps assist a dog to stand up while you're grooming is that the one that looks like kind of a giant pillow with it's a bone Doug boy one well we have three three versions we have a small mini which is like a dog bone shape and then we have any aluminum version and the small size which is perfect for these guys are here that want to sit a lot he's saving you 17 minutes all the fish it's great here shows the logo so she knows once licks it up you'll see like right now I would have to hold about you could just work oh I just have it there so I can know nobody in general I get this one he comes he knows the drill right right now and I just because I don't want to rush something that he went like right looks like a dog that you do dude I'm trying to think about it did you get a glance at the dog yeah now that her back soon you could probably get a glass he's pretty cute well thank you for your time I appreciate you thank you oh really all right girl thank you so much appreciate very nice dog she was very nice hey my my head the whole time I was like she's the owner she's the owner she's the owner she's very nice doll if she was rude she was nice I can't believe you two be still here with me what happened what were you guys okay okay hold on hold on go park over there for a minute it's really really sunny right here go shower they said how do you know no could you okay hold on hold on I need to regroup my thoughts there's only so much opinion me opinionated I can do I really like how nice she was though like cuz I would I would assume that if she's nice the owners gonna be nice too it's just no you can't assume that yeah but I can't assume that can you assume that you guys you can't assume that there's no there's no tree coverage here stroll up to the comments first are you serious haha the one thing I can't not share with you right now is the smell I cannot tell you how the smell wind you guys can wrap it around your own mind but I think what I could smell was it's a very old building there is no dust regular air you know dusty you know I mean there's a no regular dusting outdoor cleansing of the bugs and the lighting little things I I don't take for granted a little bit of the lighting and I'm not a hundred percent the perfect person in cleaning but I'm pretty clean I like to say I'm a little bit cleaner than the average person but what I mean is like I wouldn't touch anything that any other product there because they had so much dust buildup so by the way this is how you go through a ditch so you don't scrape you go sideways so Iman okay here I'll pull up right here we'll do a little chitchat here and then we got a we're gonna peel off and then we might come back later I'll let you guys we'll see how's our heat how is our battery life I can't tell them better like where's the battery I can't tell I don't know what the heck is their new phone is just your the lose stuff that oh stop how do I get back well stop okay go put it just put it regular yeah it's gonna be over yeah oh you guys have no idea talking just wonder why is it so zoomed up now could you guys see all that he's swiping hitting things bumping things he's gonna just totally get you guys disconnected okay let me think without in my opinion it really needs an overhaul of cleaning I would not want to work inside there because of the smell it would really really bother me they had some seriously old equipment I've never seen in my career which I can't that what table was pretty cool but you guys see the pink purple rubber tape or whatever she said it was designed for that's smart it's designed to like blow-dry the dog on the table so it could get wet and not damaged you know now tech nowadays the tables are pretty cheap and that's particle usually particle board in between the rubber and then if you have a crack of some sort and water gets in there Eve eventually you roads the table I get that and and so when she said I'm not the owner and in my head I was like this year there's only one grooming table in here there's only one grooming table being used right and I'm like anyway she may not be the owner but she's probably the only groomer that works in there and she had a dog in the back a dog in the front a dog on the table or two dogs in the front cage did you see how many cages were there so those are all kennels in that cages kennels I have been in places where they have that many kennels and they were awful and it was loud and there was only two people there and it was just crazy so that was nothing to me but that was a lot of kennels in the back and the front a lot like that I imagine you know there was a time where it was that busy you would not have all those kennels if it wasn't that busy so they they were really busy at some point and I guess the owner of that place is also alien ward thanks for the 20 you guys don't forget to thank you for the donation we're almost about to wrap it up if you want to support what we've done today please donate that helps us do other things like this it's not cheap it's not free nothing's cheap nothing nothing it's not cheap but nothing's free someone pays for it in some way shape or form so we are out here and we're giving you our free time and so you're you contribute each of the channel is like you know helpful so I do want to read what you guys have written here that place is go let's go back up to when we kind of started walking in and it's not as bad as David anticipated so I told him you know don't treat judge it you never know it's after the Clippers ability okay definitely NOP bad vibe no needs rehab badly so dirty gross no thank you is it safe for them to be stacked I don't like the stacking myself Caitlyn oh my god get that dog out hell no wow so how many of you guys commenting our groomers and I'll catch up to your answer are you groomers or pet owners looks like she needs more personnel back out now I agree Kaylin all Hales nah the best life TV what's up it looks like an animal rescue center I don't like it Donna says mold did you guys see mold I kept yeah I kept like Davey like get that get that a lot run down run David run dee dee run while you still can oh my goodness you guys oh my god that's disgusting get out before you take fleas with you oh yeah I need to check my oh my god nope wonder what Health Department would say pee EMSL Donna run run fast Dave save yourself you guys are really really not liking that place Oh No Diane says they need some help cleaning that place up okay can you imagine going in as a team cleaning some place it hasn't been cleaned in 10 years can you imagine the buildup I can't tell you but I worked at a veterinarian clinic that I spent eight hours cleaning before I accepted the job and I got no pay for it oh my god you're going to take fleas home and some sort of disease from that mess why so many kennels they have so many kennel because they were that busy at one time spent your grooming time making sure no dogs leave with anything you'll catch something for sure isn't your phone ringing David for an important call oh wow Dede and David run run run the last place was the best hundred-percent green mold I think is toxic anyone else heard this I can't believe DeeDee is being so chill with her who said that and you place needs complete overhaul Flora's bad walls electrical and waiting area I don't think she get that many dogs especially since there are other groomers in the area not happy with that amount of kennels me either you read my mind small ones at that only one biggest crate that a good kine oh so that let me tell you they don't make those kennels anymore so we have I bought candles for Sue and Duke because they had to travel on an airplane from Germany so I had to buy kennels that were rated at the time which is in the year 2000 maybe 1999 I got some Kindles for them and they had to be really hard tough stuff and they are they're really good kennels they don't make them like that anymore so if those are the types of kennels that they they have then I know that they've had those about 19 years right right the average right is what i can assume because i have them all right they're really good they don't make them like that anymore this that place is horrible hope you may have some flea spray in your car yuck run and save yourself no no no that toy look like dirty use hand sanitizer go shower nice doesn't mean clean no it doesn't mold laugh out loud Wow bad best live TV still he used a brown thumb to take a shower did you guys enjoy it though that tub was disgusting it was go back and watch it I will later might have to do a separate video you guys that I'm gonna do something you got to scroll up all the comments I know I just did run DD run fast so crazy nice nice nice days and matter it's the safety of animals nice doesn't give a good rep for Dedes clean grooming for Fleet policy she was nice just the place needs cleaning mold well it looked moldy and nasty so I bet there was a smell there was a smell it was wears much too Tara oils now I will get them out the dust at the end David was so funny did you catch it dust on the way out oh and you touch it and you didn't tell me don't touch me there was visible water damage safety of animals had to step away sorry you had to step away I was in the air Kalyn see told you a complete overhaul down to studs I have to give you credit you don't judge people you are awesome yeah I try not to judge you don't know what's going on don't judge just face value I should be able to say I don't like it I should be able to say that's too many candles in my opinion okay so this here is on guard I excel it on my website I'm gonna wrote roll some on myself here it's it's proven go read go read about it it's proven to do some stuff for it for you I don't know we should try it out okay ironically my favorite groomer in Rancho Cucamonga would be an amazing place to work out of once a month I don't know what part of Cali you guys are looking to work out of though right now we're into San Francisco like north of San Francisco area Angie I can't go take dogs that's not allowed as old as those trees you saw oh my god thank you for giving us a tour of the place Lillian thank you so much for your donation the tubs walls were nasty I don't want to know I didn't see it you didn't know I was too busy kind of I don't know what I was doing but I was scanning everything you know scan you can't take it all in it's just I'm thinking scanning smelling talking trying to figure out what I was gonna say tell you what guys all these groomers that we went to that led us to the back they all have one thing you guys want to know that one thing is they have a washer and dryer does she have a washer and dryer no she didn't Lillian thank you for the 50 Wow thank you so much I can't unsee the green slime on the tub no way it's that bad oh my gosh I cannot wait to go back and watch this go back to the last one you will help her drum up her business I know I will I'm gonna incorporate that in the negotiation I missed you will have to go back and watch sue what's up yay Lillian Ward oh yeah Lillian we're pet owner okay so pet owner groomer pet owner a groomer pet owner pet owner cut on her pet owner so you guys that are pet owners I'm telling you as soon as you walk in you should know and there's some of the people that tell me about their negative experiences at groomers they they left their dogs out I asked him did you still leave your dog there I don't go back there groomers don't go back no but I could tell as soon as I walked in I could smell as soon as I walked in I could smell you guys and as soon as I looked to the left eye I saw the amount of kennels and I thought no thanks you know that's not what I'm looking for and even though there wasn't 35 dogs in there there could be you know and that's what would happen and it could be a different type of groomer where it's like every morning to drop off your pet then to be groomed and then at afternoon you pick them up after work that's that could be a type of groomer they are so we just don't know guys we can judge like that Leyla says oh my god you're so funny my coffee came out of my nose beautiful people and so professional Lillian thank you for your donation I'm all to canal what's that oh thank you thank you I got oh I mean gracias thank you yes yes was the funniest video was it this really such a fun stream Oh like really if you enjoyed it drop a thumbs up right now right now what like what the emojis up emoji or just just put like if you guys enjoyed it does nothing on the fleas David I do I try and step ahead of us on guard spray it now hook up Oh too far but really like the video thanks do a live as you're watching the video back okay good we'll do that we'll do a replay and we'll go back and go oh my gosh remember that you know David zoomed in on the slime did you I should have touched it to see why would you picture that oh I'm glad he didn't cuz he'd be sitting here I forgot to tell you DVI touch this line mmm is it common to sit while grooming whoo yeah for you oh the groomer was sitting down and I had I had a manager at Petsmart the one that took on dog after dog after dog until like you had one person had 25 dogs to groom by themselves in an eight-hour shift which is impossible to bathe and groom and do all this by yourself 25 dogs one person she just kept taking dogs and dogs she sat as a groomer she sat as well and I want to say it was because of her age and that groomer had all white hair and missing teeth and this is my manager at the time so I'm trying to paint a picture of how old she was glasses when she she had her BA she would put him on and read something and put him on I don't really know because I was younger so I want to say I would say she was like 70 years old already so I don't know how old this lady is but the older you get and the longer you been doing this your back is gonna be affected okay and so I can imagine like she was sitting down the whole time but I want to say that you cannot be a speedy groomer if you sit down in my opinion you are not able to do a lot of stuff like I can do move around the table and stuff right you're you're just gonna be sitting there and doing what you got to do and it's gonna take a little bit longer subscribe share and donate a couple bucks if you can helps the stream out front loaders Donna is it common yeah okay the green slime was disgusting I can't believe that she was okay with you going back there she gave us permission that's all I got to say we asked for permission she said okay I'm gonna leave it at that dee dee you should do a commentary video on watching this video I will once we get back to a computer thank you I'm glad you liked it all David you are so stinking cute but look like your eyes are burning I was just curious because I feel like it would I would slow you down I was just curious because I feel like it would slow you down hi from Manaus Amazon Brazil without Brazil I think it's delighting that makes her eyes look like that greetings to all what vaccinations you require for when you come to the UK for when you come to the UK Oh for us humans I got to look that up her legs had a lot of swelling I think she had to sit I saw that too yeah 68 and can't sit grooming after this video you guys will probably do what I'm gonna do which is like you got to sit think repeat things in your mind and literally take it all in and go hmm you know like one thing she did say right away was you have to have a license to do any pet-sitting which would be boarding not pet sitting here in California because then that would be overnight stay and you also heard her say I hardly get time off now I would not want to do that because then I would be up here all the time 24 hours a day letting the dogs out cleaning the kennels which is true which makes me believe like she is running that place all by herself okay and the owner which is then maybe how far away San Jose 40 minutes is 40 45 minutes yeah so I don't think the other lady is gonna be up here every day I don't think that's happening so it does make me think about my own life in making sure she's not here every day for San Jose's far she did say contact her you might be able to go down there and check her out we don't have the time this trip to do that but you guys can make your own you know assumptions about on everything we went in there trying to look for a place to groom out of I personally don't feel like I could do that there one out of three guys which one would you guys pay yep which one would you guys pick we already know the answer which ones you guys pick one out of three the first one the second one our third one everybody write the comments down below go with the second place David needs fluids he all out so this is this is what we're gonna do I'm not gonna go back and watch this video until I actually can go back and watch it with all of you guys so you guys need to make sure you don't miss it it will be I would I really want to go back and watch it but I won't I won't let you guys down I will wait for us to go back together and watch it all together because I was over here she should have saw me I was like tapping David like get over there go get get that we got permission go get it man what I what what stuns me is the amount of cages that's what gets me is like wow I was like and then she's like go ahead go back I was like and go and then uh-oh oh all I see it in my head is cages cages and cages and some equipments on forgive me for saying this out loud but it looked like a dang electric chair hey but but if the equipment's still working man des you you buy equipment that was made in the 80s and 90s that stuff remember I told you you spend the money well it will last a lifetime but still if you buy equipment nowadays like that that was made in 2014 that equipments only gonna last you like five months when you buy equipment dolls made in 90s and last year lifetime why is that because fast fast cuz why we want it fast I get people that order stuff winners are gonna be here it's like hold on yeah so vehicle that's how vehicles work too you go buy a new car it only lasts as much miles you go buy an old car that's like made in the 50s that's gonna let last your lifetime loans you keep fixing it okay you guys learned some stuff right I know I did I always learned stuff well I'm gonna tell you right now you don't know what's going on wherever you're taking your dog go ask if you can get at or if you can't get at or that's a wake-up call the next thing is always be aware of your surroundings you walk in you don't like something just say no or ask them to change it hey by the way it's really really dirty in here I don't feel comfortable so we're gonna leave but if ever changed I'd be happy to come back you're a really nice person boom it in fact is very educational and it gives somebody an opportunity to change or to do something about it and sometimes it's not their fault sometimes a lot of times it's not all the time right it's not the dog's fault it the human involved so we look at the human ago can you fix this can you stop can you change can you do these things and sometimes we look at a matted dog and go did you not know that what bit doo doo what your her hands did like what the no what does she say she does she goes the owners made the dog and this is what they do to the tail put your hands together yeah don't try you're don't bathe your dog and do that you have to scrunch the hair and the soap don't tease the hair with your fingertips so she probably has never pulled the client hey is this how you're doing it or hey if there's a knot don't pay the dog brush it off first cuz then she's sitting there deem adding the tail but really it comes down to you communication right and we're all afraid to communicate because we don't want to hurt people's feelings and we don't want to stop it get over it it's just a fact the fact is the dogs tails matter and we're trying to figure out why and we're trying to prevent it so that this poor dog that comes every two weeks doesn't have to go through that every time she made it seem like exactly that like just listen oh there's a lot to be learned here and I can learn something you guys can see and learn something and you guys know now what to look for right I have and I'm ready to take you guys on the next outing I think I said thank you is dawn Lillian Lillian Ward really word thank you for the fifty I think I scrolled and said that but 170 you guys smash the like button if you're hating and you don't like it smash the dislike button thanks for helping us grow up being a part of what we do thanks for the donations to the feed I'll pay you to send David to help her out David you're gonna need a face mask if you go in there my dad always told me cheap turns out to be expensive can you really afford this pay it forward love you guys a lot you should have told that lady how dangerous it is to use straps around the abdomen she didn't exactly that's why I brought up the dog up stand you notice I wasn't in there to sell anything I was in there to find a place to pay them to groom out of much love San Diego okay we love you guys last-minute donations everyone donate $1 help to feed and then I think a lot of you loved us walking in on these people and asking for their permission to continue recording if they said no we would walk out so we really appreciate you guys loving it and if you want to see more people more things like this and I know you do man I know you guys are like where are we going now that you guys are my favorite groomer family is the best you especially after that post you see on Facebook about the dog dying oh my goodness enjoy the stream thank you guys love you guys have a great day enjoy your life yeah he's really happy like is it is new it's definitely new and I said yeah we tried let's go do this when we try new things on Channel I get nervous I'm like they're not gonna like it then I'm like yeah make sure you share it okay just be like hey you guys DS gonna walk in on you and California be ready and don't want us to walk in and what see some stuff better fix it you have an opportunity right now to see what you saw get your own opinion of it and then do what you need to do in your own facility because number two that salon was on point that salon was on point number two so we'll be back number two and I love you guys thanks for being here we appreciate you I don't know it's all stuck over here okay

48 thoughts on “California pet groomer here I come / Where can I groom – News

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  11. I saw your donuts and I also became a member first day. I don't check my credit card statement (my bad but I set it up for reoccurring). I should be six months too. Got to support those you love and love you back

  12. LOL, can you tell I missed the live feed so I'm commenting as I go like I'm in the chat. Have to leave for church soon, might not see it all before then. Maybe I should hold my comments back until I watch the whole thing.

  13. Darn, I missed you live today! I’m just east of you in the Sacramento area. Enjoyed seeing the tour. As a pet owner, I could not leave my dogs at the third place! The gross build up of mold on the walls by the tubs was definitely worthy of reporting to the health department.

  14. She may take your card, check you out and call you later. It has to be a little intimidating when you are caught off guard; I don't think she was rude, just not prepared–that's all. You never know what could happen, she may come watch this video and be like "heck yeah"!

  15. I LOVE MY 5 SPEED ANDIS got it from DeDe ,hey Girl I'm Thinking I like you with more Hair?? Your the Top Groomer of all time,, Wow That 2nd Place was. Super wild!!! Beautiful that Purple Tub yes!!! GREAT OWNER GREAT PLACE DeDe to work can't wait

  16. Santa Barbara. My former boss has a beautiful golden retriever. Josh Schimel and Gwen dandridge. They r FB friends of mine. Ty Vicki in Alaska

  17. That place was horrible how are they still in business the dust was so thick when David touched it the bathing area was moldey bad place to work….??????

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