Buying my expensive dream puppy ?

Jack position [Applause] [Applause] what's going on YouTube it's your beloved cakes can I answer it another video and welcome to the cake show now in today's video I will be getting a new dog I I saw her on Facebook I wanted to get her super bad and I finally came up with the money to get her so we will be getting a new dog going all the way like an hour drive which is crazy for the dog kind of she's super cute and yeah we're about to go like right now I'm about to change and then we're gonna go so yeah it's gonna be like a mini roadtrip it's gonna be super long I'm driving so yeah let's just go right now better be worth it oh and I'll so go pick up my eBook if you haven't it's linked it down in the description below even if you don't need to know about waves just buy to support me it's only $4.99 everyone needs a book to read in class they're bored whenever just go pick that up and my merch will be coming out very very soon so be on the lookout for that it's a boy with cupcakes right does coming back here so here's how we do hi little girl alright so we're driving back home and the engine is close to overheating so we're trying to figure it out I don't know but we should be good to go in a bit it's not like cookies really colors see hey hey hey should I pay her diesel cars yeah I gotta get bit but yeah if it's I can't you should go Ethan shut up just shut up police yes yeah this is pretty is it pretty right quick let me know what y'all think of the dog let me know what you think of the dog this is a good color for you don't need a game on easy no do because you get to the part you take another part that's awesome you know I could get why you want to take them to the park curry knickers I know is a small dog face this is for a guy your clothes has a girl over it dude oh my gosh and do you think this goes okay yes it'll look fine and say no funny what about that blue yeah that blue goes so elegant queen cuticle work obviously he's perfect yeah listen I'm angry the routine grieving all right so this complete everything is engraved everything is already you didn't hear her name's Queen don't get a mistake in clean you ever see on the streets be intimidated hi we're getting there a cup of water because she's thirsty look Queen my queen okay we're letting the dog out for its first pisser oh yeah her first poop with me got it on camera her first poop with me I got it on camera the dogs are about to meet here bringing you're scared queen let it move I didn't go and II think it's because it's bigger than the cats she's good I mean you don't mean just recording my toes clean alright now we're gonna put it on her collar here he's so used to you it's gonna be to chill go into it it's super-new guys like at what you're gonna ward which really do there you go suck boom and that's it for the vid got my dream puppy queen but yeah it's gonna do for the video I hope you enjoyed leave a like comment if you need to channel subscribe say Madeline you can sign out you didn't what sign out for me

28 thoughts on “Buying my expensive dream puppy ?

  1. Got my first Aussie 2 weeks ago. He’s a red Merle I paid $900 for him. Australian Shepherds can get pretty expensive especially if you get them from a reputable breeder like I did.

  2. Keep it up bro and sorry if I haven’t watched ur videos just a lot going on with me and things are getting harder but anyways don’t give up on ur dreams ???

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