30 thoughts on “Buying Bird Electric Scooters on Wish…

  1. i'm going through a lot right now and took the last month off for mental health. videos coming regularly soon. take care of yourselves

  2. I was just looking into getting a scooter or electric bike and googled best inexpensive scooter and electric bike . Then l remembered l had a Wish account and thought about researching Wish and there was your video in the right column of YouTube .Thanks for helping people save time and money . Keep up the good work . Liked and subscribed ,Looking forward to watching your other videos.i

  3. 1st time watching ur channel. Just gonna say i felt like sleeping the first few minutes watching. I forced myself tl keep watching and could barely keep myself awake. Im sorry i got very bored watching this. Not much action in the video. Im sorry

  4. There are legitimate sites that have pro consumer policies, why screw with wish? 2week delivery? How about overnight?

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