Cage Tour ? Vanilla’s new home!

Hello! Welcome to my new home! Dust extracted aspen bedding (Yellow notes are product names) DIY Ice cream truck hideout This is where I like to sleep and store my food Plain tissue bedding My secret hiding spot is right here DIY cardboard nestbox No one will ever find it! Here’s where I take my sand baths This is the basement It’s nice and shady down here I can use this for my nest DIY popsicle stick house Time for bed! I hope you enjoyed the tour See you soon!

100 thoughts on “Cage Tour ? Vanilla’s new home!

  1. I’m currently building my cage and I based a lot of design ideas on your design. Would you recommend the sand? And if so, where can I get it?

  2. i have a hamster named teddy and another account named pet hacks but to find it you need to tip up the old channel name (teddys tips) , on pet hacks you can see what teddy looks like and get tips and tricks

  3. Tissues are not allowed to be scented right? Nor the sand. I just received a hamster and it's a genuine question because my sister in law has a chinchila and she uses lavander scented sand wich the chinchila loves. Thank you!

  4. Vanilla was such a cute hamster. ? Your channel as inspired me to create my own Hamster Channel. RIP Vanilla ? And I am sure you will give Butterscotch an amazing life.

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