Buying pet supplies off Amazon…AGAIN??

hey guys so I said I wasn’t
going to do this again and I probably won’t do that again but
here we are I am going to be doing another video on buying pet supplies off
of Amazon this time I have a couple of things I’ve learned try not to buy items
that don’t say prime underneath because then they’ll take like seven months to
get to your house and yeah so hopefully everything is going to arrive this time
so let’s get shopping okay so there are a couple of things I already know that I
want so one the first thing is oat sprays then a couple of different sprays
that I want for the hamsters so these are oat sprays it’s basically what it is
so I’m going to get some of those so I’m gonna try and find stuff for the
hamsters and the rabbits so let’s see how successful we can be I really really
want this it’s a 7 pack but it’s $24.99 and I’m not about to spend that much on
these toys cuz it’s just I don’t know it’s not like a good enough deal for me
I’m not seeing a lot of good items today a lot of this stuff like I have or it’s
like not that great of a deal I think I want to get one of these it’s very small
so it’s going to be for tatertot I know that cuz it’s tiny
that is obviously Photoshop that Syrian would not fit through there but it is a
little bit expensive it also has a one-star mm why do you only have one
star this person gave one star this person gave five so there’s no in
between well I’m gonna put it in my cart I also
wanted to get some of these chews but again they’re like really expensive I’m
not sure why like $16.99 for apple orchard sticks it’s kind of a lot of
money you know what I wanted to get I wanted to get like some new dishes for
the rabbit ra ra rabbits this is $32 for two dishes
maybe actually Oh but these be really small I’m trying to
figure out a diameter 4 inches those are like tiny dishes dollars so I
only have five things in my cart and I’m at eighty one dollars so I’m probably
going to buy one more thing and then pay because that is quite a bit of money
4 to 6 days later l so I got both of my packages here I just opened everything
up to save some time everything did come because I ordered with prime this time
so here are the two boxes there’s this one and then there’s this one so I’m
probably gonna start with opening this one it has boxes inside of a box so
there are two like boxes like this so I guess I’ll start with this one I’m
pretty sure I know what this is because it does say fragile, fragile on the
side of it so I’m pretty sure this is the bowl that I ordered. styrofoam *throws* it is! so
here is the bowl that I ordered when I was ordering this I did order the set
of two and then it was just too expensive so I found a single one with
pattern but I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t get the matching ones cuz this
pattern is just so adorable if it like focuses and you can see but it’s super
adorable it’s my favorite color with paw prints I absolutely love it and this is
for the rabbits so the next package inside of the package is this one and it
makes a lot of noise so inside of here is actually the um what is that set that I
ordered I’m not sure it was that wooden set that I ordered and it comes with all
these things so it has this really cute dumbbell thing and these are going to be
for the rabbits as well so this is just a dumbbell ,there is this jingle dingle
bell there’s another jingle dingle ball but bigger and like more woody there’s
like a roller wooden roller and then there’s like one of these type of roller
ones and then there’s a mini jingle dingle ball it’s like so cute it’s just
so tiny and then and then there is Applewooden apple-orchard sticks I
think these are but when I was looking on Amazon I wanted to buy just like a
pack of sticks of these they were all like fifteen to twenty dollars just so
expensive so I’m really happy it came with these I didn’t even know it was
gonna come with these but there’s a ton of them so now we can move on to the
other box so inside of this box I see the tunnel that I ordered this is
actually a good size I don’t know why I thought this was gonna be really small
don’t know why but this is a perfect size for tatertot obviously not any of
my Syrians are gonna fit in this, this is more of a dwarf thing but and it’s also
very sheddy wood is just falling everywhere but as you can see there are holes everywhere on this so it’s
awesome Tater Tot is gonna love it then the next thing you guys already know I
ordered these oats sprays I saw so I ordered oat sprays and then I also
ordered the wheat sprays by tropical carnival I am gonna be using these in
the hamsters cages for their German foraging cages which
should be coming soon the updates hopefully but these look decent I’m a
little bit scared to open them because I feel like all of the little like they have
these oat things and I feel like all of them fell off but the thing hopefully
not but I got those then the next thing I got was this baby toy um this is
not what I was really expecting I was expecting this to be a hard plastic but
this is a very nice soft baby toy so the plastics not the greatest because
I don’t want my rabbits to like chew it to death so I’m going to test this with
them to make sure they’re not gonna try and eat it or something but basically I
got it because it’s good for throwing it’s really light and hopefully the
rabbits don’t try and chew it and they just like to play with it and the last thing that I got was the
Rose wood the activity suspension bridge I got this for honey because she does
enjoy climbing a bit so I thought this would be good to get for her um let’s
open it up hopefully this doesn’t have to be put together like the last time I
ordered something from Rosewood that was not fun uh hmm let’s see
I don’t wood just fell on me okay this does not need to be set up or anything
like that but it just looks like this which it kind of is really tall to me
it’s just like I thought it would be a little bit closer together so now I’m
actually thinking instead of using this how it is so you’re supposed to hang it
like this I’m thinking about taking all of these chains off and such
and creating my own type of hanging thing using these so we’ll see what I
can maybe come up with so yeah guys that is everything that I ordered off of
Amazon this time it was a good time not like the last time and I had a good
experience so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video thank you for
watching bye

100 thoughts on “Buying pet supplies off Amazon…AGAIN??

  1. Yes… I ordered from Amazon again hahahahaha it's actually fun when you order prime items and they come within 2 days!! Here's my last Amazon haul for anyone wondering:
    And look forward to next weeks video as it's going to be a cage updates video! ?

  2. Hey so i was wondering on getting my hammy another buddy, I know that Syrians are solitary but I heard and researched that dwarfs can live together, the only reason why I think he should is beacause bf I got the 40 gal all he did was sleep in his 10 gal but when I got him in the big cage he runs around back and Forth and whenever we come near his cage he always follows me if I go to one side then the other, and that’s when he also started scratching his wheel, so I was just asking for advice if you think this is a good idea.

  3. Hi Victoria I'm having an issue with my hamster. So I got my syrian hamster a few months ago and he got used to his home and my scent pretty quickly. I've been trying to tame him since I got him. I was able to pet him and give him food from my hands and the taming seemed like it was going pretty well and he seemed very happy up until a few days ago. I was trying to slowly get him used to me picking him up so I would try to very slowly put one hand under him, but he didnt like it and ran away, I tried a few times but he didnt seem to like it even though I was trying to be very gentle and slow and patient… I only did this few times in the span of 2 days and then stopped because I noticed it wasnt going well. Now when I get close to him and he smells me, he runs and hides and I feel like I'm back in square one and I dont know what to do. I feel like he hates me and I will never be able to hold him. Should I leave him alone for a few days or will that make it worse?


  4. I bought a very similar suspended bridge for my hamster but it's a lot shorter in height. It was from Amazon but wasn't the Rosewood one, I put it in a few days before I lost her and she loved it I walked past her tank to see her climbing on it like a monkey.

  5. 32$ for two dishes!? What in the world lol ? yay for prime lol the pattern is really cute though on that dish 🙂 when u were shopping I was like ughhhh i have to start all over again ??… loved everything you got hun and love the messy bun look you have going on:)! ❤️?❤️??

  6. The other day I took out my Syrian hamster and noticed that one of her toes was a bit puffy and red. You can hardly notice it and she walks fine. I just want to see if anybody knows what it is and what I can do.

  7. Good job on the vid! I once ordered rabbit chew toys off of Amazon and they were supposed to arrive within the week I had ordered it but instead it arrived a month after!

  8. Hi Victoria!
    I just checked in my buns and found an orange stain on their white towel…
    It might be pee but why is it orange? And they couldn’t have been fighting because it’s not red like blood (do they bleed orange?)…. are the actually girls and getting their period…? I might be overreacting but please help!

  9. Hello Victoria! I have a question.. Is it true that when you keep 3 hamsters in 1 cage, the 2 pairs up and bully the other one? i have roborovski hamsters

  10. I’m so glad to see your Canadian !
    (I google you ??)
    Have you found it’s hard to find quality items? I am in Ontario and a small town to boot so there is not a lot to offer. Not to mention there is limited on Amazon.
    My hardest hardship is finding an affordable silent wheel (I currently have a 2 month old Sryian: Ms. Silky Soft).
    Your channel is really awesome ??

  11. Oat spray is kinda hard and can get stuck in their teeth. Try chewy instead of Amazon. They have good items for cheap prices!

  12. I love shopping for my hamster even tho I'm like broke. I have never bought anything from amazon but I might someday. My hamster is tuning one in 2 days. BTW I absolutely love your hair

  13. Sorry I’m just barely seeing this video!!!! That last bridge you opened did that work for Honey because I bought that same thing and my hamster was getting hurt in it so I returned it.

  14. Rabbits don’t need big bowls, they only need a small about of nuggets a day as hay is 80% of their diet. Plus they forage for food so they don’t even really need a bowl

  15. Hi, do have any advice for picky hams? I'm seriously gonna go bankrupt because of them… they have many toys yet only play with them once, there not very big fans of peanut butter anymore, and don't like it when I scent their toys with their food mix.
    Seriously, I need help. 🙁

  16. I'm saving up for little trays/ small basket thins like u used to have ( idk of u still have them) to separate chews for both my hammies :)))

  17. Idk if they ship to Canada too by I use the website call chewy and it’s a lot cheaper than amazon and petco and petsmart

  18. I actually bought that pack of toys for my rabbits too! I gave the smaller ones to my hamster though and she loves them.

  19. You Should Be Careful Sometimes Buying Online It Can Be Sometimes A Scam And I Have A Story In Philipines On Our Region

    Online Scam.

    One Teen On Manila Regret Buying A phone one time The teen bought a phone and instead Just An Old Soap Arrived i warned you this is real believe me

  20. That log with small holes is such a rip off? here in the uk it’s £4!! So it would be about $6 for the US and Canada! So amazon you ripped her off ??

  21. Hi,I just got my hamster I just want to thank you so much you really helped me SO MUCH now I am so confident.?

  22. Inspiring me to buy Bun Bun (my pet bunny) lots of toys again! I’ve sort of stopped buying rabbit toys and tarted making diy rabbit toys. Love your channel!❤️?

  23. Hi, I have a v.large Syrian, all the wheels I've found in shops are way to small for him, can anyone suggest any quality large hamster wheels online?

  24. I subscribe and save all of my pets supplies on amazon which totals to be around $300 a month not counting toys, treats and other things from the store

    Just look and compare prices from stores and you could save a lot of money with bedding, food ect.

    Also aliexpress has sooo many cute hamster accessories CHEAP, that’s where I buy all of mine and stuff for my birds as well. I highly recommend them. On average I get my order within 2 weeks. You could have gotten all of that from aliexpress for no more than $30.

  25. There’s a website called chewy and it’s specifically for pets and it has great prices and discounts for any animal

  26. Your Haul is a bit more better than mine haha I should of been in my Haul I have it uploading now onto my channel. I went shopping on Amazon as well and also Chewy. Those are my favorite sites to shop on for rabbit items.

  27. I really love this channel it gives you tips on hamsters and what hamster cages you should get i subscribed and tun on notification bell

  28. I wish ebay and amazon was in the philipines we have lazada and shopee but i dont know if we have craigslist

  29. I got all the essential supplies for a hamster for 120.69! That includes a 623 square inch bin and the screening for it. It also includes:

    Chew toys
    Huts & hides
    Water bottles, Velcro, and food dishes
    Sunburst hamster food & lab block
    Bendable bridges
    A 10-inch “Wodent Wheel”
    Sanitized Children’s play Sand
    2 bags of bedding

    I am also gonna make some huts out of popsicle sticks and use toilet paper rolls for little hides under the bedding.

    Question: Is it okay to use half Aspen bedding and half of ”Kaytee Clean & Cozy?” Aspen isn’t the best for burrowing, but it’s much cheaper clocking in at 5 dollars a bag while C&C is 13 dollars a bag, and if I mix them it will be cheaper while still keeping that burrowing ability I believe.

    LY Victoria! You are what inspired me to get a hamster. ?

  30. I have that one wooden tube that has a Syrian photo shopped in the picture. My Campbell winter white hybrid doesn’t fit inside. It is really tiny! The one I have is a little smaller I think.

  31. Doesn't those oat spray contain pineapple and almonds ? I was gonna buy this cause u bought it but when I read that im not sure because from what I know pineapple is too citrusy acidic for hamsters and almonds has oil that is very toxic even deadly to them

  32. eBay sells those toys at half price from China. I ordered those and took almost a month to get to the US but worth waiting.

  33. I have that wooden log, my Syrian could fit in it when he was a baby and a lot smaller! And when he got bigger he once got stuck ? so now I just stuff it with bedding and kitchen towel and he likes to rip it out and climb all over it ???

  34. I just got the oat and wheat sprays, along with the wood tunnel. My winter whites love them. I also got a wood ball which looks like your plastic rabbit ball. Except that it is wood. My dwarfs love the ball too. I hide food in the ball. Love your videos. Thanks you for sharing your wisdom

  35. I buy all pet supplies from amazon now. I have to plan ahead with food but everything I get is cheaper than local pet stores and there's a much better selection. In the US prime shipping is 2 days

  36. Your so pretty with messy buns. Your like one of those people who can wear messy buns in every situation and it always looks good!!

  37. Ive watched ur vids before and always enjoy them. Today was no exception. Can i just say you look absolutely stunning in this video! 🙂

  38. Where do you get your money from? When i was your age, i cant even afford anything unless its from my parents pocket hahaha

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