Buying *NEW BEST PET* In Legends Of Speed Simulator (ROBLOX)

yo what is up there squad my name is alien welcome back to a brand new video here in the legends of speed this is a brand new game and we're gonna be zooming in and zooming through it and just getting the best things possible in the entire game I've actually been playing it for a while now and I can't wait to show you guys where I'm at alrighty guys so currently I am Matt 9 rebirths I am level 100 at rebirth 9 and I have 46 million steps this is like an insane amount I've been playing this game for hours just grinding it up just playing as much as possible and I don't even think I had the best items still like I still don't have any pets and so far I only have the default Trail I'm not entirely sure how you're supposed to get anymore trails like I honestly have no clue how that's done but today guys I want to get some really awesome pets probably the best pets possible and also try to figure out if it's possible to get any more trails because I honestly don't know how to do that alrighty we also need to get in our races like you need 50 races in order to unlock outer space so I'm gonna have to grind out some races as well just to see what the outer space is even like because honestly guys once you get too fast in this game it is impossible it is literally impossible to win a race so we are in the mineral cave like once you get SuperDuper fast it's like almost impossible to control where you go like even if you jump it's just like impossible oh boy I'm probably gonna have to rebirth at some point I don't even know how many levels I need how many levels we need again to rebirth I need 275 levels to rebirth again I need some more exchange what y'all go into a race because we need at least 50 but I don't think I'm gonna win this because I mean I can't jump without like literally soaring across the entire map so let's just try it oh my word oh my god I got first place yes oh my gosh oh my gosh I honestly thought that was gonna be a little bit more difficult because like some of the jumps are hard to make if you have too much speed but that was incredible but let's at least go take a look at the pets I forgot where you buy those where are they they're like in a random spot of town can I please stop being so fast and I'm too fast my own good at this point okay so here are the pets so you get a red crystal for 300 diamonds and you could get you know what I'm gonna go I'm going to the race you know what cuz we need 50 races what do you win 50 of them in order to get to the moon so I'm just gonna do as many races as possible hopefully we get to the moon at some point I have no idea but let's hope that we could do this yo this is literally too easy no no no no no no no no no oh my gosh I fudged it guys I fudged it oh my gosh guys I can't believe I missed that I completely ran over the entire map I am too fast my own good okay what is this pet okay so this one's 1.2 K so the best one so far that I've seen as a 1.2 K pay are there any better ones because I really really want to get the best pet in the game guys you know how it is with the best pets I just want to get all of them you always had a pet up there okay I got to get up there somehow I gotta get up there okay I think that's I think that's the best bet no no no no no no no no here let me just get to the best pet one oh how do I get up there how do I get up there okay I'm gonna move up a little bit more just a tiny bit just a tiny bit okay alrighty here we are we are literally so fast but ok so I think this is gonna be the best pet I haven't seen any better ones as you guys could see that this one is probably gonna be the best one because it's 2.5 k and gosh I haven't unlocked any pets though so why do I have those on mom I don't know but yeah I'm gonna open one let's see what I get hopefully this will help us out I don't know how I'm gonna do a rare that's pretty good I don't know what I'm gonna do if these guys make us super fast because honestly I'm already super duper fast what I got a little an energy ball what is what does that mean what is that mean it's not even a pet it's just a lightning bolt we are these trails like I have no clue oh you can get trails that's how you get trails that's what you do gosh I had no idea what the heck all righty so oh we got an epic that is sick okay so you get I got the best pet basically I'm thinking at least this is the best pet that I could see but you know what I'm gonna join a race because they're super duper easy and I need to get 50 of them if I want to go to the moon and hopefully I won't jump over the entire map this time okay let's get our running shoes ready let's go let's go let's go let's go yes bro we got this in the bag oh my gosh literally too easy literally too easy and I got 50 500 gems from that that is sick bro literally too easy my guy literally too easy alrighty so let's check out the trails that we got from the egg thing so this one gives us plus 14 steps plus 8 gems plus 10 plus 5 gems plus 14 plus 8 so this one's they're both epic and this one says rainbow soul I'm gonna quit that is that show colors behind you yo it does show colors that's pretty cool okay I kind of like the rainbow one you know it's pride month I got my pride face on might as well have my a rainbow trail you know what it is you know how I do all right well yeah that's so cool all right so now let's check out the pets that we got because let's just come on now we got we got some really cool ones all right so this one gives us plus twelve steps plus ten gems but this one gives us plus fifteen steps plus twelve gems so I'm gonna quit that how many can you have equipped at one time that's what I want to know so you can have two pets equipped at one time and now I have a total of plus 27 steps per step I think and then plus gems too I think I don't really know I have 300,000 gems guys so I have a lot of gems I honestly was expecting the pets to be more expensive because you know how it is in other games are just like super super expensive yeah let's join this race let's get number one spot literally will not lose any race oh my gosh I don't know what this one has an in store for us but okay okay oh boy three two one let's go boys oh no no I got stuck no no I got stuck no no please don't let me die no no I didn't get first place no no all right fine I'll take third place I'll take third place even though I'm like the fastest person in the map even was that should I just jump from the start I think that might be a little cool trick that I might have to use from now on in order to win every race I think that'll help me win every single race from now on new title would not clickbait how the heck races just jump just jump if you're super fast because you'll be flying around it's pretty epic alrighty so are there any other pets because I'm gonna try zoom out let's see if I could zoom out I forgot that you could zoom out alrighty so are there any other like secrets oh there's another one there's another one right there oh no no no please please please let me I mean no no no no no I'm falling too far I'm falling too far no okay I think that might be the best one actually wait no this is a parkour okay parkour I actually haven't done many parcours like I've did a few of them at the beginning but now that I'm so fast it's like super difficult but let's see if I could literally just jump no no no please please no please no alrighty we're gonna try this one more time no no okay I might have to jump and then try to like turn around like halfway through gosh dang it yeah let's what's that we might as well do another race because I just want to beat these noobs haha noob I'm just again I'm just gonna try to jump I'm just gonna jump in the beginning oh my gosh it's such a short map it's such a short map no no no I should've just ran oh my gosh you know what guys zero deaths zero deaths cub zero deaths we have lost zero races alrighty so we have all of these third trail third trail third trails and then green so how good is purple storm I thought that good I can live with that I could live without these when I'm rainbow soul it's pretty good on that one's also pretty good red soul and I thought best I'm thinking um but yeah it basically got like the best trail in the game that's awesome I've only beneath it we now we just need to level it up but anyways guys thank you so much for watching we have the best pet we have the best trail we basically have a surefire way way to win every single race now all I gotta do is get celebrate like 50 races and then we could go into the moon area so make sure to turn on notifications and subscribe if you guys want to see that video and make sure check out these other videos for even more awesome videos of mine bye

18 thoughts on “Buying *NEW BEST PET* In Legends Of Speed Simulator (ROBLOX)

  1. Grind 50 races. The reaosn for this is because you get so much stuff over there I also suggest you keep rebirthing considering in the next updates you need 10 rebirth. For the new map.

  2. I have the best pet in the game, the Flaming Hedgehog Evolved level, it's from +794 Steps and +495 Gems, and I have 4 of it so I think I have the best pet

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