Buying or adopting a pet? Do both safely on Kijiji

uncle GG pets are available from reputable breeders we’ve shelter pets or from owners who need to rehome their pets for whatever reason I think Eugene he’s a great resource because it allows families to do their research and think about the decision before you make an emotional decision there are literally tens of thousands of animals living in shelters that really do need a loving home this is Jersey he’s a four-year-old Brussels Griffon as you can see with Jersey he has a loss of vision so looking at whether I was going to adopt him or not understanding those challenges and being able to work within those challenges to help make my home his new loving package since 2011 if Gigi has tapped into a database of shelter pets across the country some of these are fed to us automatically by some of our partners like pet finder you can filter these by going to the left-hand side of the page and filtering by shelter pet only when looking for a pet online it’s really important to meet the breeder or seller and it’s also really important to meet the path itself since Kijiji is local to your community that should be really easy door you want to make sure that beyond the look of the pet you’re going to get along with it it’s very important that you ask a lot of questions if you don’t get the answers you’re looking for or if the person is unwilling to answer these questions you have to ask yourself if this person is acting ethically with his pets we have many great users who use kajouji to sell pets unfortunately though there are some people who try to use kijiji in a less ethical way so to protect yourself you have to be careful and only believe what you see not with you here avoid sellers that are located outside of khadija community and make sure you always pay in cash avoid online payments as these could be scams never adopt a pet from someone who’s not willing to let you check out where the pets living and some of the things that you may want to look for when you do attend the residence is to see if you know is it a clean comfortable living environment is there garbage and debris around if there is that should be a concern you should also ask for vet certifications or health care and cheese if possible if you think a seller might not be reputable contact your local humane society or SPCA or let us know using the report add feature or the contact us link at the bottom of the page so it’s really important for kijiji users to notify qjg of unethical pet breeders that they find on the site

10 thoughts on “Buying or adopting a pet? Do both safely on Kijiji

  1. I've reported multiple cat mills who advertise on Kijiji / people who pretend to be breeders but are not AT ALL. Kijiji never does anything about it. Waste of a video if you ask me..

  2. Puppy mills sell on Kijiji as well!
      So always ask to visit their facility, ask to see the parents of the puppy and listen to all recommendations on this video!!!

  3. …and never, ever give away your dog for free on ANY public forum.  Unless you totally don't care if he or she is abused or even used as a bait dog.

  4. I used Kijiji before to rehome one of my dogs (4 years ago). Because I received her for free (excellent health, no issues) and I thought I'd do the same and posted the Free Dog to good home ad.She was a small dog, and I love her, but she was becoming too stressed in my house with all the different service dog puppies in training coming and leaving that it wasn't fair to make her stay- so I made the decision which made me be in tears days after. Of course I got multiple replies, and I ended up interviewing 4 different people; 2 were families, and the other 2 were single people. They were good people when I met them, but I was picky as to who she would go to. So I ended up finding her the perfect home; with a wonderful family, who had a teenage girl and one other dog (this was requirement in my ad; she had to be the only dog or the  only other dog) and didn't live too far. Her new family brings her in for grooming quite frequently, and I can see how much they loved her and how happy she is. 🙂

    And thanks to Kijiji I found my wonderful lab mix, who has turned out t be exceptional in Scent Detection, and she fits me just right (personality wise). I did try rescues (got turned down; reasons where too many dogs {had 2 service dog in training at that time, and just the family dog}, or older dog won't play with younger dog), and the shelters all had mixes of German Shepherd or Husky (breeds I know I would not do well with).

    As anywhere else, be careful online. People can be and act anything thy want to be online or in public, but behind closed doors, you never know. But glad Kijiji is now being much more picky with what ads are placed for pets. Thumbs up to you Kijiji!

  5. I sold my pet bird that I had from 6 years and I want her back I miss her everyday and I’m failing school because I miss her a lot and I’m stressed and sad that she’s not there with me

  6. Hi my name is Rachael I'm 44yrs. Of age missing a loyal kitten or puppy. I've got lots of love to give. Please phone back at 604^^


  7. People , my friend got a pet from kijiji and it was 2 months and it died five or six days later I think it was her fault tell me anyway great video?

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