hello everybody it's gonna be Kevin here welcome back to the video sorry about the late upload if you guys are partners Jesus Squad but the update finally came up the space update like event on my chest all the way over there to the big chest I can't get it where it's not working anymore but you guys can see the spaceship it's 5 billion to go on a spaceship I'm gonna go today we're gonna go to space and check out the new world so you guys do enjoy this make sure you guys smash the like button I try to get a thousand a thousand five hundred likes on this video for this update video there are lower recording at midnight oh my god I don't know why I'm recording this like oh okay now we're I don't say let's say dude it doesn't work oh yeah by the way the new stuff if you come here to figure out a little great way you can like you can turn it to you can turn your blank inventory like way way way smaller so it looked really really cool if you do that I take out this huge chest hi guys we're gonna go in the new area I felt purchase ah yes successfully purchase 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 whoa wait what is this noise this is my coin is it a new currency back up not like as like animated are these a new currency okay let me grab this right here bro new the new eggs so I need all of you to get the new current steal stuff ok I understand now do the chances like forever oh my god is like new area is this tough guy look coming soon alright so there's two areas all these like three areas are coming soon dude I need so much for this I guys come on take this out three million dude oh my god I need better pets dude I need to like me some of these pets gold or something like these first need to make you become gold we've been waiting for this for so long I'm gonna saddle they made a new currency because that means and now I learn to grind soma oh I have thirty thousand okay alright you have to go there I go see how much this thing cost now I want to buy the anything okay oh wow we own do that that fast now let's go for that be okay let's go over their little chest and then let's go for the big chest right there and how much is Costigan 60 I kind of want this I want it'll to get at least a warning cheer 14 egg I think I want to be absolutely amazing if you can get it 14 egg oh geez chest I should take a long time I you know there might do I'm actually buy more time if I not only have 70 they do have few game passes this is lucky game practice giraffe increase the chances of rare pet okay so get three bits per do that so be what is this five honey I need to get this oh but oh it is an uber pet which is kind of funny there's a new pay there's a love tetanus there's one a new pets right here the space and dragon but you I don't really want to get this one I'm gonna go for okay this over this is the strategy now I'm gonna send a 1 in each I'm gonna try to send in one pet to each sting and I think this will get me to complete them really fast and give me a bunch of coins grab that oh my god it's so much it doesn't sell you know the bank they kind of tricked us in this update cuz they like I grabbed it for so long and I didn't even need to grind because like gold doesn't work here as you guys can see like you you can't use gold which is like I don't know guys I'm kind of said that I can't use gold it isn't bet is this a better strategy like shut for like three thousand each like one two three one two three one two three one two three I don't know the best strategy it's so weird but it's so cool they're like this makes us this means that all the people that they're like super ope they got have to grind at this new can see again and I could spend all this money to I'm like maybe tier twelve pets are talking of forty or thirteen cuts so it's kind of good not that bad I get something I'm a little bit upset but all this money is kind of worthless but I can understand it I guess there's a lot of people to be super LP so like really fast oh we could buy one all right you guys finish up the job right there guys we could finally buy our first tier a TF 13 pet I'll be less purchases let's go what never get it where is it did we get it Oh God pop-up it doesn't wanna meet you for it but we just got a space dude you guys first face pet bro yeah space cat and we got what P is like so P do don't ya we gotta get bored space cats now I know guys the goal should be to get as many fit okay everybody go here what do you more oh let me grab this actually but how much do you get from these let me see thousand a date I grabbed us are 1000 dude I can't bloom and face bet oh my god I got a face kitty I got a face kitty I got I got a hey level tonight kitty ah they still didn't add a thing wait you can click and hold to upgrade now he's like so much better that's the one thing I'm missing from this I gotta level of my space kitty guys guys no man now I need more pets now you go there more golden pets and stuff but I don't trust your focus on getting like here 13 or 12 or should I get your 14 guys what do you teach these just update content alright let's go for the chance right here let's not long it tastes okay let me just grab this chest let's go dude we're grabbing it's just five million so this is actually like getting the big chest like the big chest from Earth this little chest is like the same as the big chest dude I want to go to new area the new area would be like raising I think that's cancer probably gonna be like 10 million and then I can definitely get a new pet I wanna unlock a chip for cheating I wouldn't be like that coolest the first person I'm probably off the first present come Barney I'll probably upload it on this already but I want to get a 2-14 pet I think that would be really cool oh no grab it they just give me yeah that gives me 50,000 right there okay next goal is to get to this space area I am going into the space area cuz I know those chests in there are gonna be literally crazy oh my god this videos gonna be out I like it what a.m. dude it's gonna like two crazies video let me grab a card hi they go I go pets well I do that why you love off my kitty dude I got to make sure my kitty is like the most Oh feature I can't believe I wish I can even build the Sphinx cat that would be so cool if those old man I know it can't be gold because it's a reed like that reskin can't be gold but I wish it was gold I would've been the coolest thing ever I'd like a space cat in the cow which the cow of the most LP pet it have been the coolest thing level up alright guys so I think what I gotta do now is I get a grind I'm gonna grind a little bit so I can reach some new area and then we'll be right back okay guys should we grind it enough again it's like 1:00 a.m. so I can't be too loud though I got enough to get another egg purchase all right yes I don't know it's not let me buy it no why did I buy it no I'll don't wake up I over there wait let me make sure I start yeah buddy I'll shred it I was grinding like all these coins and the chances I like this ready guys 3 2 1 oh yeah then we can open this new area where does little chest so I think I'm gonna go for this big chest right here what is this 11 million and what about this one huh 30 million all right let's go you guys go for this one oh my god this is gonna literally take forever to get Oh would I get it when I get it dude this is lunch what five times more so this might one of your chests might actually give me enough to get a chair 14a oh man oh man oh oh man oh man no matter you guys if you guys enjoyed this I think next episode I will definitely try to get these new game passes in this new maybe doesn't you pet – okay let me try to get this again yeah it's not let me purchase the egg again well I still have my space cat if you guys could see it right here I mean in a bigger picture of it there's my space kitty but I can't buy another one for some reason maybe I'll try to rejoin the server again and then maybe I'll work but let's go see how far we made it through this chest because this job is probably gonna take forever dude that is so awesome how they add it like multiple see there's a small chest and then a medium chest and then I'm guessing the super pink ones are like the crazy rare chest oh my god guys so still 2d this still so much oh my god okay okay let's do this well ah this is what stings when you miss click oh no okay let's do this let's do this together let's see how long it takes with me I'm not even gonna skip the red I just want to see how long it actually takes to finish this chest I'm gonna click it – so it goes a little bit faster now you get bonus money – so maybe when one of these I might be able to buy pens I highly doubt it though but I think I'll be close like 15 oh my god what halfway there guys for half away there and I did I'm making it go a lot faster cuz thirty fourteen I come on chest I will let us go them an exploit so coming very soon same I had three new areas I don't even cool stay on different planets so this could be like Mars and then if you come here it's like Jupiter and then like Saturn or something that'll be really cool or like the moon the moon yeah the moon Mars and Venus or sad I will actually I think you've got ad Saturn because I think there is a Saturn pecs so I think it would be perfect that Saturn world or like different worlds maybe these two are like different roads and then this one forward is like another galaxy or maybe you need to use a different rocket to another galaxy that'd be cool I have actually have eight million left let's go dude seven million please give me a lot of money doing please please please this looks really cool look at who the pattern is dude oh my god again I got to be very very quiet guys it's literally well it's 12 o'clock right now but time I upload this can be like 1 o'clock or something like that so I gotta be very very quiet I can't be too loud like too loudly excited even though it's very cool that I got a space Kitty I got a space kitty I gotta say I'm a I'm a space ktucky all my space wait I'm taking like eat a cat is an astronaut dude this update was made for me looking my cat it's an astronaut about family cat store not I'm at a store nothing do this cat is perfect whoa guys go back to it go back to it I need this coin I need it 400 oh ok so go for this what's happening yeah you won't be available rejoin oh no oh here here we got to rejoin guys are you we're back and I'm a regular service so now can't buy the new game passes oh it's still not for sale do with this item ah why is enough for sale dude the new game process uh not for sale I guess I'll do it next episode next episode if you guys want to see it I'm gonna get two new game passes are you figuring yet something yo do I said mine I do start my coin so I still have mine yes I do I still have my space kitty living this biscuit wait don't know I'm gonna rename him to my cat a professor fuzzball guys coming down below professor fuzzball if you watch the video up to this top it's an appropriate professor fuzz fuzz be here but why is inappropriate No okay I'm gonna name it other my other cat which is panda all right my kid would be Panda even though professor size for my favorite kitty but Panda is my second favorite so it will be now named Panda but guys coming up a little professor fuzzy boston watch the video up to this point i get up seen here the true foundation foundation i'm i guess generals are the people that are actually up at this time oh my god oh my god isn't school date so they updated at that time i don't think is a good time to update like everybody's at school why would they update i like so late it's like crazy okay I'm gonna grab that and I think I'm gonna go straight to space now I need to collect just a little bit more just a little bit more and I can get a tear 14 pitch I'm so upset I can grab this cuz I would get three pets that have been so lucky I to the moon that's Houston Houston will your blessing off alright right here now is there any chest I need some chest dude are you go for this little one right here this probably give me a lot those little ones already three million bro even this little tiny one is crazy oh my god how much he doesn't even gonna give me hopefully a lot of money and then we can get a tier 14 egg oh my god I'm still hype right now let's go dude oh we can't afford it I think hey let me send them off to this I'm gonna get to a 40-day let's go might go for that oh my god guys here it is here 14 dude live so much space for more stuff all right bud this is so exciting come on best they got out okay oh it's Sydney okay I messed up I did my buddy I thought I had enough I guess I did it I decided let's go bro look at that speed dude look at how fast I cook eNOS I'm like a speedy kitty let's go yeah how much how much that you get from that I don't even know I need so much money dude so you need half a you need what half a million alone coins I was thinking these regular coins I guess what I'll do is I'll get your loved ones if I don't have the extra money okay what I um let's get my ideas right here this big one right here with just literally 11 million and I think this is gonna give me a lot of money and I'm gonna stand like I'm really really really really really far away wait I can't see it there's like a strategy where I she stand really far away it's like easier to click these but it's not working right now I think it patched it so I gotta come here and click you myself let's go dude Mandy added so much I feel like I can grind on this so much in the next episode when I buy there's a new game pass which is 500 extra slots dude I'm gonna be so yeah I'm so deep it's oh my god it's gonna be so crazy it's gonna be literally this like crazy game pass ever yes okay okay okay now when you get to your old pet oh my god we're about to get guys our first tier 12 pay and he's literally no one in space right now I'm the only one it's face oh my god this is so cool already purchase here it is guys oh my god we're gonna Cyclops what didn't happen looks like chair – this thing is so good oh my god dude this is so good dude it's a limit it's like as good as my gold tank oh my god it isn't same time you go to or no you can't make it gold because it's like space so you gotta find pets are not gold to be space but anyways guys I think I'm gonna end my video remember guys let's check get a thousand five hundred eyes but his new update video at one a of it if she just didn't turn yeah we should get expansion late but like I said subscribe if you haven't is to join the cow nation remember all animals are love all animals and humans and aliens aren't allowed now and I'll see you all in next one good bye guys


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