Buying vs Adopting a Dog!

hi everybody and welcome back to Relax My Dog now today’s video is all about buying vs adopting a dog and
what the positives are for each and what may be the negatives are for each as
well so if you would like to learn a little bit more about this and doesn’t the do stay tuned for today’s video now before we do
get started though definitely do go down below to the comments and let me know
did you buy or did you adopt you your dog let me know it down below in the
comments but let’s just jump straight in so obviously the idea of adopting is
dogs that haven’t been rescued or within harsh circumstances or environments and
they’ve been rescued and bought into a home or a center and you could basically
go there and adopt a dog these rate can range from puppies all the way up to
older dogs there’s a lot of different sort of type of dogs that are there as
well that’s was a brief and review of
adopting and then buying because obviously where you get a dog brand new
from a breeder so when the aqua p2 the first A+ at whether adopting a dog is
that they usually comes with a much lower cost obviously you’re not having
to buy for a brand new dog that has had all of this worming tablets and all that
sort of stuff basically a dog that is ready to be loved and to be bought into
a family that’s what you find when you adopt a dog
now another positive is which a lot of people don’t actually understand or
don’t actually know is that you can actually get a dog that ranges from my
poor feet all the way out to an older dog in sub centers you can actually get
dogs that are very young puppies in adoption centers so definitely do
research if y’all want to get a dog now another reason is probably the top
reason as to why you might want to adopt is that’s because you are saving a life
obviously a dark has been put into in adoption center or rescue center because
they were lost and they weren’t in the right environment previously I don’t
know one is you can find a dog that fits your lifestyle perfectly obviously if a
dog is but older they might have been trained they may have been toilet
trained etc so you getting a dog that is basically ready-made rose buying you
have to do all yourself plus you can get one that fits in with your lifestyle the
centers will know exactly what the doggy personalities are so you can sort of fit
in what you sort of want from a dark and the peripheral perfect
now we will look at the positives of buying a dog the first one is obviously
if you’re buying a dog you can do as much research as possible to find it the
perfect dog for you you’ll find the exact breed that you want the exact age
that you want however this could be seen as a positive or a negative because if
you were getting a dog that is much younger your mean you’ll have to do all
the different trading things with your dog your bass have to start from scratch
whereas if you adopt you sort of get that already and see I definitely do
think about whether you have the time to fully train a dog because adopting might
be the better way no another positives to when buying a dog is you can find a
reputable breeder basically one that is reliable and well that you have heard
about that people have got really good dogs from and ones that are healthy etc
so you’re able to follow a bond with them and basically you can always get
advice from those well if they are a very very well known breeder you can get
face on them and learn more about the dog and you could sort of have build up
to when you buy the dog too when you’re out you can pick it up there’s a lot of
stages that go through that process and then the last a positive – when buying a
dog is that there is no mystery obviously sometimes when you are
adopting a dark it can be very unpredictable because you don’t
necessarily know all about the dark and what they’ve been through previously and
what sorts of things you might have to work on with the dog whereas when you’re
buying a dog you’re basically getting a brand new thing to look after and that
is it’s for this week’s video I hope you’ve enjoyed and you learn a little
bit more about whether you should buy or adopt the dog if you want to learn more
about this you can definitely let us know down below in the comments any
questions you might have relating to whether you should fight over doctor dog
or let me know what your thoughts are whether you should that you should adopt
or whether you have an opinion on buying a dog let me know down below in the
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30 thoughts on “Buying vs Adopting a Dog!

  1. You subscribed to this channel for what music for your dog….

    I subscribed to this channel for music for me to listen to…..

  2. Facts that were not stated in the vlog-
    1. Many breeders neglect their dogs. They are left in cages for years. Their sole purpose is to breed babies.
    2. Many shelters euthanize their homeless dogs after they become sick or have been in the shelter a few weeks.

  3. My sister is amazing I love her she found my dog! It's a Australian Sheapered from the ditch on my channle you see him almost every time pls go watch and subcribe!

  4. imo i find that some people might avoid adopting dogs as their afraid that the injuries or infectioms that happened to the dog (have been cured) would reoccur.

  5. I have 2 sisters. One was adopted, one is my biological sister. One is a dog, the other is a human.
    Samantha Kate Rosebud Gibson-
    Sam, Sammie for short.
    Anna Elizabeth Gibson-
    Aka just my sister?

    I love both…but the doggo(sammie) is my favorite…even though she eats flies and licks her butt…. At least we have a fly exterminator???

  6. With millions of dogs being euthanized in shelters bringing a canine member in to your family through any other method other than adopting is selfish and sentences a shelter animal to death. In Australia for example the number of dogs euthanized in shelters almost matches the same number of animals that are bred in to existence.

  7. Adopt dont shop!!! We have a yr old special little man we adopted from Wisconsin humane society…he is the best buddy I ever had like u say.. he is potty trained, can be left alone all day If at work he just sits in the window waiting for me patiently.. We love him so much and he really shows how grateful he is for having a good home..

  8. My dog died like a year ago but I'm going to college so I don't really have time for a new one however when I'm done ill probably adopt a dog or small pig ?

  9. My dog was given to me during Hurricane Harvey by a family who was evacuating the neighborhood and couldn’t take her with them. I gave them $50 for her kennel, bag of food, and her toys, it was the least I could do.

  10. I found Beau, a Pitbull, on the street. He was in pretty bad shape, but recovered from all injuries & illnesses in a few months. He's now my trained Service Dog that has been an Ambassador for the Breed. I wish everyone would Adopt & Rescue.

  11. My dog was rescued after being dropped off at the vets. Seeing her happy is the best feeling ever. I love her and wouldn’t be without her. It’s so, so rewarding seeing her flourish over the 12 years we’ve had her. I plan on adopting elderly dogs when I get my own place, it’s so rewarding to give them a good life

  12. I think sbd. should well define his life style his needs and his limits. Then can choose buying or adopting. We got two dogs.. First was adopted. When we adopted her it was no important our space because there was big garden or her breed…We just tryed to find connection between dog and us. She was adorable dog. 1 year ago .. Exactly 6 may we lost her because of kidney problems. There was an important religion festival. We were outside because I couldn't do at home… I was saying she is so strong she will do then we ve got phone call they were saying we lost her. After 10 seconds big firework show started. I adore fireworks and she wasn't afraid of them. I would like to belive we watched same light. She was just an adopted ordinary dog without breed. But she was extraordinary for us. She was so energetic I couldn't imagine her without her speedy run and her image remains like that. Now I have another dog I bought her. A Maltese.. Because I need to travel a lot I choosed a small breed. so i can bring her with me in airplane (cabin) we live a symbiotic life.. . Who thinks to have a dog should choose a dog that never leave..

  13. Hello, I’ve just adopted a year and a half year old beagle. I would apreciate any tips you could give me. So the transition is better

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