Caitlyn had her muzzle cruelly taped shut. Now look at her! | DOG'S BEST DAY

Caitlyn is every dog every dog has been abused neglected she's like the face for other dogs and because of her bravery and her survival I think that that's why Caitlyn deserves a dog's best day the abuse against an animal in North Charleston was so cruel it has made national news she was found with her muzzle bound with electrical tape this is the picture that went viral when we actually pulled the tape off she kind of opened her mouth and screamed it was the best way to describe it it was violent what was done to her it was calculated and to see that her scars on her is to be that she won she prevailed and that no matter what he did to her she was the winner we're here today to give him an award to this wonderful dog Kaitlyn and since she's from North Charleston we didn't want to give her a key to the city but we do want to give her a bone to the city Kaitlyn are you ready for your best day ever if there's one thing Kaitlyn loves its chasing after a bar her personality came out immediately after she wasn't sedated and each day we learned more and more about her she's super super sweet very loving extremely intelligent she's amazing Josh took hours and hours to spend time with Caitlin when she was at the hospital he went in this hour he really made an effort she has just fallen in love with Josh sometimes when Caitlin and I will be out and about we would take a break and go to Starbucks uh-huh I see the tail wagging and then I would get her a little treat and she's gotten to the point where she knows when we go there but that's what we're getting oh yeah she gets it all over her nose I try to do it slowly you know give her a little bit she loves best day ever killing it's all for you it's all for you baby have you ever seen so many toys and dreams in one place how do you even choose which one's your favorite you all have been such an important part of Caitlyn's recovery bark post would like to present you with a donation of $1,000 you can continue your great work helping animals in need thank you so much another surprise blankets to keep all of her friends cozy speaking of Caitlyn's friends we want to invite them to join the party it was like Santa Santa Paws came to town all the dogs are just so happy to see her playing and benefiting the shelter animals and benefiting the world the way she is it is pretty awesome I think Caitlyn has made people see that there's hope if you can come back from what happened to Caitlyn you know there's hope for others that it's gonna be hard when we finally let her go be a dog in a family she's a dog that will be in my heart forever you

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